Full steam ahead... Clodagh checks in with Security DH

Posted Aug. 10, 2020, 7:34 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams (Chief of Security) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Clodagh Donnely (Security Officer) in Full steam ahead… Clodagh checks in with Security DH

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams (Chief of Security) in Full steam ahead… Clodagh checks in with Security DH


Cass laughed. “I know a few people who would relate to that statement. Tell me more about your security training. What would you like to learn or improve on?” iN her mind Abrams was always trying to evolve the map of her department and how it was structured. She wanted everyone to be as well rounded as possible but also to do the things they actually enjoyed and were good at.

Abrams, COS

Clodagh had to think about it for a moment. “I guess, like many folks, my close quarter skills probably need some more work. And I need to work on my schematics for the ship. I know where the main departments are. But in a pinch, I’d be hard pressed to find many other places without stopping to hit the computer up for directions.” She smiled with a half laugh. “As to my background. I am guessing not much more different than most folks. Studied, ended up in the Academy, worked my way to the point I could request where I wanted to go.” She shrugged and lifted a hand absently. “And so I am here. You’ll see if my file, if you do the math, I was born during the Borg invasion. Dad died over Earth in a ship defending us. Mom died in childbirth from complications and grief. I guess I had two choices. I chose not to be a problem but to help others. A way of paying back what my father did, is what one Counselor told me. Trying to pick up where he left off. I don’t know if it’s true. I just know I’d rather help folks than kick them when they are down.” There was an edge to her final words that would let Abrams know that the subject had been a touchy one in her past. The population that stemmed from that time in Earth’s life was fifty fifty. Well, perhaps sixty forty. The sixty being the ones who chose to let strife rule their life rather than over coming it.


Sometimes it was good to see what people might offer up when not prompted directly. It could tell you about how open they were and what was important to them. In those few moments when Clodagh let her guard down, she invited Cassidy in to understanding what made her tick. That was good! It wasn’t required at all that her team share their personal stories, but in her mind the more they knew about each other the better they would gel as a team. At least this was the belief she had always held. Recently it proved a tricky thing but for the time being she was trying to consider it a one-off while still being mindful of the fact that she was in charge here.

Nodding , Cassidy smiled softly. “Everyone has their calling. Some hear it strongly and gravitate towards it immediately. Others like myself take a more… varied path. I started out in science, so my natural instinct and training can be perhaps a bit different than expected, but I like to think that it makes me well-rounded.”

“As for the close-quarters combat, we’ve definitely got some strong members of the team who can help you out there. Aand if you’re looking to have a few tricks up your sleeve, I”-she gestured a thumb at herself-“am half decent at krav maga, a form of martial arts from Israel on Earth. I wouldn’t advocate it for about 95% of the situations we’ll come up against, but it’s handy at times,” Cass said with a grin.

Abrams, COS

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