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David nodded. Another set of eyes couldn’t hurt. After all his intentions of keeping his private matters, well - private, it just hadn’t seemed to work out that way for him. The more he tried to shield his fellow crew from his past, the future none of them had yet to experience, the more it seemed they found out.

“Very well,” David said, activating the program and stepping through the doors.

When the three men entered the holodeck, it was night. They were in a wooded area, on a walking path of sorts. Ahead through the trees were lights coming from a large grouping of buildings. Sounds erupted through the night sky. Loud shrieking whistles accompanied by flashes of light. There was also several shuttles and fighters swarming above, weapons fire could be heard, but through the tree canopy they couldn’t see who was firing, or what was being fired at. Searchlights pierced through the trees from a few of the shuttles above.

As the doors to the holodeck closed, David stood in place. Riley would sense his mix of high emotions.

“This is the night I left my home,” David said softly. “This is the night I was lost in time.”

-David Michaels, CSO

Tom looked around watching the events unfold.

“You’re our our guide here. Lead on.”

  • Tom, IntSec

Riley wasn’t sure how much of the anxiety he felt was his own, but entering a world so unfamiliar to him and yet important to David was disorienting. The sounds of battle, out of sight, were equally jarring.

“What’s happening? Who’s fighting?” his dark eyes looked questioningly at David.

Dekker, CNS

“They are called the Rellex,” David said. He sighed. “I don’t have time to give you their complete history, but in my time they evolved into one of the greatest threats the Federation had seen. They are humanoids that can shift into forms of pure psionic energy. This is but one of many attacks they made on the Federation. We had a base of operations here, specifically for the Department of Temporal Investigations.”

A large blast of light and energy boomed directly ahead of them, a Federation fighter exploded in a ball of white and blue and orange.

“This way!” David said, covering his head with his arm instinctively, even though they were on the Holodeck, and the safety protocols were in place. He had lived through this before. The memories were haunting enough, but having it recreated for him was a different kind of painful.

Leading Riley and Tom through the trees, they soon came on a paved path, heading towards the area with the buildings. As they made their way down the path, groups of civilians and those dressed in Federation uniforms ran down the path in both directions. David recognized one familiar face, and called out to the woman, but she ran on by. It was difficult to remember this was merely a simulation and obviously Jackson had not programmed the bystanders to be interactive.

As they reached the clearing of the trees, they saw many large buildings ahead. “There,” David said, pointing. “Those tall buildings are the residential quarters, and the shorter longer shaped ones are the warehouses and labs. During the battle, Jackson stole a temporal shuttle from the main hanger bay, as well as several weapons from the armory.”

Did Jackson mean for them to observe his side of this story, or perhaps for David to relive his own memories of events? The scene was confusing and disturbing for David, and even the non-empathic security officer would be able to detect such unease.

-David Michaels, CSO

Tom noted the discomfort in the man’s body language.

“Computer. Reset time index at current minus three minutes, use current location as start.”

At Tom’s request, nothing happened. David would have laughed, if this entire simulation wasn’t disturbing enough to him. He cleared this throat.
“Computer reset time index minus three minutes, keeping current location.”

There was a slight beep as the computer acknowledged. Of course Jackson would only allow David to control the simulation.

As the computer made the adjustments…

“The important events could have been in progress here while we were walking through the trees. Looks like we might have a lot of people to back trace to find this Jackson.”

  • Tom, IntSec

Riley was thankful for Tom’s presence. He was already proving useful, seeing possibilities that they missed.

“I say we start with the hangar bay. We know Jackson will end up there, if we haven’t missed him. It seems our best shot at getting some idea of what he’s after.”

Dekker, CNS

The holodeck shimmered around them, and the program vanished, only too reappear once again. They found themselves standing exactly where they were, but now there were even more people running about. Many of them were screaming. There were many balls of light flying around in the sky, as well as various shuttles and fighters.

Riley felt a sense of disorientation as the scene changed around them, growing more animated and aggressive. It was David’s prodding that he followed, trusting him to lead the way.

“This way,” David said, pointing in the direction of the hangar.

As the trio passed one of the residential buildings, the doors flew open and a man and a woman came rushing out, causing David to stop in his tracks. A loud siren began wailing.

“They’ve discovered an intruder in the main hangar,” The man said, to which his wife gave him a panicked look. He held up his hand. “Don’t worry, he will be fine. He knows how to take care of himself. We have to get to the control center!” They ran down the path and then veered off to the left into the trees.

“Those were Jackson’s parents,” David said. It was curious how Jackson had managed to create this simulation. Surely he would have had to had obtained data recordings from that night. But how?

Riley’s dark eyes followed the pair, “Why would he include them? He wouldn’t likely know what they experienced, would he? Is it real, or his preferred reenactment?”

It wasn’t a question he wanted or expected answered on the spot, but a simple, vocal musing. How much of this was real and how much of this was Jackson?

“Let’s keep going,” David said, moving closer to the hangar bay.

As the entered the large space, they saw several shuttlecraft parked inside. They did not look like the standard Federation shuttles, these were shaped more like arrowheads, and constructed out of an unrecognizable kind of alloy.

By one of the shuttles, a man with longer dark hair was hurrying around the outside. He was taking various crates and containers and loading them into the shuttle.

“There,” David said, walking closer. As they approached, they could hear two voices speaking, one of Jackson, and the other - a woman.

“You know we can stop you,” The woman said.

“If you really wanted to do that, you would have done it already,” Jackson said, grabbing another container and running into the shuttle with it.

As David made his way around the shuttle, he froze dead in his tracks. Standing before them was a woman wearing a Starfleet uniform that much more resembled the current uniforms. Her hair was auburn red and striking green eyes.

David may not be the only one to recognize this woman. Riley had indeed seen her face before, in some of the holo-frames in their quarters.

She was David’s mother.

-David Michaels, CSO

OOC: Would Tom recognize her? He has extensive dossiers on every member of the crew but a time traveler might have lots of blanks to be filled in.

  • Jud

OOC: I would say since David’s parents technically haven’t been born yet that there wouldn’t be any official records on them that would include a photograph. Perhaps Tom could have seen the photo from David and Riley’s cabin. Or simply see the resemblance between mother and son.

Riley had never expected to meet Cynna Michaels. David cameas a solo package and part of that was a relief to Riley. And now, standing only a few meters away was a woman whose face he only knew from pictures. He looked over at David, the man’s profile stark in the night’s light.

“Your mother, she’s here,” was all he said.

Dekker, CNS

Tom looked over.

“Well that explains the resemblance.” he said.

  • Tom

“Jackson please,” Cynna Michaels said. “You know this is not the answer. If you do this, you’re putting us all at risk.”

Jackson laughed. “At risk? Look around us. We are losing this war. This is the only way.”

Cynna looked desperate, there was fear and anxiety in her eyes and body language. “They’ve assigned David to track you!” She blurted out. This admission made Jackson stop in his tracks, turning to face her. Cynna took a step closer to him. “You know he will come after you. Please.” That last word was clearly a mother pleading for the safety of her child.

Jackson paused for a moment. “No. This is the only way.” He reached his hand inside the shuttle, and swung it around, a phaser now in his grip. He pointed the phaser at Cynna and fired.

“Mom!” David said, rushing over the the woman’s side as she crumpled to the deck.

Jackson walked over to her. He knelt down beside her, shaking his head. “No one will ever understand.” He said. Then he took Cynna’s hand, carefully removing the ring from her finger. Standing once more, he turned and entered the shuttle, closing the hatch and powering up. A moment later the shuttle lifted off the ground slightly and flew out of the hangar bay.

As David knelt beside his mother, the program ended, and everything around them vanished to the emptiness of the holodeck grid.

-David Michaels, CSO

Tom had paid particular attention tot he woman as she was shot. He wanted to determine if she survived or if the shot was fatal.

  • Tom

OOC: I was given permission from Charley to write this bit for Riley

As David knelt down on the floor, the area around them began to glow from a rift of some kind being opened. It happened very quickly, and suddenly, from inside the vortex, a man appeared. The same man that had been in the holodeck simulation. It was none other than Jackson Grey.

Riley had been focused on David, and the vortex appearing and Jackson emerging from it caught him off guard. For a moment he was glued to the spot where he stood. Unable to move or speak, his mind racing.

David looked up, quickly rising to his feet.

“I told you I would be back for you,” Jackson said, smirking. He raised his arm, in his hand he held some kind of futuristic looking phaser, pointed directly towards where David and Tom stood.

David instinctively reached for his weapon, but realized all too soon he was unarmed. “Jackson, please…” He pled, unsure of what the man wanted.

“It seems you need the proper motivation to listen to me and do what I ask,” Jackson said. He lunged, grabbing Riley with an arm around the Counselor’s neck, the weapon pointed at Riley’s head.

“I suggest you both just stay where you are,” Jackson said to David and Tom. “We wouldn’t want poor Riley here to end up shot in the head now would we?”

“Jackson, no,” David said, realizing the severity of the situation and exactly what was about to happen. A tear ran down his cheek.

Riley held out a hand towards David, signaling for him to stand down. “It’s all right, David. He won’t hurt me.”

“Riley,” David said, as the tears began to fall and his breathing became harder.

“I love you,” Riley said, a tear falling from his own eye.

Jackson let out a maniacal laugh, and then backed up, dragging Riley into the vortex with him, which promptly closed, and the two men were gone.

David stood, staring at the space where Riley had been, tears streaming down his face. It was obvious that the holodeck program had been designed for the purpose of Jackson tracking their location. The vortex was clearly temporal, meaning Jackson had gained access to a temporal field generator, or this was a version of Jackson from the future.

One thing was clear. Riley Dekker was now lost in time.

-David Michaels/Riley Dekker

OOC: I’ve been away too and just recently come back. Does this mean Riley is gone for good? Is Charley still playing?


OOC: Charley may someday return as Riley. We both decided behind the scenes to allow me to write this as both a way to reasonably explain Riley’s departure from the Genesis while also allowing for some interesting character development and tying into David’s ongoing side sim


=^=Marius to Michaels report to the bridge immediately.=^=

David looked over at Tom, tears and shock still in his eyes. He stubbornly wiped his eyes.

“I guess I should report to the bridge,” He said.

-David Michaels, CSO

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