Away Team 1 -Shuttle to Pallasia

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Neve relaxed just a little, “Well, if you leave, the debate will carry on whether you were a hoax perpetrated by my administration. Whichever way they think, I believe my credulity would be questioned and I might end up ending my term early. I only hope that my people won’t lose the hope of peace and progress. I take it then, that our application to join the Federation has been sent? If we don’t hear from the Federation, it would mean that the application was rejected.” If there were am emparth or telepath in their midst, he or she would only read a mixture of hope, disappointment and resignation.


Tom rapidly tapped something out on a PaDD and handed it to Glen.

‘Perhaps we leave them with a few simple food replicators locked to their specific nutritional requirements and cased so that if it’s taken apart, critical components have their molecules disassembled. It wouldn’t be the first time Star Fleet has done something like this for prospective member races.’

  • Tom, IntSec
    OOC: I’m assuming that by Glen you mean MAgnus.

David, who had remained silent through the entire exchange, let out a grunt. “I suppose I could assist with that, if that is what you decide,” He said to the XO.

-David Michaels, CSO

Magnus gently passed the PaDD back having written ‘Do not recommend so yet, do not understand the socio-political situation yet, let Command decide later’

Thomas was getting a bad vibe from the Pallasians, and his eyebrows narrowed at the attempt at emotional manipulation.

“Out of curiosity, Mr. President, how quickly are you expecting to hear from our leadership?” he asked.


“Within a year or two?” said Neve. “I don’t expect instant replies but I do hope that I could be vindicated for believing in your Federation before I am at the end of my life cycle. As I said, the faction that disbelieves any possibility of extraterrestrial life would accuse me of staging this meeting. Yet I believe that there is enough evidence to show that I had no hand in your coming.except to invite you when we encountered you.”


Thomas nodded. That seemed rather reasonable.

Magnus returned his attention to the conversation “Membership into our Federation Generally works on two fronts either through invitation or petition. We relay your desire to join and our Diplomatic Corps sends someone to evaluate your planet and make a decision. There is a standard admittance process that does take a few years but in that time you will learn more of the galaxy at large when starships start arriving with aliens of every shape and size these deniers won’t have much to work with.”

Magnus leaned forward and gave the President a more serious expression “Please do understand that you are a very young race in terms of interstellar travel and you might not be admitted immediately as there are a number of requirements every race must pass, however, should the need arise the Federation does grant protectorate statuses to many worlds within and around our borders meaning that your world would receive the protection of our Starfleet.” He leaned back into his chair “Hopefully before your term ends you’ll see your people take their first steps into joining the Galactic society.” He smiled again “Are there any further questions or requests either from you or your government before we depart?” He asked.


Fore reasons Reia couldn’t fathom she had a feeling the protectorate status would appeal tot he Pallasians on some level. It would also give Star Fleet a chance to learn more about the race.

  • Reia, CIO

“No,” said Mr. Neve. “When are you going to depart?”


“That depends on the Captain but we have learned a lot about your people and we can transmit this to our superiors. It shouldn’t take long for things to start moving back home” He said with the same half-smile he usually sported.


‘Also true,’ Thomas thought. Though if he were asked his opinion in a report, he would recommend any diplomatic team that was dispatched be comprised primarily of Vulcans and Intelligence specialists.


“The fact that you are transmitting to your superiors gives me hope. I thank you,” said Neve with a bow. The two military officers with him gave a bow of the head, which according to the information gleaned by the crew of the Genesis, meant a very formal salute for staff officers.


Magnus stood up, indicating to his team that they should do the same and placed his hands behind his back “Thank you for your hospitality Mister President” He said in his diplomat’s voice “I look forward to seeing what our people can do together” he added with a smile.


David gave a slight nod to their hosts, and then fell in line with the others.

-David Michaels, CSO

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