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As he stepped off the transport, Riley tried to imagine how humans several centuries earlier would have felt should unfamiliar aliens all of a sudden come amongst them. Curiosity and fear. Those were the two emotions that dominated the populace closest to them. Anger? For a moment he felt its tendrils nip at his mind, but he couldn’t locate it’s source and then it was gone. Was it only his imagination? He wasn’t sure.

Riley turned to his team, “Remember, we’re visitors. Observe, interact, but at the slightest hint of resistance from a civilian, retreat. This is their world, not ours.”

Dekker, CNS

OOC: Remember the aliens have the look of Harry Potter’s ‘the one who cannot be named’ :)

IC: There was an elderly lady who stopped and looked at the noses of the ‘alien’ visitors. “What good does that thing do?” she asked. Several passers by looked embarrassed when she asked the question.


David heard her question and glanced over at Sage, who was closest to him. As the doctor, he would let her field this question.

-David Michaels, CSO

Sage gave the woman a bright smile, hoping it would ease any negative feelings the Pallasian might be feeling towards them. “Its how we breathe and smell.” She looked around at the other officers with her. “How do your people breathe?” It wasn’t mean to spark any adverse reaction, just open up a conversation. But anything was possible.


Chan had just got off the train when the women had made the comment. If they thought that Having a nose was odd how would they react seeing Chan. A blue women with sliver hear and antenna. She knew it would probably cause a riot. She had, had that feeling in the conference room. she was so alien to everyone here aside for her crew of course. Chan stood next to the others wondering how this was going to pan out.

Lieut Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

“We know how our food is going to taste the moment our fingers are near,” said the old lady. “I guess you’ll only find that out when you have already picked them up.”

Then she saw Chan. “What do those things do?” she asked pointing to the antennae.


Chan looked up “Oh those.” she said “They do many things. They give me greater spatial awareness, improve my hearing, Balance and show emotion. they also act as a redundant system. If i lost an eye i would still be able to ‘see’ rather well. Just not in the normal sense” She said trying to best explain what her Antenna did. However it was hard, they did so many other things. However Chan felt she had got the mot important things listed.

Lieut Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

Riley silently observed the woman’s interaction with the away team. Her bold and open curiosity was positive. It was better the people see that they were open to talking and learning and were not objects of fear. Even Chan was shelving her usually gruff self so as not to put off their questioner. Riley had moved closer to David.

“They seem harmless,” he pitched his voice low.

Dekker, CNS

“Everything is not always as it seems,” David said solemnly.

At first, when the woman was speaking, some of the other people retreated a little, fearing what the ‘aliens’ might do. When Chan and Sage started speaking politely, they eased a little. One by one, they got a little bolder and stepped forward to speak to the team.

“Where do you come from?”
“Is it very far from our planet?”
“Is your home planet similar to ours?”
“Are you passing by or looking for somewhere to stay?”


Chan put her hands up in a calming manner “OK. OK. Ladies and gentleman please calm down. We will answer what we can” Chan said calmly and confidently.

“where do we come form? well in a broad terms we come form the united federation of planets. To be more specific i come from a planet called Andoria my fellow officers come form a planet called earth. the federation is made up of loads of planets. so narrowing it down is difficult” she said looking at the person who asked the question.

She then looked at the next person “yes we have come a long way”she said answering the question.

“Mine is not. Mine is a world full of ice. However there are many planets that are similar to yours”. She replied. Chan hoped she wasn’t over stepping her bounds. However she felt if she could clam the crows then things shouldn’t get out of hand.

“We’re not here to stay we are just passing through and have some business to attend to” she said answering the final question.

Lieut Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

When Chan finished her answers, the crowd murmured and as their universal translators were still trying to make sense of the Pallasian language, The team could not make any significant meaning behind the murmurings.


David watched and listened as Chan was answering the questions of the locals. Better her than him to be playing the role of friendly ambassador. His mind was not set any more at ease by the fact that the translator couldn’t make out the murmurings and whisperings.

-David Michaels, CSO

Chan looked back at the away team. She didn’t know what the locals where saying she hoped they where just conversing about her answers. However her warrior training was starting to kick in. she was keeping her eyes on the crowd and the way team. She felt like something was off.

=^=Away team, see if you can get any information on their colony and the moon around it. We’ve picked up some ships there and want to know how much they know about them.=^=

Marius CO

And there it was. Chan thought. it wasn’t;t her place to answer the hail that was up to the others.

Lieut Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

=^=Away team, I’m going to move the Genesis off to take a peek at the colony. That will pull out out of transporter range. Don’t get yourself in to too much trouble while we are away.=^=


=/\=Acknowledged, Genesis. We’re just meeting the locals.=/\=

Riley had been impressed with Chan’s interaction with the locals. Her usual defensiveness was nowhere to be seen, and yet her words were measured. It caused no harm to satisfy a bit of the locals curiosity, in fact it probably went a good ways to easing their anxiety as their curiosity was greeted with information, even if mostly vague.

Riley approached the old woman who had struck up the conversation, “My name is Riley Dekker. As my friend here said, I come from a planet called Earth. It seems like yours in a lot of ways. We have one moon, as you do, and it was the first place we colonized off of our planet. I understand your world achieved something similar?”

She wasn’t a scientist, not that he knew, but he was curious to hear what the popular thought was, not the government line.

Dekker, CNS

Sage listened to the interactions, wishing she could shake the feeling of being on edge since boarding the shuttle to get down to Pallas. Everything still appeared to be alright with their visit, but…something…something she hadn’t been able to identify yet, was bugging her. She also observed that David wasn’t showing any signs of being charmed by the aliens. Chan and Riley smiled and conversed with the Pallasians in an easy going manner. So, half of the away team was trusting and the other half was not. She positioned herself next to the science officer hoping to glean something from him.

She spoke in a soft tone so as not to be overheard by the others. “I don’t have any reason to suspect these people of anything, but I find I can’t shake the feeling that they’re hiding something.”


David looked at Sage, then looked around, as if to make sure no one was watching or listening. Then he leaned into her and whispered. “They are.”

Then from a corner, one of the Pallasians shouted, “Go home! Leave! We don’t want anything from you!” The security men began to move to protect the away team. A couple of them were about to move towards that man but were held back by one who was probably their superior.


David instinctively moved so that he was in between the team and the man who was causing the disturbance. His main thought was to protect Riley, Sage and Chan.

“We are not here to cause you any hard,” David said, loud enough for the man to hear. “We are here to learn about your people and offer assistance if we can.”

-David Michaels, CSO

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