Side Sim: Parkour-Introductions

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Ashlyn made some entries on the console before the giant obstacle that stood before everyone. The input caused pens to appear on the opposite side of the pathway from where they were going to do their running. Ashlyn approached the side of one and pointed out the dial, “This will control the difficulty of your opponent, you can set it as low or high as you want, just be aware their goal will be to catch you or make you fall. There are safety protocols that will slow your descent should you fall, but it will still have a pretty solid impact on the ground. No broken bones, but sprains and dislocations are not uncommon.” Ashlyn goes to help everyone set their difficulty to what they feel most comfortable with, her own being set to 7 out of 10.

There were dials, for difficulty and large boxes behind them. Sharah suddenly had a VERY bad feeling about this. Ashlyn enjoyed playing pranks, she also enjoyed getting her adrenaline pumping, and an extreme challenge. She eyed Ashlyn and shook her head. She did not like the idea of what may or may not be in store for them. She set hers dial to 2. Her parkour skills weren’t that good. “IF anyone falls, stay there. I’m actually very good at what I do and I have a medkit. Just shout and I’ll find out.” Sharah would forefit her run if someone got hurt. It would probably be her. She rolled her eyes and made sure the med kit was easy to get to.

Cassidy took a comfortable difficulty of 5 so that she could assess what the program considered to be ‘difficult’. She wasn’t afraid of getting hurt either, but if a lot of people doing this program were reporting to Sickbay with injuries, well, Cass could imagine that there would be questions. It was good then that she could assess the program for herself.

Once everyone is ready, Ashlyn stands at the start line as the counter begins from 30. “The rules are simple, don’t touch the floor, don’t get caught, the last one standing or first one to reach the flag at the top is the winner.” Ashlyn stands at the ready line with a smile that is both sinister and excited. “Oh, before I forget, I hope no one is arachnophobic.” There is maybe a half-second for the warning to sink in when a horn sounds and Ashlyn runs off into the maze of beams to balance on. From the large boxes behind everyone, giant mechanical spiders are released. Each is armed with a phaser looking device on their backs and the one that is chasing after Ashlyn starts shooting at her as soon as it comes out, forcing the acrobat to have to slide into cover and move more carefully.

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

“Awesome!” Abrams said as she took off at a sprint, jumping up onto the beams and moving across. She did her best not to wobble, keeping her feet light and not overthinking her balance. She was not a person who was easily afraid. Her fears were limited to one phobia that she had tamed, though not fully conquered. The spiders certainly added to the intensity and if she were honest, Abrams knew she was a bit of an adrenaline junkie. It was why she and Steven were such a good match. they were both very social and not above a little adventure.

Abrams, COS

Sharah is standing next to Ashlyn and whispers under her breath, right before the buzzer goes off, “I am SO making you call Rainns for this.” The buzzer goes off and she starts moving, not nearly at Ashlyn or Abrams’ speeds. She doesn’t have the coordination for that. She doesn’t look back at the spider though. Then the phaser goes off. I am so having a conversation with her conference after this. Sharah thinks and she starts moving faster, jumping from point to point. Her spider isn’t shooting at her, thank goodness. She should have voted for teams instead.

En. Fayth, Doctor

Ashlyn would call back to Sharah, but the problem with setting her opponent so high was that she didn’t have time or opportunity to. She was going to have to stay on her toes and keep moving if she was going to keep herself from being caught. The spider that had pinned her down was charging at the location she was taking cover, any time her head got too high from behind the cover it would take another shot at her forcing her head back down. “Well, I’m not watching anyone this time.” Each time Ashlyn moved it was to get over the next rail, jump to climbable poles, pull herself onto the floating platforms, all while trying to dodge the spider that is still taking shots at her.

Abrams’s spider was just as aggressive but wasn’t shooting anything. Instead, it would race ahead on another path to cut the COS off in the route she was taking. The other spiders, being significantly lower in skill set, would take to less and less complex chasing tactics. The one set to the first skill level moved smartly but not very fast, and the one set to level two would run a bit faster but still not that fast compared to the runners. This gave the more novice players a chance to think about their next action rather than running on instinctual awareness and reflexes.

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

Meanwhile, Jerrin had taken slow steps backwards away from the frenzy that was unfolding. Nuh uh. No way in ktuth am I doing that! Mind made up, he backed away from the door, suddenly afraid one of those mechanical… things would suddenly come after him. this was supposed to be fun?!

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Vora wasn’t all the keen on this either, but her son’s reaction worried her. “Jerrin? It’s okay, you don’t have to do this,” she said gently. “I’m just going to watch, I think.” Her discomfort with the holodeck didn’t quite cover this scenario but it just wasn’t her speed. Still, it was fun watching Cassidy tackle the course. But her concern was for Jerrin of course. “Jerrin?” she said, taking a step towards him when she noticed that his eyes were fixed on the scene and she wasn’t entirely sure he had heard her.

Lt. (j.g.) Zorell, Sciences

Meanwhile, Cassidy was focused on not being attacked by the spiders so she didn’t see what was happening well behind her. As one of the spiders jumped into her path, Abrams dove and rolled to the side, popping to her feet the moment they hit the floor. She kept running, knowing that her level five spiders would be full of surprises, but she as used to improvising.

Abrams, COS

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