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“I’m not certain that we have enough information to leave just yet, but I suggest that we only send a singular team if we do send another team. To mitigate any further risk I advise the presence of Security Chief McGregor and Counsellor Dekker” He said indicating the two men he was meeting for the first time, although having read about them on his journey there. I would also like to take part in any further interactions with them” Magnus said to the Captain “I also think that we should keep using the shuttles and keep our transporter functions secure, for now at least.” He wasn’t sure if it was the Captians idea or if someone suggested it but now he thought it was a good idea.


Dagen had been quiet. Honestly he had been shocked to hear that there had been an attack on the other team. Certainly they were vulnerable in going down there but they had the cover of the ship over them. He racked his brains to see whether there was any key missing from their talks and trip. He snapped out of it when they were talking about going down again. “Sir, their encryptions are not anything that the ship’s algorithms cannot handle if we needed to break in to some of their files. Detection is possible but I’m sure we can make that minimal with Intelligence helping.” He thought to offer that up. “On this other mission, where are we going? Do they have their own Area 51?” It wasn’t like they would easily blend in like in other times. In that way Kirk had it easy.
- Dagen

Marius looked at Dagen. “I would like to, but that isn’t the Federation. You can not claim to be ‘peaceful’ and then at times of your choosing use your force, technological or physical, to get what you want.”

Dagen nodded. It was a thought. But he had more. “Sir, Lt Chan works in the robotics department. He can design a small drone that would be effectively invisible that we could remotely control and do visible surveillance in areas.” Given that other planets had ‘cloaked duck blinds’ that observed potential Federation candidates or new species at times this was hardly a stretch.

Chan was in partial disbelief. the crew were still going on with the mission. Even after they had, had an attempt on the life of one of the away team, a senior officer. Chan thought it was silly. However she knew not many would listen to her. “I don’t need to design one have a few prototypes already built that could easily do the job. It would take an hour r so to make the modification but’s that’s it.” She said looking around the table “Also if we decide to go the route of hacking i could do it. I’m good with computers. I nearly got through when we first got here. Before i was told to stop.” she added.

“Mr. Pétursson,” Marius faced the first officer. “Lets see if they will give us a little more access. Pick your team but add our intelligence and internal security officers as additional staff. See if they can use their natural skills to get the parts of the mystery we are missing.. It going to be our last chance, I’m not going to roll the dice a third time.”

=^=Marius to the bridge, has our away team to the pirates checked in yet? If not hail them?=^= Maybe there will be more information forth coming.


Magnus nodded, leaned back in his chair and considered for a moment “Lieutenants Dekker, Micheals and McGregor. Ensign Reia and” He picked his mind for a moment “And I believe our Interna Security Officer is a Lieutenant Jervis? I’ll send a message to his office” He looked at the Captain “When Park and Deeg give us their debrief do you want to contact the Pallassians or should I?” he asked.

Thomas grimaced, but nodded. The XO looked like he could handle himself, and he knew Michaels could as well, and would likely keep Dekker covered as well. That left him to cover the small young Intel officer. Well, if worst came to worse, she could likely just hide behind him.


“Lets keep me out of it.” Marius pondered. “Maybe you can leverage more information with the luxury of speaking to me. Say something like we can’t even send in a membership application until the Captain will talk to you.” He shrugged. “Its has the advantage of being true.”


Magnus nodded “Agreed, it will probably give us some edge when discussing with them.” He said calmly.

Reia was eager to go on the next mission and had been watching the exchange quietly. She was unaware that they even had an Internal Security officer. That would be another matter worth investigating.

  • Reia, CIO

Riley knew he’d have a reckoning with David at some point, but he couldn’t withhold information shared during an away mission from the Captain. He loved the man and understood he was torn between his duties to the future and his duties to the present, but Riley’s priority was the Genesis. Not only was he a Starfleet officer, but the Genesis was his surrogate family. He was sure he could make David understand that when the time came.

He looked from the XO to CIO and finally the Security Chief, “I wouldn’t classify the Pallasians psi-abilities as a hinderance to them should conflict arise. I believe it makes them far more dangerous should they become our foe. Some of the information they seek resides within us and it could be a means for them to retrieve it.”

Dekker, CNS

The door swished open and a nondescript officer in a black on black uniform entered.

“Psi abilities eh? Sounds like I might be useful in this instance. Mr. Dekker there,” he said with a gesture to Riley, “can verify right now that I am non existent to psionics.”

Tom took a seat at the table.

“At least known psionics.”

  • Tom, IntSec

Riley nodded. The man was a blank slate to his empathic abilities.

Chan shook her head “Forgive me but if we send down someone who is non existent to their abilities. It might escalate the situation more than help it. They might start to think we don’t trust them. Which could prove dangerous. they might realise we’re leading them on a merry dance, that might make them do something stupid.” Chan said voicing her concerns.

Lieut Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

“I understand your concerns but, under the circumstances, they could also take me as just another new alien.” Tom countered.

  • Tom, IntSec

“I don’t mind if they think we don’t trust them, since that is true… I don’t trust them.” Marius first double clicked his comm badge before raising his hand to his face… slowly rubbing his chin, perhaps the last man to actually wear a goatee, it ruffled under his touch.

“I think most races understand that trust must be earned. Trust has nothing to do with showing courtesy.”

“There psionic abilities are through touch. They’re unlikely to recognize the Lieutenant’s immunity unless they are actively attempting something they shouldn’t.”

Dekker, CNS

OOC: Please be informed that this is just your speculation. I had merely mentioned that the Pallasians used their fingers to smell as well as feel. As such, they were able to detect a change in sweat and heartbeat using their fingers. That is why they are able to tell whether someone is lying or not. I thought I had better correct the perception …


Reia couldn’t help but look at the newcomer. His arrival meant that he would be one less thing to investigate… Hopefully. She was certain she had never seen him before but he made perfect sense.

“At this pont I have to agree with Mister… Lieutenant… I’m sorry, we haven’t been formally introduced.” she said.

  • Reia, CIO

“Jarvis,” Marius commented quickly. It wouldn’t be the first or last time he would have to identify the Lieutenant.

Tom nodded to Reia.

  • Tom, IntSec

“Besides, his abilities?” He said as if he was unsure what to classify the man as. As far as he was aware there was nothing particularly interesting about the man besides the fact that he was an Internal Security Officer on an exploratory Science Vessel. “They’d probably be of more use than harm. If it is revealed that they can’t read him it’ll just show that we have people that can do that. The trick now is showing the positives of the Federation without appearing intimidating yet making it clear that we cannot be pushed.” He interlocked his fingers “Do we know exactly what sort of information they can glean from a touch? “




Dagen was off this next mission. That meant that he could focus on the ship and keeping her secure. As low tech as the Pallasians were there were enough that they didn’t know to not keep their guards up. He did feel like he was at an impasse on information. What was happening there? He had an idea based on his perceptions, but the inkling was that they knew that there were other aliens about. It wasn’t stated but he had that impression. Perhaps he could explore on that tact while they were away. Surely there would be things not ‘classified’ that he didn’t have to break into. Ahhhh .. there were always UFO reports existing in emerging cultures. He could track them down. Rumors could lead to things to actually explore.
- Dagen

“Has anyone checked anything in their open communication bands? I would suspect the media mill is running overtime on this. We could get a lot of information of the free networks of the planet.”


“Myself and, I believe, Lt Parks was checking out the main media channels prior to our becoming known past their government leaders,” Dagen said. “That was mainly surface searches on news and media and some inquiries into their colony. We found they locked down a lot of information about that letting it just fade over time to be forgotten. We’d not searched on prior first contacts amidst public sources as all appearances was that we were the first.” Dagen figured then that that was an error of judgment on their part to not do that search.
- Dagen

“We should at least assign some crew to monitor those bands, I suggest that job goes to at least some anthropologists. I’ll get to work on contacting the Government. I’d like any suggestions or ideas as to what we might ask to do, I was thinking either having another meeting with their leaders or something akin to a public forum. I’d like to have a coherent idea when I do contact them.”


“The media’s emphases could give us insight into their hopes for our visit. I know government secrets can be hidden, but the overall tenor of the populace will provide insight.”

Dekker, CNS

“Particularly any media that doesn’t appear to originate from the government, if that even exists,” Thomas said. The Pallasians still seemed highly autocratic to him, for all their talk of regularly changing governments.


OOC: Would anyone be attempting to access unofficial media?


“I would suggest looking at the things they don’t broadcast publicly,” David said, a bit dryly. He had been silently sulking since Riley’s rebuke of him, a bit surprised that Marius didn’t jump in on scolding him in front of everyone. “The government is only trying to present a false narrative.”

He looked back towards the XO. “I would suggest extreme caution in any case when meeting with their leadership. In my own personal experience, these people will use any means necessary to get what they want.”

-David Michaels, CSO

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