The USS Genesis, commissioned on May 5th 1998, is first and foremost a ship with a very long tradition in high quality writing and roleplaying, upheld for 14 years since 2005 by former Star-Fleet President Jen Herr. Her former 6 year long XO, Julia took over command in 2015. Since then, her XO of 4 years and Genesis crew member of 11, Luke Hung, has taken command in 2019. This is the only ship in STF with it's own extensive website with a full history, continuous sim archive of past missions, extended crew biographies and much more. Because for us it is about the magic of an interactive story well written that grips your heart an imagination, rather than rank or titles. If you want your character gain a life of his own and see your imagination become a kind of reality, join the Genesis.

Captain Luke Hung

Commanding Officer

Join the best ship in STF! I'm proud to announce that the USS GENESIS WON THE BEST SHIP - AWARD IN THE STF AWARDS June 2018 A huge thank you to this excellent crew! I've been on this ship for twelve years and I've always been impressed by what every player contributes to the tapestry that is this ship. The whole has always been greater than the sum.

Captain Hjortur Ingi

Executive Officer

I'm very honoured to be your new First Officer. I look forward to spending time with all of you. The Genesis is a great ship with a great history and I can hardly wait for what may come. If you need anything don't hesitate to contact me either through my Contact info or on Discord.

Russell Watt ~~~ GameMasters Notes and Sim Info

Current SIM Status: Intro/Teaser | SIM update: The SORAS Incident (Stardate: 20220701)
The captain of the Genesis has received orders to return with the Genesis to Fleet HQ for shore leave. The CO and XO have been ordered to meet with the Fleet brass ... and to not forget their dress uniforms!
The cast of the Unreal Desperate Housewives of Betazoid are currently on a publicity tour of Fleet 6, and will be on Black Rock at the same time as the Genesis is there for shore leave ... any fans of the holoprogram from the Genesis crew might be able to time their shoreleave at the same time as the cast is there.
An incident has happened in Main Engineering

Important Information - for more Info, check out the Genesis Website
Last Update
  • Secondary Characters will now be rostered with a more generous posting limit. Please contact the Captain.
  • Ship Specs: USS Genesis NCC 85101-B Manhattan Class Large Science Explorer Vessel | Auxiliary Spacecrafts on board | The Normandy  | Visual of Bridge Layout
  • Going on LOA? You have to declare LOA: Click on "Profile" in the top menu and then on "Edit my profile/Declare an LOA". Your Status on the roster below should always say "OK"
  • AWOL Rules: Command Staff (CO, XO, GM) - 3 days  |  DH's and Bridge Officers (COS, CSO, CMO, CE, CNS, Tactical, Ops, Helm) | 5 days Junior Officers - 7 days
  • Applying for a position: Email the CO if you are interested in joining!  |  Please enclose your character's full profile (see Genesis Website for examples).  |  We only take on newer players on Ensign lvl and more experienced players at Lt.jg. lvl. Promotions are done IC.

Science Sub-DH's (Job description): Computer Sciences, Xeno Botany, Cosmology, Planetary Sciences, Physics & Chemistry
Other Junior Officers in all departments
Captain's Aide (Job description)

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Calvin Marius Captain Human 39 6'2" 213 Luke Hung OK (0)
Lieutenant Commander Magnús Pétursson First Officer Human 44 1,85 M - 6'1" 92 kg - 203 lbs Hjortur Ingi OK (1)
Lieutenant Commander Dagen Thor CE Trill (joined) 42 5’10” 180 lbs Gene Gibbs OK (1)
Lieutenant Commander Thomas McGregor COS Human 29 6'5" 100 kg Brandon Irvine OK (2)
Lieutenant Tom Jarvis Internal Security Human (Mutation) 41 5'7" (170cm) 160 lbs (77.22 kg) David Bennett
Lieutenant Junior Grade Ashley Logan CMO Trill 27 5'6 157 Christopher Logan
Lieutenant Junior Grade Vanessa Slade CNS Human 29 5'4" 125 lbs. Kate O'Neill OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Reia Shandy C Intelligence -Comm Officer Human/Orion 32 5'5" Catt Bennett OK (2*)
Ensign Kylie Brecker Engineer Human 25 175.26cm / 5'9" 56.69kg /125lbs D Inman AWOL (36)
Ensign Thomas Perez Security Officer Human Thomas Perez

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