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“Let’s make sure we know what we’re getting into before we actually contact someone,” the Captain said. “I mean… we don’t have enough information yet to determine that they did or didn’t make it themselves. I would expect that if they didn’t make it themselves, then they’d have skipped past a design like this that uses fusion power entirely in favor of some kind of anti-matter based system, which is vastly more common for warp drives given the high power requirements.”

“Can we get a sense of that ship’s capabilities? I can’t imagine they can sustain warp speed for that long if they’re using a fusion plant? I mean, that’d be like trying to run our warp engines with our impulse reactor.”

“Also, are there any communications between that ship and anyone else in the system that we could potentially listen in on?” He wanted to have someone trying to listen in to media broadcasts on the planet, also, which was what he was about to order before the ship stole everyone’s attention.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

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“I’ve seen small ships cruse at warp six on a fusion drive. I wouldn’t fly in one of them… but I know better.”

“Well, leading up to their small jump to warp there was a build up of power that has been seemingly consumed. It might hint to a large capacitance reservoir, but they definitely don’t seem to have the ability for any longer distance travelling capabilities. The 20 AU they traversed might be the upper limit, but it’s hard to say for sure without knowing energy transfer rate efficiency or how much power their warp drive consumes.” The ever knowledgeable NE replied. “I’m only picking up transmissions from the planet to the warp craft but can’t detect the warp craft transmitting anything, though that may be due to a directional transmission.”

GM Dread

The Captain just looked at the NE as if he were expecting something more than this for a minute.

“Are you able to get the content of the transmissions or not?” he asked somewhat impatiently.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

“Well…” Began the NE in hesitation. “It just looks like telemetry data and guidance instructions from the planet. There are some background signals from their communication network radiating into space though. A lot of it seems to be weather forecasts with radiation spot predictions for several regions on the planet. What seems to be a consistent transmission across the planet seems to be maybe some sort of propaganda? The computer hasn’t been able to translate the language yet.”

GM Dread

Zorell opened a channel. =/\=Astrometrics to Bridge.=/\=

=/\=I’ve been investigating the planet’s technology in relation to its climate and possible societal evolution and I’ve picked up some unmanned suborbital craft. They each contain a powerful receiver that seems to be the focus for some of the large amounts of energy the capital city is generating. It is noteworthy also that a significant portion of resources from other outlying centres are redirected to this capital as well. As of yet I’ve been unable to determine a purpose for these craft, but I thought I would mention it as it seemed… unusual.=/\= Of course there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation, but Vora was mid-investigation so far.

Lt. (j.g.) Zorell, Sciences (cross-posted from Astrometrics)

“It could be a power relay system. Small ship gets it power from a larger base.. ie. a planet. When away from the planet they have to charge up to go to warp.”


Avik stood still in place. Her ears caught every bit of conversation. After both Zorell and Marsh spoke, adding in more information, Avik decided to voice her thoughts.

“I do not think observing will yield all the answers we want. The prime directive applies to pre-warp civilizations, and we just witnessed a successful warp. With that evidence, they are no longer a pre-warp civilization.” She let the facts sink in before she continued, hoping it might ease any worry about breaking protocol.

“I believe our next objective is to discover how they obtained the warp knowledge and if it was from someone within the Federation.” She remained calm while she made her points.

Pausing only to take a breath, she then shared the things in her head.

“I can theorize many ways they could have achieved warp technology. A gift from a warp-capable race not apart of the Federation. Studying artifacts on the planet lost by a more advanced culture. A rare probability of hitting certain stages earlier than others. Which the information from Astrometics does not support the last one. Until any facts are confirmed by the individuals using it, we can continue to theorize and still have no solid answers.”

Her eyes looked to the CO and waited for his response.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Marsh made a slight face, that wasn’t exactly what he thought was the correct interpretation of the ‘warp’ capable civilization clause of the Prime Directive. He believed that the that referred to races that discovered warp on their own, not given a warp drive. Several humans from Earth had been whisked away by warp drive capable races. In many cases the human captured the ship in the far reaches of the universe… that didn’t make them warp capable and eligible for first contact..


An NE rebutted, “But Earth’s first contact was after the Vulcans detected warp signatures in the Sol system. With the time between Cochrane’s successful flight and first contact, there wasn’t time to determine if the warp technology was given or developed. I don’t mean to split hairs, but they have warp technology. Why not ask them how they got it?”

GM Dread

“Because of the main rationale of the prime directive, they might not even be ready for the question, much less contact with another race.” Marsh looked at the ensign, “And having power doesn’t mean they know how to properly and ethically use it, that goes equally to the conventions of telepathy, my internal thoughts are my own ensign.” He looked at the junior officer with annoyance. Bad enough the telepaths look and keep the little secrets to themselves to spill it all over the bridge was too much to let go unchecked.

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The ensign looked suitably chastised, though they wondered why the CSO was so aggressive on that point. The whole point of first contact was to help direct those who might misuse warp tech in the first place. And the ensign didn’t look for people’s thoughts or keep little secrets, but strong thoughts had a way of slipping in past their guard and Marsh felt strongly about this it seemed.

OOC: Just noticed those were internal thought by Marsh. Just imagine the NE was a telepath.

“It doesn’t really matter, the decision isn’t mine, and there is plenty of room for debate on either side…” Marsh turned to the captain.

Avik waited, her eye pinned on the CO. At this point, she wanted something beyond simple observation. Nothing new could be learned, and she hoped he would see that. Else, using a human saying, they would be chasing their tails. Not completing the mission.

Despite this result, this wasn’t her ship. She would back down when the CO made his decision and accept it despite how it felt to her. He was her superior after all.

Her eyes slipped to the NE but said nothing to his comment. She figured Marsh or someone might while they waited for the CO to make a decision.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Marsh CSO

At this point a massive power surge emanated from the planet setting off the Europa’s alarms. A beam of energy shot away from the planet towards the warp capable craft, though at the speed of light it’d take 20 minutes or so to arrive. The warp craft had aligned back to the planet and was in the process of charging up for a return warp jump when a directed beam of energy from the planet struck it. Could the planet be transferring energy to assist in the capacitance charge?

GM Dread

“Scanning.” This was exactly what he had theorized. He didn’t want to presume that he was right so his scanned with a neutral position.

Avik didn’t continue to the debate. Even when she understood Marsh’s valid point, she didn’t agree with it. Too much about the displays felt off and data missing which she felt could negate his reasoning. Even if they weren’t suitable for another world contact, it wouldn’t stop others from making it. It boiled down to a matter of time.

Any more discussion stopped when her peripheral vision caught something. She turned her head in time to spot energy surge from the plant and hit the ship dead on.

“Marsh, do you have any data over what happened?” While she could theorize that the planet boosted the ship, she didn’t fully trust her eyes.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

“Data is still coming in.” He continued to scan. “It does seem to be an energizing beam, which would allow for very localized warp travel with small ship and without anti-matter. Its pretty innovative for a pre-warp, beginning warp race.”


Clodagh stepped up on the bridge and relieved the current security officer at their console. She quickly caught up on the notes left behind for the shift and listened to those around her as they talked of a pre-warp race effectively ‘kicking’ a ship into warp from the planet. And interesting thought, to her. She didn’t understand the mechanics of it. After all, the kick would have to be a massive one, wouldn’t it?


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