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Posted Oct. 22, 2019, 12:11 p.m. by Lieutenant Thomas McGregor (COS) (Brandon Irvine)


Thomas smiled back. “Well, I suppose I could share a couple stories from my CID days. Right out of the academy, I got assigned as a probie to one of the Major Case teams. Evidence gathering, data analysis, grunt work type stuff. My supervisor was an old friend of my dad’s. Hard-ass, ex-Marine, you probably know the type,” he said to the XO.

Magnus couldn’t help smiling. He knew that type very well.

“Two weeks in, and we’re all of a sudden put on a runabout and sent out to Fleet One space. One of their new at the time Carriers, the Mjolnir-class Ark Angel, had had her mission running escort to a relief convoy interrupted by a fairly clever bit of sabotage. That led to an attack by a gang of pirates looking to make off with the relief supplies. Turns out they’d already caught the saboteur and captured one of the pirates, we were just there to take custody and bring them back to San Francisco for trial,” Thomas began, pausing to take a sip of his water.

“Anyway, we get these two prisoners, one’s a senior NCO and the other is an Orion, and we’ve got a three day trip home in a runabout. So I start sifting through the evidence the ship sent over, and cataloguing it for JAG, but the thing is, the Orion spends the first twelve hours of the trip flirting with and trying to seduce the two more senior officers on the team, aside from the team lead, who just gave him a dead-eye stare the first time he tried and muttered something about needing more coffee. Eventually, Lt. Solomon gave up and stunned him just for some peace and quiet. I spent the next day snickering every time I looked at either her or Lt. Cmdr. DiNardo. Some of the things he was offering to do to either of them… or both of them together… were pretty… interesting.”


Magnus laughed quietly at the story “I’ll admit, I’ve been tempted to stun a few prisoners in my day but I’ve never actually gone through with it, kudos to Lieutenant Solomon.” he said with a smile “My cousin used to be the Tac Chief on the Ark Angel a few years back, served with a Security Chief originally from the mid-twenty-first century, I always took it as an interesting place to serve.” He mused “Well while we’re talking, do you have any questions you’d like to ask me?” He asked “I am a fairly open book.”


“I could be very obvious and ask you what the hell you were doing in Klingon space two years ago, but I’m sure you’ve answered, or at least evaded, that question enough for a lifetime over the last two years,” Thomas said, letting Magnus know he had read as much of his file as he could get his hands on.

“Instead, I’ll ask you if the replicators on their ships are as bad as I’ve heard?”


Magnus laughed at the question quite heartily “Worse, I already suspected that Klingons carried copious amounts of bloodwine to disguise the fact that their food selection is terrible, although I was surprised by the amount of organic food they carried in their stores.” His smile turned sardonic and his tone jovial “And I think you’re a little mistaken, My cousins and I only went to Qu’onos to meet up with some old War friends of ours, we were only in Klingon space for about a day then we spent the next month on Risa” He seemed calmer than one might expect “Maybe on day I’ll tell you about it”


‘Uh huh, and you got busted down to Lt. Commander for taking a vacation,’ Thomas thought. Outwardly, he just returned the XO’s smile. “Maybe one day,” he replied.

“Would you like to see anything else while you’re down here?” he asked.


“Perhaps you could show me what facilities if any you have made. Then perhaps a tour of our armament supplies and the like, should only take a few minutes out of your day.” He suggested.


“Sure,” Thomas said, standing up from his desk. “You’re certainly not wrong about that.”

He headed out of his ‘office’ and gestured to the room beyond it. “The bullpen. It’s got a desk for everybody, a lavatory and a replicator. Open plan because collaboration between colleagues is important.”

He pointed to the side wall across the room from where they were standing, where there were three doorways.

“Door number one leads to the interview rooms, door number two to the armory and door number there to our holding area. Take your pick.”


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