Zoology lab

Posted Nov. 11, 2019, 10:29 a.m. by Captain Calvin Marius (Captain) (Luke Hung)

Posted by Ensign Tigress (Science) in Zoology lab
Once again Tigeress could be found sleeping at her desk. Midnight was Roaming the lab and her notes were all over the lab. She was on to sumthing again and got so lost in her work that she had forgotten to eat or sleep for two days again. This was not an unusual event for her. Most of the other scientists were use to these episodes the simply let it play out. It did not really mater if they tried to help her no one could read her notes. They were disorganized and seamed to change subject evey other line. They made perfect sense nce to ensign Tigeress thought.
Ensign Tigeress

OOC: Presuming this is her work desk.

Marius walked into the Zoology lab, his strides were long and confident but he pulled up short as he saw the huge cat that Tigress kept as a pet. Surprises were bad for animals, including humanoids who had judgement, a tiger had far less judgement than the average humanoid so he didn’t want to make a move that could be seen as aggressive. ‘Ensign?’ he commented to draw Tigeress’ attention.


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