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Posted Jan. 27, 2020, 2:30 p.m. by Captain Calvin Marius (Captain) (Luke Hung)

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Posted by Captain Calvin Marius (Captain) in Captain’s Ready Room - Side Sim

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OOC: This ties into the Investigations side sim that I am running, just bringing in the Captain at this point.

On the Captain’s personal view screen on his desk, an alert popped up. The internal sensors had detected a very high concentration of tachyon particles in one of the Holodecks. Shortly after, another alert appeared, overlapping the sensor readouts.



OOC: I’m not sure this is the way you’d want me to respond.

Marius head snapped up from the boring paperwork he as doing. =^=Red alert=^= He called as he slapped the comm badge on his chest. =^=Marius to bridge we have tachyon particles in Holodeck 2 and Dr. Riley is missing. Have security and engineering get on it. I want science to do and immediate scan of our vicinity… I’m coming to the bridge now. =^=

=^=Marius to Michaels report to the bridge immediately.=^=

Marius didn’t take long to stalk on the bridge. “Report.”


On the Bridge, Magnus sprang to attention ordering Security to trace the Chief Science Officers’ last known location and to the holodeck, he also ordered engineering to send someone with the security team. He didn’t need to give the Science a verbal order but did give them an affirming nod.

When the Captain arrived he turned around “I’ve ordered security and engineering to trace Micheals’ last location and to examine the Holodeck. Science is scanning right now” He exclaimed.


With nothing to do until the departments reported.... Marius mumbled curses under his breath… the waiting was the worse… “Why would they take the CNS?” there was not tactical reason for that kidnapping. “It has to be personal.”

=^=Michaels to the bridge…=^= Marius repeated.


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