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As Sage made her way through her shift, she wondered how the away teams were doing. There was also the question of had she done the right thing by staying behind when they’d first returned. Unaware of the movement, she shrugged, realizing there was nothing she could do about it now, she could only wait to see what the others found out.

Later, at her desk, the doctor was enjoying a cucumber sandwich and glass of iced tea while she read an article on wildlife populations in the oceans of Earth, when there was a quick knock on the door panel and NEnsign Craig stuck his head in. “We’ve got an emergency, Ma’am…”

She was up and moving before the last word left his mouth. As she passed him in the doorway she was already in triage mode. “Okay, what do we have?”


OOC: Its difficult to write with any regularity when the character isn’t involved in anything. I’m trying to give myself something to do.

An hour later, calm had once again settled into Sickbay. The plasma burn patient that had constituted the ‘emergency’ had been tended to and was now stable and medicated. He would be spending the next several hours as a guest of Medical while they monitored his ability to deal with the healing process and possible shock.


OOC: Pasting in Luke’s actions.

Marius came into the medical area. “How are you doctor?” He looked about. He had a PaDD in one hand. “I don’t know when the last round of physicals have come through, but I’d like one on the XO.” He looked at the PaDD for a moment. “I know there is medical confidentiality, so I’d trust you to report what is necessary and keep to yourself what isn’t.”


At the sound of her husband’s voice, Sage looked up and smiled as he made his way toward her. “I’ll send him a notice to come see me.” When in front of the crew, the married couple maintained professional and respectful interactions. It was only when they were alone that they allowed their ‘personal relationship’ to take over. “Is there any particular reason you want Petursson seen? Something I should know about?”


Marius spared her one of he few smiles, revealing what might be a secondary objective. “Nothing like that.” He looked around being sure the conversation was just between the two of them. “The ship is changing. Patricia is gone, Julian’s gone, we don’t know when or if Dekker is ever coming back. You and him are going to be my top two officers.” Sage had been on the Genesis longer than he had and was the officer with the longest tenure on ship.

“I’m going to need you two to get along, and I’ve found you have a way with men with their pants off… Professionally that is.”


Shapely brows rose in an amused arch. “Patricia’s been gone for years. I doubt anyone on the roster even remembers her. But, Julien?” She looked thoughtful. Truth be told, she missed the handsome man who’d led them before Calvin took over. “And Riley…” Sage had to swallow the lump from her throat. Losing Riley had been devastating. She still didn’t let on to Cal just how much the doctor had meant to her. He’d been her best friend and she missed everything about him.

Making a conscious switch in her thoughts, she smiled up at her husband. “I don’t dislike Cmdr Petursson. I don’t know him, that’s all.”


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