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Once again Tigeress could be found sleeping at her desk. Midnight was Roaming the lab and her notes were all over the lab. She was on to sumthing again and got so lost in her work that she had forgotten to eat or sleep for two days again. This was not an unusual event for her. Most of the other scientists were use to these episodes the simply let it play out. It did not really mater if they tried to help her no one could read her notes. They were disorganized and seamed to change subject evey other line. They made perfect sense nce to ensign Tigeress thought.
Ensign Tigeress

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Marius walked into the Zoology lab, his strides were long and confident but he pulled up short as he saw the huge cat that Tigress kept as a pet. Surprises were bad for animals, including humanoids who had judgement, a tiger had far less judgement than the average humanoid so he didn’t want to make a move that could be seen as aggressive. ‘Ensign?’ he commented to draw Tigeress’ attention.


Midnight saw the captain walk up. The cat walked towards the captain. His body Language was relaxed. Unlike the others animals in the room midnight was very social and liked people. It took a moment for Tigeress to come to. Seeing the captain she jumped up from her desk. “ Captain what time is it” she asked confused. Midnight returned to her side. She looked around the lab. “ I apologize for the mess I’m on to something with the behavior of these reptiles from Gavin 4.” She said almost embarrassed to see the captain here when the zooalogy lab was such a mess.
Ensign Tigeress

Marius crouched and reached out slowly keeping his hand lower than the tiger’s head. “Friendly Cat.” Marius commented more for himself than Tigress who probably already knew that. As the cat walked away he stood and followed it closer to Tigress.

“ he has lived with humans most of his life he is not a pet and can still hurt you but for the most part he is friendly you should see him and Ben interact” Tigeress said simply she watched as the captain approached when he got to within arms length the twitching of her tail would tell him he was to close for Comfort.

“It’s 2 am ship standard time,” which was the time they set when they left the nearest star-base. “I guess the real question is did you fall asleep because you worked past your shift, or are you on the night shift and feel asleep on duty.” Even though he posed it like a question his tone didn’t make it sound like a question… which meant he knew the answer or at least was pretending to know the answer.

“ you know me I have a bad habit of working past my shift Ben can confirm that and so can the computer” Tigeress said. She a a convincing enough of a smile on her face. Something about her body language said she was redy for a confrontation. Witch everyone in the science department know she would not back down from. That was not to say she enjoyed fights she did not like fighting but she would if she had to.

He glanced down at the scattered paperwork. Science wasn’t the Captain’s strong point he was a security officer through and through. He could make gun powder… a ballista.. stuff like that, but other science stuff… nope. “Reptiles.. I had an unpleasant encounter with an eel on Bellarus…” He made a stabbing motion with one hand. “Worse for the eel than me in the end.”


Tigeress glared at him. That was not the best stamens. “ Eel’s are not reptiles and in most cases are harmless I’m going to guess you accidentally invaded it Territory.” Tigeress said. After she made her stamens she dropped the glare and her face became a more neutral expression. “ I there something I can help you with captain” she said calmly though it was clear that she was not very comfortable with the interaction. Then again Tigeress did not trust anyone.
Ensign Tigeress

“Really, I guess I connect cold animals to reptiles… or maybe because its very snake-like.” He questioned aloud. “What is it? A fish?”

“ yes fish I believe I could be wrong on the classification though they are definitely not reptiles ” Tigeress said with a smile

“Well, I intentionally went there, I guess the accident was not knowing the eel had already staked its claim for the patch of swamp I was in..” He shrugged. “I was just moving through, if it had left me alone I would have left him or her alone.” He watched Tigress she didn’t seem to display much in the way of social warmth. He remembered their last brief conversation where she said flat out that she didn’t trust him. Perhaps that was a trait of her species…

“ that dose tend to happen. Then again you could have done something to attract the animal to you” Tigeress said.

“Just checking in, night shift can be boring, but it can also give you a picture of what people are really doing with their time.”


“Oh and what have you learned other then I am disorganized and tend to work way past my shift” Tigeress asked.
Ensign Tigeress

Marius smirked. It was an expression she hadn’t seen from him. “Ensign, what makes you think there is something else I wanted to learn?”


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