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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Magnús Pétursson (First Officer) in Side sim: Sheeah’s sad Tag XO
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Usually the ship was a happy place, people where nice and friendly hand helpful. Thee where lots of friends and even more things to do. But now Sheeah couldn’t care. She had been having such a nice day ad now it was all going bad. She ran along the corridors er little shoes pounding into the carpet. As she ran she tripped over her laces, they where undone. Now he was sad and hurting. That made even more tar fall from her eyes down her face She kept running she wanted to go home she wanted her mummy.

She ran and ran not looking where she was going as she rounded a corner she bumped into someone. She looked up through tearier eyes “S..s..sorry.” she choked out.

Sheeah (Lieut Chan’s daughter)

Magnus tensed as he saw the weepy-eyed child on the ground. He should have been able to notice her a good while before she would have bumped into him and even if not he should have been able to stop her from hitting him. He immediately went on one knee to face the child “No apologies necessary, it’s Sheeah isn’t it” He said with a smile, his slight Scandinavian accent soft as he spoke “Do you remember me, I’m Magnus” He said calmly as he assessed the child for any injuries. He knew from experience that people running into him were more often than not harmed by the occurance “Is something the matter?” He asked.


Surprisingly Sheeah was unharmed. She looked at Magnus “Everyone nasty and mean. They said nasty thing about my Mummy and my Daddy. Even though my Daddy’s with he angles. I thought i was peoples friend but I was wrong they hate me” she said hugging Magus and crying a little more. “I want my mummy” she added.

Sheeah (Chan’s daughter)

Magnus held the girl tightly, an act that surprised him a little bit. After a moment he nudged them slightly apart “Well then why don’t we go find your mamma then?” He asked smiling at the girl. He stood up and put a hand out for her to hold “How about we find out where She is” He said in as kind a voice as he could muster. =^=Computer, where is Lieutenant Chan?=^= He said a bit louder.

=^= Lieutenant Chan is in her quarters=^=. Then a couple moment later the computer beeped again =^= Note a security alert is out for lieutenant Chan’s daughter Sheeah. She has gone missing.=^= The computer replied.

After the computer told them where to go Magnus turned to lead the child “So who is saying such nasty things about your parents? Other kids?” He asked curiously. He hadn’t yet made time to get to know the details regarding Chan and her daughter, all he was aware of was that the father wasn’t in the picture. He made a mental note to look into the matter when he had the time.


Sheeah shook her head “The kids say say bad things but not that bad. It was a science person. She’s like me and my Mummy and i thought we could be friends. She hated me and was nasty.” she said wiping her eyes with her hand “I just wanted to make a friend and get help with my class work. Why does he hate me?” Sheeah asked.

Sheeah (Chan’s Daughter)

“It was an Adult” Magnus hid a grimace, children he could understand being mean to each other, at least on some level but an adult making a child cry. Such things were inexcusable “Well I don’t know, sometimes people are just mad at the world” He said as he led the child to the nearest turbolift “And if he dislikes you then that’s his problem, it ain’t no fault of your own understand” He smiled down and gently squeezed her hand. Comforting children was not exactly part of his repertoire, the quicker he’d get her home the better.

As the lift opened and the pair entered Magus paused =^=Lieutenant Chan’s Quarters=^= He ordered the elevator then tapped his combadge =^=Karlson to Security, I’ve located Lieutenants Chan’s daughter, I am returning her to her mother, we will arrive in a few moments=^= He explained calmly. He looked down “We’ll be at your home soon”


=^= acknowledged.thank you for finding her Sir.=^= Came the reply. The security officer sounded way more relieved then you would expect. However most of the crew knew what Chan was like when she was on the war path. Most knew to get out the way or run.

Sheeah looked at the XO an nodded. she couldn’t wait to get home. As the lift door opened Sheeah took the lead and led Magnus to her home. She pressed the door button and walked in dragging Magnus with her.

Chan’s quarters where the standard family quarters. Spacious with two sleeping rooms off from the main room. Chan quarters where decorated simply with several painting on the walls. they where all of an outstanding quality and covered a wide range if subjects. from a grassy meadow to an Andorian ice palace. On the shelf opposite the door next to the window. sat a box with a clear lid. inside the box was a selection of medals and most of them where some of the highest medals that could possibly be given to any officer in service. next to this was a picture of Chan holding a small child and standing next to a man with dark hair, green eyes and a pale complexion. Chan wore the standard yellow uniform of engineering and the man wore the blue uniform for medical.

Below this was another shelf with small Andorian artefacts and another couple of pictures. An old photo of two andorians and then a newer one with a large Andorian family. In the right hand corner was a small desk with a char behind it and opposite that on the left s an artists isle with a partially covered picture. only the saucer section of a starship could be seen under the sheet.

In the centre of the room was a sofa opposite an chair and in the middle was a coffee table. On the table where a couple pads. one of which was an andorian padd. next to this was a computer. and in front of the computer was some paper and some pencils.

When the door opened and sheeah walked in Chan ran over to her and hugged her before picking her up. She looked ad her and she and Sheeah began talking in Andorian. It was clear in her quarters and with her daughter Chan preferred to talk in her native language. As Andorian was such a complicated language the universal translator had trouble making sense of everything they where saying. However Magnus could figure out form the little bits that Chan was asking what was happening and why sheeah ran away.

After a few moments Chan turned to the XO “Sorry. We should have talked in standard.” She said apologetically “Thank you for finding her. I was so worried” Chan said warmly well warmly for Chan anyway.

Lieut Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

Whilst Chan talked with her daughter Magnus examined the room with interest. Stopping for a moment at the photo of what he assumed was Seeah’s late father before Chan spoke to him. He turned towards her and smiled, raising his hands in a dismissing manner “No bother at all, we quite literally clashed in the hall. She was very upset about some very mean scientist” He explained calmly not seeming to be bothered by the situation “Does she not like walking around with a communicator?” he asked.


Chan sighed “She normally does have her communicator. However i found it in the science lab with her homework padd. When I came to pick her up. That’s when I called security. Sheeah always takes it with her she’s a good girl like that” she said smiling at Sheeah.

“The teachers asked us to take them off when we do our homework. Some kids had been naughty and used the computer to answer their homework. So if we take them off we can’t ask the computer for the answers.” Sheeah said she was calming down now.

Lieut Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

“Well quite so” Magnus smiled “Well why don’t you tell your mother why it was you ran away” His voice calm, taking care not to sound condescending.


Sheeah nodded “I was in the science lab doing my school work. I saw someone like me an you mummy. I said hi and he was really mean. Called you a bad name and called me a freak. I’m not a freak. I’m a girl. It was really mean and I was upset. i asked why he was mean tome. then he told me to go away. That was when i ran away” she said her eyes tearing slightly. “I shouldn’t have ran away but i was so upset.” Sheeah added.

Chan hugged her daughter “It’s OK. I’m not cross with you. I’m cross with this officer.” she said putting sheeah down and walking over to her computer . “Computer access personnel file. Narrow down to all Andorians in the science department.” she ordered.

A few seconds the computer beeped. one name had come up. Chan read the screen “NE freeze” she said to herself. she then picked up the Andorian padd on the table up. once it was lifted the back of the add could be seen and the Andorian royal crest was clearly visible. Chan tapped the padd then spoke in Andorian. The padd beeped “Access censor information on Freeze, clan thaw.” Chan said after a few minutes Chan looked at the XO “That explains that” she said getting up and handing the padd to the XO “He’s a traditionalist. What the hell is a traditionalist doing on a star fleet ship?” Chan asked, clearly Chan had forgot that the XO probably didn’t even know what an Andorian traditionalist was. At least she remembered to translate the information into standard.

Lieut Chan (Sub DH robotics)

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