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Posted by Lieutenant Dagen Thor (CE) in Dagen’s Quarters

Posted by Ensign Reia Shandy (CIO) in Dagen’s Quarters

Posted by Lieutenant Dagen Thor (CE) in Dagen’s Quarters
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Reia lay back on the bed and stretched before standing up to follow him. She ached pleasantly in several places and wondered when they could try to exhaust each other again. She tried to calm that thought. There would be time for her green side later. Looking down at the clothing on the floor she laughed but left it there.

He watched her stretch and certainly enjoyed every moment of it, a soft, short ‘mm’ escaping from his throat. A subtle hunger was inside him and he took a moment to try to channel that hunger to breakfast rather than, well, the meal that was before him. There would be time for more.

“Just because the coffee had a strong taste doesn’t mean the caffeine levels were higher than any other blend you’d try but, yes, I’m definitely game.” she said making herself at home on the couch.

“Father said that granddad’s coffee could take the bark off the trees,” he commented as he turned back to the replicator. She reclined like a cat on the couch. Mmm she moved nicely. “I’m making some Thir Toast if you’d like some.” he paused. “It’s a Trill dish. Think of it as a cross between an earth waffle and rice cake only with a cinnamon like butter top and a tart Finberry.”

“Something you might already know since you’re the CE. If you reset your atmospheric controls to maximum, my pheromones will clear out a lot faster AND you may want to change your bedding… Or not.” she said with a naughty smile.

Dagen figured that might be the case but all the same he was liking those same pheromones. However, he would give that a think at another time. He prepared a tray, the Thir Toast more a finger food toast than anything one would cut. Reia’s coffee was to the side with a small bowl of cream and sugar for her to fit to taste. He had his Chai like tea beside it. Setting it down on the table he then leaned over and picked up the wine bottle that had managed to make its way to the floor at some point.

Reia enjoyed Dagen’s company and wanted to make certain he would still be the man she met at the party. The man she was going on a ski trip with later. So helping him remain so was in both of their best interest. Of course, if he chose to keep the bedding, he would probably have the most lovely dreams.

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“There,” he said, settling in next to her on the couch. “My ah, replicator is in the midst of tweaking and is stuck in Trill recipe mode. If we do a picnic on our trip I’ll prep that from another place.” He reached for the tea. “Or we could make it pot luck as the earth folks say. Each of us bring a dish.” Glancing at her, he said, “That could be fun. Something Trill. Something you pick. And a dessert from the menu at that hot tub later.”
- Dagen

As Dagen was suggesting menu planning, Reia made her coffee and tasted. Setting it down, she sat back for a few seconds. It was strong and very bold. Something she would like in the mornings.

“Oh I like that idea.”

While Dagen had a bit of a carpet over him, he noticed as he took a sip of the tea that, happily, Reia was not. Thinking she might be a bit cool as she was - though he did not mind the view - he set the cup down and did a twist and lean over the couch. Somewhere in there the throw blanket that he had against the top of the couch had fallen. Snatching it back up he draped it not so elegantly back in place in the event that she might want it over her shoulders. Back in place he smiled. He wanted to learn something more about her and that over food and more was always fun - especially with sharing foods from their cultures. In the age of replication that was hit and miss with everyone just getting what they wanted and the crossover was limited unless it was a deliberate thing.

Smiling, she placed a hand on Dagen’s outer thigh.

Her fingers were so warm, he thought, unconsciously bringing that leg closer. He smiled widely in response reaching out with his mug to clink hers in a toast to that while his other hand took hers and gave it a short squeeze, though did not pull it away from his leg.

“And I think I already like te menu at the hot tub.”

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“Me too,” Dagen said, thinking both of potential food or drinks and, without saying, Reia. He took up the ‘toast’ and bit into it. Despite the significant distraction next to him he was hungry. The tart/sweet taste was nice. That had been one of his staples growing up. While Reese, his brother, was more drawn to a granola like cereal Dagen preferred something he could sink his teeth into. The toast provided just that resistance to satisfy. He was trying to ignore that he had deferred his meeting rather than canceled it. However, what they had shared was really good and their ‘trip’ was coming up. “Whatever got you into the intelligence field anyway?” He asked her. His tone was not trite; Dagen was interested - that and about what it took to be where she was now. Still feeling sated by their morning activity and modestly distracted by his hunger, he still appreciated looking at Reia. Her pheromones were a dull buzz in the background of his mind but at the moment held at bay.
- Dagen

Reia settled aback into the couch and took a bite of the toast as she thought about Dagen’s question. Before realizing it, she had eaten the whole thing. The sweet/tart flavor reminded her a bit of mangoes. Perhaps he would like them.

“I was becoming a doctor but, apparently, I have the wrong type of bedside manner.”

She paused and met his eyes, smiled shyly, then continued her story.

Dagen smiled. “That sort of thing takes a particular skill and personality,” he replied. “The closest any one of Thor’s hosts ever got to that was Linn, his past host. But her manner was pretty much limited to her children. So perhaps it is more selective a thing?” He gave her a quick wink to her shy smile.

“Let’s just say, going into intl was an offer I couldn’t really refuse. I have some family issues that are very intertwined with Star Fleet and, if I’m a good little Star Fleet officer, maybe some dark shadowy intel figure further up the food chain will finally take me seriously.”

He frowned and rubbed at his stubble. “I don’t think there is anyone aboard who doesn’t take you seriously,” he replied, then cocked his head to one side. “What are your ambitions?” He was curious. Was there some secret coven of intel agents that did hooded and cloaked promotion ceremonies? His eyes slid over her .. she might look rather good in that, he thought. As much light hearted sense that he might express, it was something that was of importance to her, which, in Dagen’s books, relegated that to him as well. He wanted to see her succeed.

“Well right now I just want to do the job that’s asked of me and go where I’m needed. I’m hoping my posting here will last quite some time. I don’t wantt o be one of those people that get’s torn away jsut when everything is looking promising.” she explained.

Reia realized that she had taken quite a dark turn on such a lovely morning. Even though she really hadn’t said much she had told Dagen more about her mother and the offer to join intel than she had told anyone in quite some time.

“So can I get some more of this interesting coffee? I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those days.”

“Absolutely,” he said, collecting her mug and getting up. Padding over to the replicator he ordered up from it another mug for Reia and a large orange juice for himself. Earth oranges tended to be a tad tangier than that on Trill so he favored that variety. Carrying them back he handed the mug to her, “There you go,” he said, leaning in to give her a soft kiss before settling back down. “What was your road into the intelligence arena?” He smiled behind the juice wondering if she had more of an interrogation style for ‘bedside manner’ regarding being a doctor. “How far along did you get with your medical pursuits?”

In the back of her mind she felt that she was forgetting something… But what?

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Reia didn’t mind answering these questions. In her mind it meant that Dagen was interested in more facets of her personality than just the fun they had in bed.

“I actually didn’t get very far in my medical training. I’d make a pretty good field medic and I like puzzles which is how I probably got noticed by Intel in the first place.” she said finishing her second cup of coffee and the breakfast Dagen had served.

“Puzzles … like mystery holos type puzzles, or tabletop puzzles?” he asked.

Leaning forward, she set the plate and cup on the glass table and stretched a bit on the couch before turning sideways and kissing his cheek.

Oh how he liked to see her stretch … unconsciously he licked his lips as she did so.

“Although my ambitions right now are for a shirt I can wear out of here and a shower… A very long shower.” she whispered in his ear.

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“I’m fairly sure we can work the one .. and scare up the other,” he said, a delightful shiver running through him. Turning, his lips brushed hers that set him tingling again. Setting his glass down with a soft clink he stood. Reaching for her hands he pulled her up from the couch and embraced her tightly, his hands moving slowly along her back. “Right, shower,” he said with a small kiss to her neck. Reluctantly pulling away he took her hand to guide her back to his bedroom and the connected shower. He was certain she knew the layouts of rooms but there was something about the connection and her warm hand that had him simply want more contact.
- Dagen

As Dagen had pulled Reia up with him, she used a bit too much energy and nearly bounced off the couch. Laughing, she kept her hand in his and walked back through his bedroom still thinking that there was something missing. Glancing down, she noticed her foot was completely bare. Where was the ankle bracelet she had been wearing last night?

“You know, I think I lost something in your bed. Oh that sounded terrible. Whatever you’re thinking, you’re wrong.”

Reia was smiling and laughing as she spoke. Clearly in a good mood.

Dagen laughed. He was going to say her ‘shyness’, though his face turned mock serious. “Sleep. Definitely sleep,” he said, for what was ‘lost’, nodding his opinion.

“I was wearing a silver ankle bracelet when I came over last night. No worries, I’m sure you’ll find it later.”

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The Trill looked around. While the place was a certified ‘mess’ after their, ah, adventure .. Dagen’s eyes couldn’t spot the ankle bracelet at all. “Um, I’m a messy. It’s possible that it could be months before it comes to light.” He said that lightly, but inside he did have a sense that it could be some time. Ironically he was a fastidious engineer in regards to having things in order. It was just his place that seemed to bear the brunt of his lifelong ah, wardrobe distress in his room. As he approached the shower the lights came on automatically. Here at least there was a semblance of order. Turning towards Reia he pulled her into another hug. In the back of his mind he wondered how hot she liked her showers .. uh, temperature wise.
- Dagen

Reia was laughing along with him and enjoyed the embrace. She knew joined Trills were cooler by nature and wondered if he took his showers that way as well. Growing up in sun baked Australia she had a love for all things warm.

“I won’t worry about the bracelet for now. This seems like a lot more fun.” she said smiling up at him.

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Dagen couldn’t help but quickly kiss Reia before letting her go. She was so warm to him and he liked that, though on joined Trills that typically was manifesting with their hands. He didn’t need to but guided her the rest of the short distance with his hand at the small of her back. =^= Computer .. initiate shower. Dagen standard. =^= As the shower hissed to life he stepped in. Immediately his carpet of hair flattened to his body. It was set to have a partial massage-like flow and was warm but not yet hot. Pulling Reia in with him he said, “Adjust it as you like. It is set to slowly get hotter as time goes on.” He stood there reveling in the dual sensations of the water and Reia. His fingers slid up to frame her face, palms just at her jaws as he tipped her head up to kiss her. “Much more fun,” he murmured.

Reia thought the shower would probably be just fine. As she returned his kiss, her right hand moved down his back, stopping at the small in order to pull him closer.

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