Sickbay to Zoology

Posted Jan. 26, 2020, 11:39 a.m. by Lieutenant Sage Brennan (CMO) (D Grisham)

Oddly enough shortly after the emergency tigress entered the medbay looking for LT. Brennan. It took tigress a matter of seconds to load where sage was. She walked up to sage ” is now a bad time I I can bother later” she said wrinkling her nose. ” from smell I would stay it is let me guess plasma Burns” she asked.
Ensign tigress

Looking out on the bay and watching the daily business from the doorway of her office, Sage sipped at a cup of coffee in her hands. “Ensign Tigress—yes, we had a severe case of burns about two hours ago. How can I help you today?”


Tigress smiled. “ i can’t just come to say hi, as much as I wish that were the case, I was actually hoping you could hear with midnight. He managed to be his paw stuck in the bars of his enclosure, I got him free of course and is now limping I’m afraid something might be broken. We wont know with out a scan.” She said with a smile. It was extremely unusual for one of Tigress animals to hurt themselves even More so for midnight. But the ensign was usually on top of shush things.

“ also have you seen Ben recently I’m concerned about him. She added.

Ensign Tigeress

It would have been odd if the Caitian had stopped just to say ‘hi’, because the two of them were only casual acquaintances, so Sage was already moving to dispose of the cup in her hands as Tigress explained the real reason for the visit. Midnight. As Sage gathered the things she would need to make a ‘house call’, she wondered whether the big cat would need to be sedated for the exam.

“Will Midnight allow the treatment? Do I need to worry about my safety?” Aware that the big cat was usually allowed to run free in the lab Tigress worked in, the doctor wasn’t sure how he/she would react to a stranger while in pain.


“ He is currently in his enclosure we may have to sedate him though I would prefer not to. Big cats don’t do well under sedation. I won’t let him Hurt you Doctor I know how to speak his language he will give warnings before he responds with aggression. “ she said calmly she know the crews tendency to be afraid of the cat. But he was a big sweet hart he loved people.

“ you know he is only dangerous right now because he is hurt right? He is usually friendly you can ask the captain about his encounter with him if you want” she offered. She did not want sage to think he’s possibly bad attitude right now was normal.
Ensign Tigeress

“Yes, I’m familiar with the side effects of pain, Ensign.” Still, Sage made sure she had a sedative loaded into a hypospray she put in the pocket of her jacket. The other tools were carried in a small, padded bag. After informing NECraig where she was headed, the CMO walked out of sickbay with the Caitain to treat her huge cat. You had to be flexible as a doctor, she thought to herself.

“ you are aware that most people on the ship are afraid of him right Lieutenant” she said.

“Alright, let’s go see Midnight.”


“ thank you I would treat it myself but I don’t have the knowledge to” Tigeress said as they entered the Zoology lab sage would note a large number of animals from different planets. Most of witch were individuals that like midnight could not be realized for one reason or another. The big cat’s enclosure took up a good portion of the zoology lab. The cat about toe feet in the enclosure just across from the door of his enclosure his front right paw swollen. He lifted his head and offered Sage a low growl. He made it fairly clear he was not in a good mood and did not want visitors.

Tigeress approached and opened the door to the cats enclosure. She knelt down on the cats left side and pet him.” She is here to help be nice” she said. The cat glared at her bit did not move. Tigeress gestured for sage to come close to the animal. Midnight would not move but he would watch the Doctor approach.

Ensign Tigeress

Trying to remember everything she’d ever read on big cats, Sage avoided looking Midnight in the eyes and approached slowly, making no sudden movements. One hand was in her pocket on the hypospray containing the sedative, just in case.

Following the example of Tigress, she moved into the enclosure and placed herself on the other side of the big cat, setting her med kit down within reach. She wanted to wait a few seconds to let Midnight smell her and decide she wasn’t a threat, before touching her.


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