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Thomas noted the antique method of communication. At least they would have plenty of time between transmissions to analyze what had been said and plan their next response.


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Magnus frowned at the Science Officer, making certain that his disapproval was clear before turning his attention back to the console “Well our teams have given their official reports, we will soon be contacting our superiors with our recommendations. But, before that happens I was hoping we might send one last team down, perhaps give us an opportunity to dissuade your public of any ill-meaning behind our presence, I am certain that there are some very frightened people down there who want more answers, perhaps I might be able to answer some of those” The whole time he was talking he smiled as if he were talking with them in person “I also don’t doubt that your leaders would like at least another chance for discussions” He crossed his fingers and waited for the response. He neglected to mention the Federation Diplomatic Corps and the First Contact Office. They were so far away that it would take them weeks if not months to get here and that knowledge might sour any potential meetings. He was also curious to find out what that strange Science officer kept alluding to, it was a dark curiosity but it was still there.


Riley listened intently to the tone of voice of the Pallasian on the other end of the communication. His empathic abilities were all but non-existent with audio-only communication, but he was well-trained in gaining insight from tonal inflections and word choice. Although, he looked over at Reia, maybe not as well-trained as others in the room.

Dekker, CNS

Reia caught the counselor’s glance and gave a slight nod and smile.

  • Reia, CIO

The reply came in after a short pause, “You are welcome. The platform on which your comrades have landed is still available.”

The owner of the voice had the emotions of someone simply obeying orders. He neither glad nor unhappy with the communications.


Magnus shrugged, he knew the type of person he was talking too. Although deep down he had been hoping for more of a reaction from behind the scenes “Excellent, we will send you a message when to expect us, Genesis out.” He closed the Comm “Alright so now we have a little bit to decide what to do. The Captain is going to find out more about the locals here on the Colony and the Genesis won’t leave orbit until he returns” He stated Matter-of-factly “So we have some time to make a plan and then go down there, get whatever we want out of the meeting and be back in time for tea”


“Just in case, make sure you eat beforehand. Their food is, well, it’s not bad, but there’s a very long list of things I’d rather eat,” Thomas said. “As for our objectives, I think we need to get a clearer picture of their government and political structure. Are there elections, what offices are they for if there are any, is there universal suffrage, things of that nature.”


Tom had listened and didn’t really have anything to add. He suspected he wouldn’t come into play until they were down on the planet.

  • Tom, IntSec

David was still unsure that they would be able to gain any new information from these people. He had his own reservations, but based on what they had learned so far, it wasn’t a good situation for them to be in. He was feeling nervous and anxious about another run in with these people and what might ensue.

  • David Michaels, CSO

Magnus looked around the surprisingly quiet group of officers before turning his sight towards the Security Chief “Agreed, I thought we might leave their government some historical documents, grade school information on the Federation and the like. Replicate something that their systems can run with information that’s harmless. Usually, we’d just give them a PaDD but Lieutenant Micheals reservations are infectious and I’d rather avoid leaving any potentially… let’s say useable technology behind.”


Reia nodded in agreement with the XO and the COS’ comments. There was another slice of mango cheesecake in her future and she had heard about similar things being done on other first contact missions.

  • Reia, CIO

Riley had remained silent, watching his colleagues as they absorbed and expressed their thoughts. After one visit to the Pallasians he wasn’t nervous, but he was wary.He still hadn’t managed to put specifics to the anxiety he felt from David, but the desperation he felt from the leaders of Pallas was enough to have his defenses up.

“I’m ready to go, but before we do, can we explicitly define our objective. We’ve gathered enough information to report to Starfleet’s diplomatic corps. What else are we hoping to gain?”

Dekker, CNS

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