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Posted Oct. 31, 2019, 2:43 p.m. by Lieutenant David Michaels (CSO) (James Harrison)

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After the briefing had finished Magnus made his way to the bridge and asked the crew to contact the Pallasian Government then transfer the contact to his office where the rest of the assembled away team would be waiting for him. Before going there he made a brief stop in his Quarters, quickly change uniform and washed his face. Then he replicated a triple espresso and a regular cup of coffee. He’d hardly had a moment’s respite since arriving here, smiling to himself he thanked his lucky stars. Finally some excitement. Downing the smaller coffee and taking other to go he made his way to his Office. He adjusted his uniform slightly, checked to see if his hair was straight then opened the door “I believe there’s a call waiting” He said to the crew with a friendly smile.


The audio only communications came through. They were using normal radio waves and did not have subspace.

“Starship Genesis, this is Pallas homeworld. How may we be of service?”


David stood to one side of the room, his back leaning against the bulkhead, arms crossed over his chest. At the sound of the audio, he let out a grunt.

“How may you be of service,” He mumbled sarcastically.

-David Michaels, CSO

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