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“Second question… Do you currently hold any aspirations to attain a position on the Fleet Admiralty or the UFP Civillian Council?”

  • Tom

Magnus blinked at the question and raised an eyebrow slightly, the question caught him a little off guard but he quickly composed himself, returning to his casual smile “I had always thought about a position with the Admiralty in my later years was a good possibility, mostly dependant on how I’d perform as a ship’s Captain although in the past few years I’ve seriously considered taking a position with the Academy instead.” He shrugged “Now regarding the latter, interesting question. Honestly no I hold no such political aspirations, I’ve known a handful of members of the Human Council staff, honestly, Exploration is more my cup of tea.


Tom didn’t try to hide his intense scrutiny of Magnus while the question was begin answered. It was a very intense moment though many never picked up on it. Apparently satisfied with the answer, Tom relaxed. There wasn’t any change in his posture or expressions, it all seemed to be about the intensity of the precision focus of his gaze. It was almost like a machine evaluating thousands of potential visual cues simultaneously.

“I can appreciate your answer.” Tom said, “I can’t think of anything else I feel the need to ask about at the moment, but if you still have questions or just want to chat, please proceed.”

  • Tom, IntSec


Magnus chuckled and took a moment to write down the past few minutes of conversation “You have a very interesting conversation style” Magnus said putting his pen down and looking up with a smile “I suppose it’s natural. I am a bit curious about your furniture, I’ve seen my fair share of odd desks and chairs in my life but I think this takes the top” He said indicating around “What can you tell me about it?” He asked.


Tom smiled.

“The chairs are of an experimental morphic material. The panels are held by lines of force and allows the chair to reconfigure itself for nearly any humanoid body type. The metal panels have a limited shape shifting ability to allow for maximum comfort in any position one might choose to take on them. The sensors that read the body to determine the configuration of the chair can, if I choose, read the physical data from the seated subject as well as any medical bed system as well as record the data for later analysis.”

Tom gave Magnus time to absorb that information about the three chairs around Toms desk.

  • Tom

Magnus cocked his head slightly at the information, truly a strange apparatus. He took a moment to compose his thoughts “Is it usual for someone within IntSec to have access to such experimental devices?” He asked curiously “And can I get one of these” He said patting the chair as one would a feline.


“It is when one has helped in the development and it also doesn’t hurt when no-one can remember you taking them or a copy of the replicator files for them. I can have one ready for you in a week.”

Tom snapped his fingers and what looked to be a small ball of blue light rose out of the desk and hovered about two feet above the surface.

“Mimetic support chair for Mister Petursson.” he said. The blue ball pulsed in time with Tom’s voice. Snapping his fingers again, the ball vanished back into the surface of the desk.

“As for the desk it’s a semi-isolated workstation with a tactile hologram system. It uses the same principles as holodeck projections except that they’re limited to the space directly above the desk.”

Tom looked towards the desk.

“Mirror.” he said.

From the surface of the desk rose a cylinder mirror. However, what the mirror reflected wasn’t distorted.

Tom motioned to the cylinder. “Feel free to look and touch.”

  • Tom


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