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Posted Jan. 14, 2020, 10:08 a.m. by Lieutenant Dagen Thor (CE) (Gene Gibbs)

Posted by Ensign Reia Shandy (CIO) in Reia’s Quarters

Posted by Lieutenant Dagen Thor (CE) in Reia’s Quarters

Posted by Ensign Reia Shandy (CIO) in Reia’s Quarters

Posted by Lieutenant Dagen Thor (CE) in Reia’s Quarters

Posted by Ensign Reia Shandy (CIO) in Reia’s Quarters

Posted by Lieutenant Dagen Thor (CE) in Reia’s Quarters

Posted by Ensign Reia Shandy (CIO) in Reia’s Quarters
It had been two nights since Reia had woke up in Dagen’s quarters and, though they had seen each other briefly during that time, they hadn’t been able to spend another night together. Normally such a thing wouldn’t bother Reia but she had been doing a lot of reading and contemplating of late. He was heavy on her mind as she walked around her small quarters redecorating yet again.

She had changed out the small coffee table for a small dark glass oval one with a tall pillar candle softly glowing. The scent was reminiscent of the Australian coast on a crisp spring morning with a touch of vanilla.

In the corner there was a two tiered end table with pictures arranged on each level. One on the bottom was Reia and her grand parents the day she had graduated Star Fleet Academy. Reia’s skin tone was obviously different from theirs but they shared some features.
Next to that was a picture of a group of people with Reia and a red headed woman taking up the center. On the top tier was the only picture Reia had of her mother.

Stepping away from this new arrangement Reia paused and gave a sad little smile before walking over to the couch and beginning to read again.

Now where exactly were they going skiing? she thought.

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There was a buzz at her door …
- Dagen

Reia set the book aside and poured another cup of tea as the doorbell rang.

“Yes, come in.” she said with a slight yawn which was strange considering it wasn’t that late.

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Dagen was there, still in uniform. He was sporting a slight but noticeable 5 o’clock shadow and a widening smile. “I hope I’m not interrupting,” he said. “I was missing you and …” he brought out his right hand that had been barely concealed behind him to reveal her ankle bracelet. “… i came across this, and thought I’d return it.” He smiled. “It is a brazen excuse to see you, I admit.”

Looking past her he noticed that things had been rearranged. She was good. The most rearranging that Dagen tended to do was to clean up. He breathed in the scent that was fresh and fair but that he couldn’t entirely place. His eyes returned to her. “I found that a wave and a hi in the corridors was not enough.”
- Dagen

Reia spent most evenings out of uniform and this evening was not exception. Her gran would have told her that she looked like she was ready for a day at the beach with nice fitting denim shorts and a soft white tank top that tied underneath her breasts revealing a fair bit of her toned body. She smiled and stepped aside to let him in.

“You’re not interrupting at all and, even if you were, you’re welcome to do it any time. I’m so glad you found that.” she said sitting back down and motioning Dagen to join her.

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Dagen pushed off from the door frame and stepped in, hearing the faint swoosh of the door sliding shut behind him. An image of an ancient holo called ‘Star Wars’ came to mind and just how they had devised the ‘future past’ of bulkhead doors closing at warp speed, enough to cut anyone in half that paused for but a nano second in passing through. Taking the couple of extra steps forward he leaned in to greet her with a soft, if lingering for a few heartbeats longer than necessary, kiss. He liked her lounge wear. He supposed he should have changed. Typically he did, however after getting back late to his quarters from his monthly team lead meeting for the beta shift he was restless and not wanting to just sit but certainly not wanting to do the holo-gym.

Pulling back he held out the bracelet near the end of his index finger for her to take. “You could class this as a miracle of epic proportion that this was found, given the general state of my quarters.” Grinning he gave another quick look around, focusing just a bit longer on the photos in the corner. “You’ve changed the place. It’s nice.” He winked. “You could be an engineer. Apparently we like to change things too.” He paused for a moment. “Was wondering if you would like to replicate a snack and relax with a holo.” The ski venture was yet to come in a couple days, but he didn’t want to wait that long to see Reia.
- Dagen

Reia took the gleaming silver bracelet. It was several strands woven together to form a lacy pattern with a red teardrop charm on one end.

Looking up at Dagen she smiled and laughed.

“Actually I do call it a miracle of epic proportions that you found it but, perhaps, you were motivated.” she said catching his eyes and winking.

Her wink prompted a smile in response, his eyes twinkling with .. humor? something else?

“A snack and a holo sounds better than what I had planned for the evening. You can only read so much.

“Amen to that,” he agreed. For him engineering manuals were a given; it didn’t mean that anyone had found a way to actually make them interesting. The only upside was that as an engineer he had a vested interest in the subject and could bore his way through them without becoming too .. bored. Most of the time.

Sitting on the couch she brought her right ankle up to rest on her left knee and proceeded to put the anklet back on.

He watched her move and reach to put on the bracelet again. “Looks perfect there,” he said, admiring it, or was it the shape of her calf and ankle.

“Now just what do you have in mind?” she asked teasingly.

What had been going through his mind was certainly nothing that had to do with what he had said initially. Caught in the ‘act’ so to speak his light complexioned features flushed into a blush. “Let me think about that,” he said, sitting and reaching for the ankle that was now graced with the delicate bracelet. “Looks much better here where it belongs than on my floor though,” he commented, a thumb almost absently pressing in a massage. “

There was something about Dagen that put Reia at ease and made her experiment with expressing herself in ways that she usually didn’t.

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He smiled. “My stomach went between something decadent like a chip and salsa with beer to a lighter fruit and wine. As for the holo I’m a sucker for dramatic musicals. Klingon opera gives me headaches. And only on occasion do I hide behind the couch with a psychological thriller or too much drama.” He smiled. That was on his mind on the way in. Other things were starting to inch their way in. “How about you? What do you like?”

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