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Sitting at one of the consoles and studying an analysis he’d been working on for awhile now, Clint Marshall was deeply focused on his work, which might surprise some people. Most often Clint was the smooth talking, often flirty (but not inappropriately so and never to those he either didn’t know or would offend… most of the time) physicist with a drawl and a love for fun and good whiskey. Many would assume by his carefree attitude that he wasn’t deeply invested in his work, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He was deeply dedicated, which is probably why he was still here on the Europa rather than be shipped off somewhere less exciting. Then again, he was still an ensign and wasn’t highly ambitious, so there was that as well.

Careful to approach from the correct angle so he wouldn’t see her reflection in the screen, Abrams stepped silently towards Marshall pressing a finger to her lips as she passed Lt. Jaks so they didn’t give her away. When his head was down, Cassidy moved quickly and put her hands on his shoulders and said a soft,” Boo!” with a pop in his ear and leapt back.

Clint practically jumped out of his chair and spun around, wide eyed. “Good God Abrams, you nearly made me jump outta ma skin! What is that, some of that krav maga crap you do?” His reaction drew chuckles from the others in the lab. This was everyday fare, though it had been awhile since Cassidy had been by.

Cassidy threw her head back and laughed. “Nah, it’s called sneaking up on your sorry ass. Worked like a treat too, if I do say so myself.”

“You’re an evil woman, Cass,” he said, pointing his finger at her.
That just made her laugh more. “Well, I suppose I can live with that.”
“So what brings ya to hang out with the lab rats, or is this a crash and dash situation?”

The security chief grinned. “I’m meeting Vora here. She had to stop by on her way from Astrometrics and then we’re going to lunch. Besides, I wanted to hang out with my friends for a little bit,” she said, plopping herself down on a stool. “I love my job but I do sometimes mis the labs.”

“Well, you got more pull with the Chief than we do”-he gave her a wicked grin-“but I doubt he’d be too terribly upset if ya wanted to play around with dem orchids here and there.”

Abrams gave a non committal nod. “True, though I can do that when I’m off duty. Though I am attempting to breed a new variety, just for fun.”

“You would,” Marshal said with a snort.

Cass just winked at him.

OOC: I’m just messing about to give Cass something to do. I’ll keep this going as long as it makes sense to, but others are more than welcome to join in.

~Abrams, COS & Clint Marshall, Sciences

Taban looked over from his work at the other scientist’s jump, momentarily alarmed before he got a better sense of the situation. Nobody else in the labs seemed worried or even surprised at these events, and a few even chuckled, so he figured it was likely fairly common interaction. “Certainly is different than the Baum”, he mused quietly but aloud. “But good different.” He looked back to his work, saved what he had, and turned to observe and get a better feel for the environment here.
Ens. Brook, Science

His comment wasn’t missed by the very observant woman in the gold uniform. “You have no idea, Brook,” she said with a smirk. Apparently she knew who he was.

“Be nice to the newbie, Cass,” Marshall said.
She feigned shock. “How is that not being nice? I was stating what we all know to be true. This ship seems perfectly standard and ordinary until we get out and do stuff. Then all bets are off, and that’s why a lot of us are still here.”

Abrams, COS and Clint Marshall, Sciences

Taban’s face flushed, not having realized he’d spoken aloud. He managed to note, “I’m looking forward to that,” before starting back towards his work, not having meant to involve himself in the conversation.

Ensign Brook, Science

Cass chuckled. “I don’t know, be careful what you wish for. Did you know this ship has a motto?” she said to Brook with an easy smile. She didn’t want to disturb him but he seemed embarrassed and she wanted to try and set him at ease.

Abrams, COS

As Abrams was speaking, the door opened and admitted a tall woman in sciences blue with two pips- one solid and one hollow. She had a mass of cherry-coloured hair that was some texture between frizz and curls and it surrounded her head like a halo. Her skin was a pale yellow tint, which served to accentuate her maroon irises. “What’s that about a motto?”

~Vora Zorell, Sciences

Cass flashed her friend a smile. “I was just about to tell Ensign Brook about the Europa’s unofficial motto,” she said with a gleam in her eyes. “Though maybe a person has to experience it first hand in order to believe it.”

Abrams, COS

“What is it?” Taban asked, shrinking back somewhat from the dangerous gleam in the COS’s eyes as he turned back to the conversation. “I hadn’t heard of any motto except the one on the dedication plaque.”

Taban Brook, Science

“That’s why it’s unofficial” Abrams said with a chuckle. “But it is ‘What could possibly go wrong?’ and it’s based off our experiences and seems pretty true to form most of the time.”

Abrams, COS

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