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Dagen departed the meeting and returned to his space on the bridge. For a minute he listened to the others file out as he himself stared out the viewscreen. “Could it be that one of these things is not like the other?” he pondered.

=^= Computer, access public knowledge base on the Pallasian networks including corporate sites. Run a historical technological survey based on the past century of Pallasian development. Compare with average technological development of similar known races. Report on any deviations from standard time difference. =^= That would potentially highlight any leaps that might account for any other alien visitations having occurred. He would start there and see ..
- Dagen

As the computer presented its results, the CE could see that the Pallasians were actually slightly slower than the average in its technological development. The problem was that they relied only on nuclear power. Their technology was geared towards improving safety in nuclear power. Once they discovered nuclear power, they relied heavily on it. The fact that their planet had reliable deposits of uranium ore was one factor. The other factor was when they discovered that the colony planet had uranium deposits as well, although not as high as they had expected. Nuclear power had allowed them enough energy to develop the technologies that they had now. The efficiency of the technology was based on how to reduce energy requirements for their equipment. The analysis showed that they probably did not have any contact with other races but had imagined that there would be life in other planets as well, thus, their sending of probes into space. The computer showed that the key stumbling block to their advance is that their warp engines were still using nuclear power.


Dagen chewed on a nail while he thought further on this. Okay, it didn’t seem like there were other alien influences to their technology. Chan was seeing where they stood with their ‘Area 51’s‘ as they called it on Earth. Trill had another name for a simlar thing - the Truser Files after the official named Truser began investigating the potential of alien visitations on Trill in their distant past. He wouldn’t go there in her area of seeking. Dagen would keep on with their technology levels. What else might be driving them? =^= Computer, from their historical and current reserves of nuclear fissible fuel on their homeworld and colony world, taking that information from their public records, and their current utilization of fission for fuel and space craft - what is the projection of when they may exhaust this fuel? =^=

The charts the computer showed that the Pallasian would be facing a dangerously bad fuel shortage in 175 years. A significant portion of their fuel were used in space craft engine development. They would have about 250 years equivalent if they did not develop space craft engines.

And, as a follow up question =^= Computer, have they attempted other forms energy and power for one: their world - that yields more than 15% of their total power generation, and two: different power sources for their warp drives? =^=
-Dagen, CE

The computer showed that the development of biofuels had helped in the fuelling of some of the vehicles. Biofuel was responsible for half of their air pollution problems. Hydrogen as a fuel was also researched but in the end the extraction of hydrogen from water was considered too inefficient.

For the second question, the answer given was negative. They had tried to develop other engines but could not see how to carry the amount of fuel to generate enough energy for the warp drives. Uranium was so far the most convenient.


So they were stuck, Dagen thought. While they still had a great deal of uranium deposits and had done well with them, they were simply not going to ‘move’ very far unless they had help or a breakthrough. It was no wonder they went all googly eyed when he had mentioned fusion. Not that that would get them hugely far with warp technology as it stood, though all the same, they could devise something much more efficient with fusion tech. On a straight technological basis they were in a rut. Sure they had a century or more of time to work at it with their reserves, but barring any kind of breakthrough they were going to run out.

Chewing a nail still he tried to think of what was next and things that they had said and what they had observed. They were very good with their nuclear program. Poor on their colony etiquette. Iffy perhaps on their central government. But his focus was on first encounters and their tech. And right now he was not finding anything beyond what they had essentially told them. Their ship blowing up in their warp test was telling. Unless, of course, another group was waiting to step in to ‘rescue’ them when they reached desperate levels. Still .. they did appear to be on the desperate side in their tour. He needed Reia’s thoughts on this but she was off on the away mission. perhaps that would help them get a better view of things. Just the thought of her was making him restless, and he forced himself to focus.

If they didn’t have an energy crisis so to speak … hmmm.
- Dagen, pondering ..

=^= Computer. Projection analysis. What is the most likely new energy technology they will develop? Will they do so before current uranium reserves are exhausted? And, are they working on alternative engine designs for their spacecraft? =^=
- Dagen

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