Deck 4 Sickbay - Unexpected Guest

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Cassidy almost laughed, except that it would have been exceptionally inappropriate under the circumstances. But it followed what she remembered about Shane. Irreverent to the core, even at his own expense.

The Andorian looked at the reports on his screens and minimized one that had popped up unbidden among the others, which seemingly held his attention for longer than the others… It wasn’t one of the reports sent by Fayth.

Antennae waving in mock outburst, Zarath looked through the field at Dvorak. “You’re worried about disease and contagion, but you felt perfectly fine about putting me inside a force field with a known criminal? I’m going to have to double check your psyche eval, Captain…” The satire was clear in his tone, the sarcasm meant to break some of the tension in the room.

However, contrary to his feigned outburst, Zarath was working hard to make sure the man remained stable as the pod thawed and brought him out of stasis. “There’s going to be trouble with his immune system, there was damage to marrow which severely weakened his immunity responses. It may even be a permanent issue he’ll have to deal with. That’s going to make things difficult. Captain, do you want this man conscious?”

-Zarath, CMO

Cassidy did. She wanted answers. Answers that Warwick could most likely provide. But either way, she didn’t intend to let this man out of their sight.

As Zarath monitored the restoration process, it seemed that despite the damage to the pods power core, the process was progressing smoothly.


“Looks like he’s stabilizing… I’ll be damned.”

-Zarath, CMO

“He’s a survivor,” Cass said. “That much I remember about him.” that and he was a terrible flirt who tried to smoothly work he way into people’s good graces to get what he wanted. She hadn’t bought into it before, and it wasn’t going to happen now.

Abrams, COS

Bump for the Captain.
Bump for the Captain… Should we awaken Mr. Warwick? Remember that cryo-pods tend to concentrated evil in a can…
(yeah, I’d wait for Joe. rebumps just for giggles)

Without any user input, and perhaps due to a fault in the onboard software or a short in the hardware or maybe even a hidden directive that activated after power was restored and the vital signs were stable enough, the pod activated its awakening protocols and began the process of bring Shane out of the induced sleep. This process could not be interrupted without risking the occupants life.

GM Dread

“Well, someone’s coming to dinner, ready or not.” The Andorian punched a button and began prepping to scan for any contagions from inside the pod once it opened.

Scans from the pod, as well as from Zareth’s instruments, show no known contagions within the pod or on Mr. Warwick. Status lights are green.

Well… crap. Though to be honest Cassidy was eager from information and they couldn’t obtain that without the help of Mr. Warwick. She looked back at Ashlyn and gave a ‘be ready for anything’ look, though what they expected the cryogenic man to do immediately out of stasis she couldn’t really say.

Abrams, COS

Sharah was watching from outside the force field and wasn’t too thrilled that Dr. Zarath was in there alone, or in there at all. If there was surgical procedures to be done there was a whole other set of equipment he would need, and she began to gather them, placing them on the portable table as well. Sharah also grabbed a set of scrubs for herself. Surgery could be done solo, but it wasn’t wise, and she’d go in to help Zarath if he needed it.
En. Fayth, Doctor

“Doctor Fayth, once I’m satisfied there’s no threat of contagion, you may join me.” Zarath turned his eyes to Abrams quickly, trying to get a read from the Security Chief. he’d caught indicators from her that she knew this person and wasn’t thrilled to be seeing him again… “Chief, our guest will likely be too weak to be a physical threat, but if you have security concerns, now would be the time to address them…”

-Zarath, CMO

“Nah, he’s not been a threat in the past,” Cassidy said. “Can’t guarantee anything at the moment though. But I will give him the benefit of the doubt given he’s never been anything more than annoying to me.” She couldn’t help but smirk slightly.


The Doctor nodded to Abrams, then shut off the field and waved Fayth back over.

Within the pod, Warwick started to stir. A few slow moves of his head; an eye twitch; flaring of a nostril. The stirrings a normal humanoid does when waking up from a deep sleep.
A few moments later, his eyes started to open. Open barely a milometer, he clamped his eyes shut almost as quick. His face was contorted in pain as his cracked and bleeding lips whispered “light… please…lights”

Shane Warwick

“Ah, a man after my own heart…” Zarath quipped. “Computer, lower light level fifty percent.”

Then he leaned down to watch the way Shane’s pupils reacted. “Try not to move too much, you’re safe here, no one will harm you. Can you tell me your name?”

-Zarath, CMO

Warwick tentatively cracked his eyes again, and not seeing the glare of the lights, he opened them slowly. He studied the Andorian closely. Did he know him? Was he a new interrogator. This Andorian said he was safe but that remained to be seen. ‘No one will harm you.’ he said. “Yeah, right!” his internal voice shouted.

Sharah walked over and took one look at his cracked and bleeding lips and turned back around. She came back very quickly with a Plasma Infusion unit. The man needed fluids, his body dehydrated. She set the unit up and passed it to Dr. Zarath to hook up to Mr. Warwick or whatever his name was. Sharah struggled to reign in her telepathy not wanting to pick up thoughts from anyone in the room that might distract her.
En. Fayth, Doctor

When Warwick saw Ensign Fayth enter his field of vision he instinctively flinched as he perceived her as a threat. The fact that she backed off as soon as she did, eased his anxiety someone. Now he knew he and the Andorian were not alone.
The Andorian had asked for his name. He didn’t know where he was or if he had been caught again. He could give them an alias. He had a few that could work if he needed them to. But…If he was caught, they already know who he is. If he survived the rescue,… well then using his real name might be the best option.
“Warwick.” he whispered, “My name is Shane Warwick”.

Zarath let his mental guard down enough that Fayth would catch his thoughts and understand he approved of her actions, but he didn’t instruct her further for the moment. She knew her business and he trusted her to assist him with Mr. Warwick’s condition. His attention remained on Warwick, and he smiled as non-threateningly as his rather dour visage would allow. “Pleased to meet you, Mr. Warwick. I’m Doctor Zarath, this is Doctor Fayth, and we’re happy to inform you that you’ve arrived aboard the Starfleet Vessel: USS Europa. This is a plasma infusion, you’ll feel a slight sting. You’re badly dehydrated, Mr. Warwick.” With practiced hands, he injected the infusion and adjusted the settings for the fluids the man’s body would need. Then he began to run a dermal regenerator over the man’s cuts and abrasions.

“Can you tell us how you came to be injured?”

-Zarath, CMO

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