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Posted June 7, 2023, 3:46 p.m. by Ensign Taban Seltok Brook (Scientist) (Amdirgol S)

Posted by Lieutenant Siennadye Nox (Counselor) in CNS’s Office - Psych Checkup - Ensign Brook

Posted by Ensign Taban Seltok Brook (Scientist) in CNS’s Office - Psych Checkup - Ensign Brook

Posted by Lieutenant Siennadye Nox (Counselor) in CNS’s Office - Psych Checkup - Ensign Brook
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The door opened automatically, ready to receive her next appointment, an ideological ensign according to his record. She smiled up at him as he entered her office. She was behind her desk, directly opposite the door. To his right, there was a sitting area with a couch and two chairs sitting opposite. They were comfortably stuffed and not particularly Star Fleet issue. A coffee table sat between the three ready to receive a tray of tea or a guest’s drinks and snacks. Behind the couch was a large window looking out at the stars as they zipped by. On the far wall on the right, a piece of art hung. A piece of driftwood was mounted parallel to the ceiling. Hanging from it on nearly invisible cord was strings of glass looking shards of all colors, shapes and curvatures. To the right of that was two small glass shelves. One had a statue of the USS Korolev and several books. The other had a glass flute displayed.

“Ah! Ensign Brook. Please come in and take a seat. Can I be stereotypical and ask if you would like a tasty beverage?” The counselor was a obviously Betazoid, with dark eyes and dark hair. She seemed light and uncomplicated, the only adornment a single wedding band of gold on her ring finger.

Nox, CNS

Taban crossed over to the chair offered him and sat, crossing one leg over the other and clasping his hands in his lap. “Kava juice, please,” he requested, eyes darting around and taking in the room. Refocusing on the woman in front of him, he smiled and asked, “What would you like to start with, counselor?”
Ens. Brook

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She went to the replicator gathering his drink order and her own, hibiscus hot tea. She brought the tray to the coffee table and set it down just as the dark pink hibiscus flower was starting to bloom in the hot water of the tea pot, turning the water to a slightly warmer tone of pink over time.

She smiled as she worked to prepare her tea cup with cream and a syrup of some kind. “I suppose if I started stereotypical that I should continue in that vein for now. How are you settling in?”

Nox, CNS
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“Fairly well,” Taban said. “It’s a bit smaller here, but I think I prefer that. Less people I don’t know at all, closer access to the labs.” He sipped at his juice. “I feel more like I belong here.”

Ens. Brook

“I too like smaller ships because there is a sense of camaraderie that gets lost on large ships over a 1000 people. Eventually they do all find a way to get to know each other tentatively but its not the same. In addition, I find that a science based vessel is different than a purely exploratory, diplomatic, a medical vessel or defensive ship. We are all here to learn, to find the next new thing and to send our data home. I feel like there is a constant “ooooh that’s interesting” coming from our labs.”

She poured herself some tea and began to doctor it with cream and sugar. “How do you think you will best fit in here?”

Nox, CNS
“I’m not entirely sure,” Taban said thoughtfully, “I just get the feeling I do. Maybe it’s the all here to learn feeling you mentioned.”

Ens. Brook

Sienna smiled, understanding the feeling. “It certainly is a place to start Ensign Brook.”

She took a sip of her tea and smiled again, enjoying the warmth it provided. She enjoyed warm beverages. Perhaps it was because she was on a space ship and the subzero temperatures were just outside the window beside her, but she always favored heated drinks to cool ones. “Here is another typical question. In the professional sphere, is there a particular set of goals you wish to accomplish?”

Nox, CNS

“At the moment, I just want to learn everything I can about this universe of ours, and this is one of the best places to do it. Eventually, I might want to start moving up into more command posts, but I don’t think I’ll ever go for anything more than XO, and I’m in no hurry to climb the ranks. Science is where I feel at home, discovering new things every day and just getting to keep expanding my knowledge,” Taban said, starting to open up from his initial posture.

Ensign Brook, Science

“Well, there are plenty of people who choose never to go into command and there is nothing wrong with that. People often think that if there is a ladder, you have to climb it all the way to the top. But to get where you want to be, you don’t always have to climb to the top of the ladder. Same thing with relationships. You don’t have to go all the way through to marriage with every person you have a relationship with.”

Nox, CNS

“Noted,” Taban said. “I enjoy being here, in science, just in that “constant ‘ooooh that’s interesting’. Command posts are interesting and the end goal of a lot of officers, but maybe barring a ship like this, I think the labs are much more so.”

Ensign Brook

“I feel the same way about minds and bodies.” She replied with a grin. “This ship somehow comes with a mass of challenges and not just in the missions we do though those are quite often far more exciting than they start out to be. If you like learning, I think the Europa is an excellent place for that. Vora Zorell is in Science and quite an explorer in it. I think you and she will find a lot of common ground in your love of öooohh that’s interesting.” So definitely meet her. Are you leaving behind a lot of family and friends?”

Nox, CNS
“Mostly just my parents and a couple friends from the Academy,” he said. “I’m not really in the habit of making many friends and socializing a lot. I do talk to my parents about once a month and update them on what I’ve been doing.” He ran a finger along his cranial ridge and down the side of his face. “My dad retired from Starfleet a few years ago but he likes to keep up to date on what’s happening.”

Ens. Brook, Science

She nodded, acknowledging the information. “I think you will find it’s impossible to stay alone on a ship this size. It has a way pf being intimate and people worm their way into your heart.” She smiled and this, a bit sadly, then the moment was gone and she was simply amused by the people here. “Of course, confidentiality is still applied even if your father was a part of Star Fleet. There are some things you won’t be able to talk to him about. Are you alright with this?”

Nox, CNS

“Of course,” Taban acknowledged. “I can tell him general things I’m working on most of the time, but there have been things where it was supposed to stay confidential and did. He just likes to know the general state of how things are going and it’s a good way to stay connected with him.”
Ensign Brook, Science

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