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Posted Jan. 26, 2023, 4:14 p.m. by Ensign Taban Seltok Brook (Scientist) (Amdirgol S)

Posted by Lieutenant Steven Leon Marsh (Chief Science Officer) in Ensign Brook - CSO’s Office - Check In

Posted by Lieutenant Steven Leon Marsh (Chief Science Officer) in Ensign Brook - CSO’s Office - Check In

Posted by Ensign Taban Seltok Brook (Scientist) in Ensign Brook - CSO’s Office - Check In
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Taban guided the shuttle towards the Europa‘s shuttlebay, decelerating rapidly while he approached the aft of the Discovery-class ship. He slightly angled towards starboard as he passed the shuttlebay forcefield and lowered to the floor, finally sliding a few feet to a stop in the open space. The ensign opened the shuttle’s hatch and de-boarded, carrying his luggage over to the turbolift. Once he arrived on deck 5, he deposited his belongings in his quarters, then went in search of the Chief Science Officer’s office.

After exploring the ship for a while, Taban eventually arrived at the office door. He tapped his toes inside his uniform boot and rubbed the cranial ridge on his forehead as his other hand reached for the chime. “It’s fine,” he assured himself. “This is only the assignment I’ve been hoping for for 5 years. It’ll be great.

Taban took a deep breath, reached forward, and pressed the chime.

Ens. Brook, Science

“Come,” came the clipped response from the lone occupant of the office. Marsh’s door opened with a swoosh as it automatically responded to his voice.
The office was a reflection of the officer that owned it, but not dramatically so. There weren’t crests, swords, or images of knights. There was a painting of a vineyard and a manor house in the back ground and in front of the portrait was a man hunched before a computer monitor.

“Never get promoted, ensign.” He said without looking up. “The rank isn’t worth the paperwork.”


“I’ll…keep that in mind, sir,” Taban said, stepping inside the door. “Ensign Brook, reporting for duty. I just transferred on board from the Baum.”
He looked around the office, taking in and noting the few objects that adorned the walls. “I believe I’m to be assigned to the Xenobiology team?”

Ens. Brook

“That is what the paperwork says,” Marsh gestured to a chair facing his desk. Punching a few more buttons on his console, Steven closed out what he was working on to attend to the intake meeting.

“So tell me a little about yourself. What are your interests or projects you have enjoyed working on.”

Steven Marsh CSO
“I’ve enjoyed my study of the DNA of various reptilian species, both similarities and variations, and from there extrapolating likely appearances and biology of potiential undiscovered reptilian species,” Taban said. “I tend to spend most of my time in one lab or another. If I’m actually off work, I enjoy reading various literature from across the Federation, plus sometimes Klingon or Romulan books.”
Ens. Brook

“And what are your bad at? Your weaknesses,” Marsh leaned back in his seat and looked at the officer across from him. People always wanted to share their strengths but tended to be a little hesitant in where they needed work.

Marsh CSO

Taban pressed his lips together at the corner of his mouth. “I overinvest and overload myself with things, then burn out and have a hard time getting it all done. I’ve been working on it since the academy,” he admitted, his fingers tracing little circles over each other. ” He sat, waiting tensely to see how his superior responded.
Ens. Brook

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