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“Carlo isn’t on the ship anymore,” Cassidy said, stepping into Warwick’s line of sight. She smirked at their wayward find. She, of course, looked much the same if a bit older, and of course her uniform and color and rank had changed. “Shane Warwick… definitely not someone I ever expected to see again.” She gestured to Dvorak. “this is our Commanding officer, Captain Johann Dvorak.”

This room was getting crowded. Warwick was starting to feel a little claustrophobic, until Dvorak and Abbrams stepping into his focus. It took a moment or two, but he recognized both of them and that made him feel slightly better. Maybe this was the Europa after all. Maybe he was rescued. He gave a smile to Abbrams as he noticed her uniform. Security. ‘These people are smart using a pretty Security officer. Looking at her I could get distracted. I have to be tough. Don’t give them what they want, Shane’ Mustering some internal resolve he asked his question instead of answering theirs.

“Where is the Sarafina? The ship I was on. Can I talk to one of her crew?”

Abrams shot a look to Trenton with a questioning look while rolled her index finger in a circle hoping to convey that she wanted the ensign to look up the ship.

Ensign Trenton gave a silent nod and turned to access the nearest computer to request any and all data regarding the Sarafina. At least anything that isn’t behind a restricted protocol, she would use only publicly accessible Starfleet data.

His attitude more than anything, told Fayth that Warwick was agitated and disoriented. Her quick mind taking in that information along with what the reports had told them, she came to the conclusion it would be best to attempt to answer his questions before his agitation made him unresponsive to Zarath’s treatments. She had no idea where the Sarafina was or who was there. And since she wasn’t a bridge officer she wouldn’t know anyway. But she WAS a doctor. “Is there someone on the Sarafina we should contact? Family or a friend you would want to make decisions for in your stead, or would be worried about your whereabouts and we should contact them?” Her voice was soft and calming, not really adding to the sense of calm she was unconsciously projecting.

Warwick’s eyes darted from person to person as his fear began to rise somewhat. Not one of the people in the room was answering his question. Something was wrong! But as his fears grew, he felt a calming presence near him. It was indirect, like a hand on his shoulder telling him things would be alright....and it smelled…almost like chocolate chip cookies?
In this state the Andorian Interrogator and his female assistant seemed to be busy actually helping him. The smile on the female Security officer seemed genuine, and she seemed to know him. Maybe he would recognize her soon as well, and they could catch up on old times. He was on Europa and he was out of harms way for the time being. The cookie smell was intoxicating, and it made him feel more at ease.

“Doctor,” he began, “I received most of my injuries while imprisoned by The Pharaoh.”
- Warwick

Ensign Trenton expanded her search to include hits on the keywords ‘The Pharaoh’. If nothing comes up, she’ll put in more time to research it later.

There are 27 ships in the Federation database named Sarafina. Almost all are civilian ships; Freighters, transports, and two yachts.

Understanding dawned on Abrams and she gave a little gesture with a ‘May I?” look. She didn’t want to get in their way, but she expected she might be able to help a little.

Zarath would notice Sharah look away briefly, but her movements still sure and practiced. She knew things like torture happened, but she’d never encountered it and the last thing she needed to do was allow her empathy to trap her into a cycle of sharing it with Warwick. She took the moment to reorder her mental shields accordingly. She glanced briefly at Trenton to make sure the news didn’t bother her, either. And then she turned back to Warwick tricorder in hand. “Are you having any trouble breathing Mr. Warwick?”
En Fayth, Doctor

Warwick turned to look at the raven haired Doctor as he took in her face. ‘Dark hair. Dark eyes. A man could get lost in those eyes. Focus Shane!’
“I am breathing well for now. I’m just tired.” he replied giving her his best crooked smile. “as for your other question. The Sarafina was the ship we escaped on.”
Warwick’s voice wavered as he completed his answer; “Carlo came to get me…It was Carlo’s ship… Carlo is my friend.”
- Warwick

Cassidy glanced at the others, doubt in her eyes. So far they didn’t know how long he had been in the cryotube. Moving closer, she gave a gentle smile, careful not to lean in and crowd him at all. “You’ll get to rest soon I’m sure. And you may remember me better when I was wearing a sciences uniform.” She tapped a couple fingers to her chest. “Cassidy. You used to flirt with me and my lab mate, Vora, when you aboard. Vora you can’t forget. Quite tall, pale yellow skin, red hair.” She wanted to ground him before they tried to get any understanding out of this situation.

After being prompted by Abbrams, Warwick remembered the other girl. There are just so many yellow skinned redhead females you meet in a lifetime.

“Shane, what year is it? What do you last remember?” Abrams had no plan to drop the cryotube tidbit on him until they understood what he thought was his reality. And for the moment it was best to not get to much into

Abrams, COS

‘Year?…’ Abbrams question stumped him, ‘What year is it? How am I to know that’
“I remember Carlo getting me out. He beamed into my cell.” he began, “That was odd because that had never happened before. He put something on me and we beamed out… to the Sarafina.” Warwick swallowed then continued speaking quicker. His sentences choppy, “Carlo said we had to go…We had been discovered…I was not well…Carlo said I was fragile…A Vulcan woman I didn’t know, put me in the stasis pod…”

He looked at Abbrams again, and even though calm, comforting feelings associated with the homemade cookies were urging him to remain in a relaxed state, he had to get his question out.
“Where is Carlo di Napoli?”

Sharah had had enough. She looked at Dr. Zarath but he was busy trying to save the man’s life. Warwick was getting aggitated and it concerned her. She glanced at this bio readings watching for a moment. Increase or decrease in heart rate; changes in blood pressure, high or low; adrenaline spikes; drops in blood oxygen level; changes in respiration; or anything that might indicate the body was over stressed and she’d send them to the edges of the room, even if she got brig time for it. They were trying to save his life. They could interrogate him later. He’s was severally injured, suffering from previous injuries from cryo stasis and had been put back into it, and was severely disoriented. Did they want him to live or not?

As soon as Trenton got the data she requested, the data was transferred to a PaDD and the Ensign moved to where she would be in sight of her Lieutenant. She tapped the PaDD twice to signify that she had the data but didn’t approach, clearly suspicious of the individual in the cryo pod. Everyone else may have let down their guard, but Trenton wasn’t going to risk it until she saw more clear action from this traveler in a tube. She also looked toward Ensign Fayth with a stern expression to convey her suspicion of this Warwick.

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

Sharah had picked up another dermal regenerator to work on some of the other worst wounds. She lowered the power, because all the dermal regenerator did was make the body heal itself faster, so no need to over stress the body. So with her and Zarath working on the worst wounds the body would need time to heal between sessions. As she moved around working she caught Ashlyn’s expression and nodded her understanding. She didn’t like it too much either, but she tapped her head twice and winked.
En. Fayth, Doctor

Again, no one was answering. Something had happened to Carlo and they weren’t telling him. ‘Maybe I just need to let the Andorian and the dark eyed Doctor finish with what they needed to do to me. I can always look up Carlo when I’m healed.’

“When we have you all taken care of we can try to find out where your friend Carlo is, Mr. Warwick,” Sharah said in an attempt to calm him. She was sure the Captain and Abrams would look into Carlo, she just hoped they would let Warwick talk to him too. But that was a security matter, not hers.

Easing his tensions some he just relaxed as much as he could, “So, why are you asking me what year it is?”
- Warwick

She smiled trying to ease his tension. “Because you have been unconscious, Mr. Warwick. Just basic questions to make sure there has been no head trauma. Like Dr. Zarath asking you your name. If you didn’t know your name we would be concerned. Asking for the year is another such question. But if you are feeling tired, it’s okay to not worry about the questions right now.” He had severe wounds and damage from previous cryo stasis and would have pain from that. His current wounds probably didn’t feel too great either. She picked up a hypospray and showed it to him. “This is Terakine. It’s for the pain. It’s 2ml. It will last 5 hours. I know you are tired, if you would like something to help you sleep, I can do that too, if you want it.” She at least wanted him to take the Terakine to help with the pain, it would help lower the physical stress on his body, but if he had been beaten or tortured she didn’t want to send him into panic by taking that choice from him.
En. Fayth, Doctor

Warwick shook his head slightly to indicate he was giving her permission to administer the pain medicine. “I wouldn’t mind getting some sleep. Thank you.”
But he was quick to add, “Can it be somewhere besides this pod? I would like to be less confined.”

Looking at Abbrams he added with a forced smile “It can be in the brig, if necessary.
- Warwick

Zarath nodded, having completed his works. Looking over, he silently approved Doctor Fayth’s treatment, and finished disconnecting Shane from the cryo pod. (thanks Jennifer! sorry I’m late!) “We’ll put you in a biobed directly, Mr. Warwick. I think that’s probably enough questions for now…” The Andorian glanced at Abbrams, intending that the patient should be resting now, but that they could speak about it shortly. Zarath didn’t recognize the name Carlo, or the ship named Sarafina from any of the files he’d read on Europa. That bothered him a little, but he shook it off. “I don’t believe the brig will be necessary today.”

-Zarath, CMO

Fayth gave Warwick the Terakine and while it took effect she prepared the antigrav unit they would use to lift him out of the pod and onto a biobed. “Alright Mr. Warwick, Dr Zarath and I are going to get you onto a biobed and you can sleep. I will give you something to help you sleep if you like.” Sharah nodded to Zarath that the antigrav was ready and the Terakine should be working by now, so there should be little pain for their patient as they moved him.
En. Fayth, Doctor

Warwick complied with the two Doctors orders, and patiently watched as they disconnected him from the stasis pod. When it was time for them to move him to the antigrav unit, he needed assistance as his legs seemed to unable to support his weight. Once on the biobed, Warwick waved two fingers motioning to Abbrams.

“I do remember you now, Miss Abbrams. And If I may say so, you look as lovely as ever.” and he added with a smile, “I’m sure we will speaking again soon.”

Then looking over at Captain Dvorak, he addressed him for the first time. “Captain, Thank you and your crew for helping me.”
- Warwick

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