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David looked at Sage, then looked around, as if to make sure no one was watching or listening. Then he leaned into her and whispered. “They are.”

About to question him further, someone in the crowd began to heckle the away team.

Then from a corner, one of the Pallasians shouted, “Go home! Leave! We don’t want anything from you!” The security men began to move to protect the away team. A couple of them were about to move towards that man but were held back by one who was probably their superior.


David instinctively moved so that he was in between the team and the man who was causing the disturbance. His main thought was to protect Riley, Sage and Chan.

“We are not here to cause you any harm,” David said, loud enough for the man to hear. “We are here to learn about your people and offer assistance if we can.”

-David Michaels, CSO

Chan instinctively moved her hand and rested it on her holster. She looked at David and then at the man. Chan stepped forward and stood next to David “My fellow officer is correct. If i may ask what have we done to earn your dislike?” she asked.

Lt Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

“Go home! We don’t need your help!” the man said. Noticing Chan’s hand on the holster, he said, “Are you going to shoot me? Do you use violence to solve problems? That is why you should stay in your home and not disturb us!”

The others who had been asking questions moved away, obviously afraid of what was happening.


“Not at all” Chan said moving her hand off her holster “Merely an instinct. My people are trained in ways of defence at a young age.” she added.

“I have answered your question but you have not answered ours. What have we done to earn such a reaction from you?” she asked again.

Lieut Chan (Sub DH Robotics)

Sage watched the one who wanted them to leave. Apparently, the higher ups had not been completely honest with the away team. How would the common people fare in the same situation?


Riley watched David and Chan move forward to engage with the heckler. They were calm and attempting to engage constructively but there seemed little willingness from a person who had already made up their mind that the aliens were unwelcome. What disturb Riley more was the readiness he felt the man’s unease and distrust spread to the other bystanders. That, and the man’s use of the word “help”. He had sensed from their meeting with the Neve that the Pallasians wanted something from them and their curiosity about their technology was keen, but he hadn’t imagined that the world’s need was so widely known among its populace.

“My friend here is telling the truth,” Riley stepped forward, his voice level and calm. “We are simply curious about new people. We mean you no harm nor help and our time here is short. If we are disturbing you and your fellow citizens here, we can move on.”

Dekker, CNS

“These others,” said the man pointing to the frightened people nearby, “have been duped by the authorities. These people believe everything the government says. I don’t! The government has sold them to you!” The people seemed more frightened of the man than of the Starfleet officers.

The choice of words was interesting. Sage stepped up next to Riley. “What has the government sold to us?”

“The people?” Riley wondered. “Is that what he means?”

The superior of the Pallasian security men came up. “Sir,” he said to the man, “please. You are causing a situation here. You’re causing a disturbance. Please do not continue. I would have to arrest you for causing a disturbance to the peace if you insist on carrying on.”

“You are dictators! See how the people are afraid of you,” the man said. However, he backed down and turned away muttering curses under his breath.

She wasn’t ready for the exchange to end, so she followed the unhappy man, disappearing into the crowd after him.

Chan was glad the man had left. However that soon faded when she saw the CMO wonder off after the man. “Doc don’t be stupid. What are you doing” she called after Sage. Chan was unable to hide the anger in her voice. Her Antenna also twitched rabidly. She looked at one of the Security NE “You go get her back” she ordered “But be careful” she added.

Damn. They were on an unknown world, outside any security perimeter and Sage had taken it upon herself to separate from the group to follow an angry local. Not good. Riley nodded his approval as the Security NE moved off to follow at Chan’s command.

“My apologies,” the Pallasian superior said, “we cannot just stop anyone who shouts on the streets. Until we can ascertain that he was going to infringe on the rights of others before we can move in.”

“We have similar rules,” Riley assured their host.

His subordinates moved in to the crowd and started to pacify them. A few of the people who were frightened before came forward to offer their apologies.


“It’s fine” Chan said “I know all to well how small groups that have different views can make things very difficult” she added. She was referring to the two factions on Andoria that where any happy with the federation. Chan had to admit she had the same misgivings. However she was no way near as radical as those groups.

Lieut Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

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Catching him by the shoulder after they’d melted into the group around them, “Please, answer my question. What is it you think the government is being dishonest about?”


“Why should I answer?” the man sneered, “You are just their puppet!” Then he moved his hand towards the doctor.

An arm came up to twisted the man’s arm. There was a metal sound on the ground. The man who shouted had wanted to stab the doctor with a small lancet like weapon. The man yelled in pain. The security officer who had followed the doctor had prevented the attack on Sage. However, the man grabbed the security officer’s arm with his free hand and it took only a second. The officer let go and dropped to the ground. The man ran off. He had stabbed the security officer’s arm with a second weapon.


The disturbance that sounded from the direction Sage and the NE had gone was enough for Riley to act. He gestured to Chan and David to follow, turning to their security host, “You’re welcome to follow, but we need to see to our team.”

Riley pushed forward through the crowd. He could sense Sage and used his familiarity with her mind to find where she had gone. By the time he’d reached her the disgruntled man had left and the Security NE was on the ground.

“What happened?”

Dekker, CNS

She motioned Riley off to the side in order to speak in private. “I asked the man to answer my question about how the government was being dishonest and he turned on me.” She was shaking her head with suspicion and confusion. “He had a small device—maybe a weapon or it could have been something in the medical category, but it was designed to puncture or cut. It was very small. The security guard arrived just as the man tried to stab me with it. There was a small scuffle and instead of me being the victim, he wounded the security person.”

She reached out with one hand to grasp Riley’s forearm as they looked back in the direction of the trouble. “I think the security guard is dead, Riley. What are these people hiding? Why would our presence drive one of them to try and kill us?”


That was a good question, and one Riley didn’t know the answer to. He pitched his voice low enough only Sage could hear, “Any chance you could do a quick scan, surreptitiously. That puncture wound didn’t kill him. I’d like to know what did.”

Chan arrived next and when she saw the dead NE her anger broke through, her antenna waved dangerously and she looked at Sage with nothing but malice “Well congratulations Doc. your stupidity has got a man killed on a peaceful diplomatic mission” she spat “Now someone will have to write to his wife and two month old daughter that their father and husband died because a senior officer was stupid. I doubt it will be you” she added. Many knew that Chan had no tolerance for people who got others hurt because of stupidity, incompetence or lack of common sense. But there was also something deeper. Dekker could figure out Chan’s own tragic encounter with extremists, mainly the death of her husband was fuelling her rage. He was one of only four people that knew about what had happened. She still hadn’t seen him about it and it was still clearly in her mind.

“This is what happens when you to talk to a racist or an extremist, people die. You can’t reason or talk to people like that. So what the hell possessed you to go after him? If it wasn’t for him, you would be dead now.” she said turning from sage and resting her hand on the NE shoulder.

Sage looked at the science officer, surprised at the tirade. “You’re out of line, Chan. If you can’t control yourself, perhaps you should return to the ship.” It wasn’t like the Andorian to lose her cool like that. It made Sage wonder if something else was at the core of the outburst.


“Hey now!” David finally spoke up. He had taken up the rear of the group, and as they’d come upon the scene, he’d lingered towards the back of the crowd, keeping his eyes peeled. But Chan’s outburst made him move in closer. He gave Chan a stern look. “That is not helping.”

“I’m sorry.” she said her anger replaced with sadness

A few more security men arrived. One of them took a look at the dead man and was visibly moved. The superior arrived and touched that man’s shoulder. “Do you want to report the death?” The man nodded, took out a communication device and proceeded to report the incident, requesting for a vehicle to transport the dead man.

The leader turned to the Starfleet officers, “Are you all right? I am sorry that we have not kept a better guard to protect you.”


Chan stood up and looked at the leader “It’s not entirely your fault, I ordered him to go after the Doc.” she said truthfully.

Lieut Chan (Sub DH Robotics)

“He knew the risks as a security man,” said the security leader grimly. It was clear that he cared for his men and he did not like to lose anyone in this manner. “However, the man, when we have caught him would be arrested for murder.”

As the group spoke and reacted around her, Sage palmed her tricorder and scanned the downed security man as Riley had suggested. Something was very wrong with their current situation. The higher ups were telling them what they ‘thought’ Star Fleet wanted to hear, but the citizens weren’t backing up the claims.


“The person at fault for the murder is the one who committed the murder,” Riley had maneuvered himself so he was standing partly in front of Sage, hopefully allowing her to conduct her scan. “Lt. Chan, I expect an adherence to Starfleet protocols for away missions at all times. If you are unable to do that, you can return to the Genesis.”

Riley could feel the raw roots of Chan’s outburst at Sage, but he couldn’t sustain it or allow it. On an alien world with people with whom trust had not been established, he needed a team that was unified.

Chan looked at Dekker “Sir” was all she said. However inside Chan was screaming. why was she the only one getting reprimanded. All she had done was tell sage how stupid she was to go off. Other members of the away team had done far worse. Sage had got man killed and David nearly stopped the negotiations before they began with his comment about their hosts. Yet nothing had been said to them. Dekker telling her about protocol futhered her annoyance. How many did Sage break going after a confrontational man. Leaving the team without permission, not taking a guard, not informing the others where she was going and god knows how many others. yet nothing had been said to her. David wasn’t much better, they where supposed to be diplomats and he wasn’t diplomatic at all, all he did was poke the bear, as the earth saying went.

She didn’t know if Dekker could pick up her thoughts or not so she pushed a thought to the front of her mind. how pointless this mission was all they where doing is leading these people on a merry dance. They all knew the all mighty federation wont let these people join, their tech is not advanced enough. she thought on that instead hoping to calm down, but it wasn’t helping.

Riley couldn’t read Chan’s thoughts word for word, but he could sense the gist. Between Sage, David, and Chan this was a team of strong-willed personalities and he knew her frustration wasn’t misplaced, but the one thing they couldn’t afford was apparent division among their team while they were on an alien world. He didn’t push any further.

David noticed that Neve had seemed to disappear, and turned his attention to the Pallasian security leader. “Where is Neve?” Now that he
thought about it, he hadn’t seen Neve since the crowd started heckling them.

-David Michaels, CSO

“Mr. Neve is in the vehicle. Our security protocol does not allow him to appear unscheduled in public,” replied the security leader. The vehicle they came in was between two tall buildings and heavily guarded.


“I think it would be best if we were to return. I don’t want our presence here to have any further destabilizing effects on your people and certainly no more fatal consequences.”

Dekker, CNS

Chan didn’t say anything at all. she just nodded. She just wanted this cruel mission completed, the sooner the better. She knew she had a lot to think about when she got back to the ship.

Lieut Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

“Very well,” said the security leader. He led the team back to the vehicle with two security men at the back of the away team as rear guard.


Wanting a chance to talk everything they’d discovered and experienced over with each other and the Captain, she agreed that returning to the ship was best. “I think you’re right, Riley. We need to at least regroup.” The tricorder when back into the satchel she carried over one shoulder.


David looked around curiously. “Didn’t the Genesis say they were heading off to investigate that moon?” He asked, lowering his voice for only his team to hear.

-David Michaels, CSO

Riley nodded, his own voice pitched low enough to be heard by their team alone, “Yes, we are here for the time being.”

Soon the group reached their transport vehicles. Mr Neve opened the window he was sitting next to. “What else would you like to see?” he asked Sage.


Riley looked to Sage. They could retreat to the complex from which they’d come and hunker down until the Genesis returned, or they could continue to gather information, perhaps in a less public domain such as a hospital or university. As the question was directed to the CMO, he’d let her answer.

Dekker, CNS

Sage returned Riley’s look, then spoke to Neve. “Give us just one minute, please.” She glanced at the rest of the team and jerked her head in a ‘follow me’ kind of way. Putting some distance between the Star Fleet officer and the Pallasians, Sage finally stopped walking and turned to the group. “Alright, this is where we are as I see it. The Pallasians want to join the UFP, therefore they are putting on their best face. However, I think they are hiding something important—something that might automatically quash their chances.”

David held back once again, bringing up the rear as the team made their way back to the vehicles. As they approached and Neve posed his querry, David gently took Riley’s hand and gave it a squeeze. It was a nonverbal way of expressing his distrust in this situation, and Riley would be able to sense his uneasiness.

-David Michaels, CSO

It seemed everyone was in agreement. The Pallasians were hiding something, but Riley had felt little threat from those they’d met.

Brushing loose tendrils of hair from her brow that were caught in the breeze, she continued. “I’ve had a bad feeling about these people from the very first. A feeling I believe Lt Michaels shares. We don’t have the option of returning to the Genny at this time, but we could regroup at the shuttle and talk things over among ourselves. At least in the shuttle we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone eavesdropping.”



Chan had been walking behind the away team her hand was now permanently resting on her phaser. She was watching the crowd like a hawk. Noting every look, every movement. Her training as a child had kicked i and her instinct was telling her to just get everyone off the planet and to safety.

She joined the rest of the group looking back every now and then. “If it is as bad as you think. then even the shuttle might be compromised. However seeing as it’s our shuttle we should be able to scan it and find out if that is the case. Personally i think we should scrape this mission” she said simply but it was clear she was on edge.

Lieut Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

“I’ve sensed something I’d describe almost as desperation from them at times, but nothing threatening. I agree, we should return to our shuttle. We can contact the Genesis for further instructions. Our fact finding mission here has left one person dead. That’s reason enough to cut it short.”

Dekker, CNS

David frowned. “I can’t believe I’m the only one saying this,” He said quietly. “But I think we need to stay and find out exactly what is going on here. I know for a fact there is more than what they are telling us.” He looked over at Riley. “I’d really like to get to the bottom of this and uncover the truth. But I will follow your lead.” His hand still interlinked with Riley’s, he gave it another gentle squeeze.

-David Michaels, CSO

Sage took a deep breath and looked around. “And how do you propose we do that? The Powers that Be here on the planet have been very accommodating, but they’re hiding something. If they think its serious enough to be a deal breaker for their application to join the Federation, then it probably is. Our chance to walk among the people and observe ‘normal’ life here, was thwarted by an attack aimed at me,” here Sage looked at Chan, remembering how the Andorian spouted off about the doctor’s general lack of caution and concern. It still left a bad taste in the CMO’s mouth. “How are we going to find out what they’re hiding, when they’re lying and it isn’t safe to go out and talk to the people?”


It was a good question, and Riley wanted to know David’s answer, but he also tried to read between the lines of the scientist’s words. If he wanted to uncover the truth, it meant he didn’t already know it. David was uneasy about the Pallasians due to knowledge he had that they didn’t and yet he wasn’t urging them to retreat.

“I’d like to see their reaction to our request to retreat to the shuttle. The threat of our departure without their gaining what they want from us may move them to proffer more information than they planned.”

Dekker, CNS

Chan listened to the group”It will be interesting. I might suggest keeping our phasers a little closer. We’ll also have to come up with an excuse to go to our shuttle, alone. Something that will hold up if they ask a lot of questions about it.” she said offering her thoughts. However she had a feeling getting to the shuttle would not be so easy.

Lieut Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

The security team leader called out from a distance, not wishing to barge in on the private conversation taking place, “Sirs, Mr. Neve is awaiting your decision.”


Sage stepped forward toward the guard. “We’ve seen enough. We’d like to return to our shuttle now.” That was short and sweet. Let the Pallasians make what they wanted from her words. She didn’t want to say anything that would lead their thoughts in any particular direction. However, Mr Neve’s response would tell them a lot.


Mr. Neve nodded his head and the away team was transported to their shuttle using the vehicles and the trains that they had been using.

Once at the shuttle, the head of government stood by the shuttle thanking the away team. “I trust that you will put an application for us to be part of the Federation?”


At this, David visibly sighed and rolled his eyes. He bit his tongue, and turned his attention to Riley, who would be far more diplomatic and professional with a reply than the many thoughts that were going through his own head at the moment.

-David Michaels, CSO

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