Deck 2 - Cascade Failure

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Posted by Ensign Ashlyn Trenton (Security Officer) in Deck 2 - Cascade Failure
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Abrams shot Trenton a look. “No… that’s not exactly what the computer says. Now we did we ask it to extrapolate. The computer could also be experiencing technical issues trying to read the situation on this deck, which is why I’m checking every room on the off chance that someone is unconscious in one of those rooms and we’re not getting a proper read on their badges.”

Moving to the next room, but also making it quick, Cassidy revisited the other question. “No plasma torch. Not a part of the standard kit. But engineering should be down shortly. Why? What are you thinking?”

Abrams, COS

Ashlyn took a moment to consider what to say only to decide not to say anything, instead offering her department head the tricorder she was using to scan for humanoid bio-signs. “The plasma torch is so we can cut into the damaged turbolift to get the last two bio-signs out. I’m pretty sure it’s jammed and if we’re not careful we could dislodge it and cause it to fall, which would be bad.”

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
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Abrams waved off the tricorder, letting Trenton keep using it. Technology was fallible and so were people. She was hoping to eliminate the errors inherent in both but right now it didn’t seem the time to stop and explain all that. “That also presumes it’s in an accessible position. The safest access will actually be through the doors, if we can get them open, and using the service ladders.” Abrams offered a reassuring glance. “It’s actually pretty hard to dislodge a turbolift. And we can initiate a maintenance cycle to prevent it from moving either way while we are in there.” At least the focus on more practical problems was helping quell the uneasiness that had settled into her body.

Shifting her gaze backwards, she looked for Fayth. “Any more we didn’t detect?” she called out.

Abrams, COS

Fayth had checked the 3 officers they had first encountered, made sure they were stable and had them transported off to sickbay on deck 6. She’d grabbed her kit, and a rebreather, and headed down the corridor, carefully, checking her tricorder as she went, after Abrams and Trenton. She looked at the security Lt. “According to the tricorder, that’s it. There is a better way, more accurate way to find out where they are.” She glanced at Trenton. “I”m Betazoid, Lt. I can, with extreme accuracy, find anyone on this ship. I can tell you exactly where they are. Unless of course they are strong enough to block me to their presence. It doesn’t require me to read their thoughts or emotions. Just to know that they are there. (OOC: Troi did this multiple times and this shouldn’t invade anyone’s privacy IC and again if they are choosing to block her she won’t ‘notice’ them anyway). As you said, technology can be faulty and give false readings. With your permission, Lt. There is very little to no risk to me.”
En Fayth, Doctor

While the two officers argued over how best to find people, Ashlyn quietly pulled back and continued to move down the corridor. They were still in a crisis and needed to move forward, once they decide how best to do that they can catch up later. Ashlyn hated that she didn’t know the best way to defuse that situation, but standing around certainly wasn’t going to help anyone else. For the time being, she continued to use the Tricorder.

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

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