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Posted Feb. 7, 2020, 1:09 a.m. by Ensign Reia Shandy (CIO) (Catt Bennett)

Posted by Lieutenant Dagen Thor (CE) in Reia’s Quarters

Posted by Ensign Reia Shandy (CIO) in Reia’s Quarters

Posted by Lieutenant Dagen Thor (CE) in Reia’s Quarters

Posted by Ensign Reia Shandy (CIO) in Reia’s Quarters

Posted by Lieutenant Dagen Thor (CE) in Reia’s Quarters

“I don’t think I was a rebel actually. My mere existence gave my grandparents quite enough to worry about. I came to live with them when I was 3. My mother is… Probably something better discussed at a later time.”

Dagen chuckled, feeling the wine and Reia’s influence on him.

Reia paused again and poured the last of the bottle of wine for each of them.

He too paused and swirled the wine in the glass looking at it. His mother too was not one to discuss too much. She was getting better but was far from the woman she had been before the family imploded. He frowned and took a gulp, then leaned quickly over to kiss her to dispel those thoughts. Reia had a way of him to simply forget about everything but her.

“I think the most rebellious thing I can think of at this moment is joining Star Fleet.” she commented.

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“Starfleet was not my first pick. My rebellion came out at the Academy. I was too busy as a teen to do much at all. Got out to parties often but no girlfriends.” He glanced at Reia there and lingered there. “Skiing. Joining Commission. Totally consumed my time.” His eyes slid down her body. “How was that rebellious? What was the presumed course of your life?”
- Dagen

“You? No girlfriends? I find that a little hard to believe. But, I guess since you seem to be so busy in other ways…” Reia smiled and absently squeezed Dagen’s hand, “When I was a teenager I was too busy avoiding parties or being convinced not to go by my grandparents. I had no Orion influence in my life so if there’s a way to control these pheromones, I’ve never learned it.”

Reia paused and looked serious for several seconds.

“That’s why my personal life has been very organized and orchestrated until no, of course.” she said softly, “As for a perceived course in my life, I’m not certain what that would have been for me. We never really had those types of family talks.

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“Oh I had friends who were girls, and, to be honest, envied others who had girlfriends. I was just so focused on my stuff. I mean, school, and working to make it to the olympic team and on top of that studies and tests with the Joining Commission. I guess I saw those goals and that I’d get to ‘real life’ after that.” He chuckled. I was in a right mess when I did join. Suddenly memories flooding me of past lives. And of course what did I want to see as a young man? Seeing what I missed.” His eyes glanced down and followed up the line of her trim, bare legs. “Admittedly I’ve not been that lucky in life for a love life.” He glanced up. “Till now.”

Her pheromones. They felt more intense in her quarters. Dagen supposed that was due to the concentration. Still, he did feel twinges of the effect of that and how it affected his mind, sweeping back the analytical and pulling forward the more primal senses, including feeling a protective possessiveness of her that he knew culminated physically. Thor helped him be centered. The trouble, or pleasure was, that he liked it and helped Dagen channel those sensations. He lifted her hand that was in his and kissed the back of it. When he let it down he rested it at her thigh.

“I had too many talks,” he said, as softly, draining the last of his wine. Leaning forward to set the glass down with a soft clink let him think. “Sport talks. School talks. Counselor talks. Commission talks. Guy talks. My life had been as organized as yours it sounds. So scheduled.” He grinned. “Well, apart from my room. That has always been a disaster.”
- Dagen

Reia laughed at Dagen’s last comment.

“I wouldn’t change a thing about you, even your messy room. When I was young, my life was organized as adults will tend to organize a child’s life. School, activities, and a social life. As I got older though, they pulled back on the social life. Young boys started reacting to me in a way I wasn’t ready for and my grandparents tried to help me keep a low profile.”

Dagen let out a grin. “And older boys too,” he said, leaning in to kiss her soft lips. “When I got to the Academy things fell apart on me. I wasn’t ready.” He waved a hand. “Oh I could do the stuff. I was just so rattled by my failures not long before that I was a bit of a basket case at the start and never recovered. Was on probation the next year.” He grinned again. “Still managed to get in trouble.”

Reia finished her wine and set the glass down.

Turning slightly as she resettled, “Part of the reason I joined Star Fleet was an attempt to control and organize my own life I suppose. Perhaps it’s time for a little disorganization.” Reia said, her eyes lingering on Dagen’s face.

She enjoyed his company.

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When she looked at him he felt shivers go through him. That happened not just this time but others. The connection was physical. Not many people had ever looked into his eyes, and not in the intensity of Reia’s. Perhaps the pheromones magnified that in him. Perhaps it was simply her look. It wasn’t an uncomfortable look, an examining one. It was one that was, to Dagen, both inviting and open. “Once away from home it was a time where .. ” he paused to think about that. “I sought to remake myself. Or at least see what I could pick up from the pieces. Sometimes I wonder if we’re not always in a state of self-organization and wondering who the heck we are.” Her look drew him in as he spoke, and he wriggled closer on the couch. His hand slid along her smooth thigh without looking until he found her hand to hold, then smiled. “You need a disorganization coach?” He thought they had made a good start that other time in his quarters.
- Dagen

Reia smiled and laughed.

“Well as silly as it sounds I think I might need whatever you’re offering.”

Dagen pondered very quickly his life that had led him to this point. All in all he was in a good place, though a sine curve could better define his life and how it had gone through the years. His own ‘disorganization’ was pretty steady, though he had done a good job of ‘devolving’ in his career. “Just don’t go about belting any Admirals and I think things will go about smooth.” He winked, taking up a little more whipped cream and putting it on his lips before kissing her once more. “Ish,” he added.

Reia paused and laughed at herself thinking that was one of the dumbest things she’d said in a long time.

“But I do think you’re right. We’re nearly always in a state of reorganization. Today I don’t like this about myself, next week I’ll try to fix that, yeah, I think that’s a real thing.”

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“I wonder if it is a compliment to say to someone that they’ve not changed, if one hasn’t seen them in a while,” Dagen mused. He pressed back against the couch and stretched. Angled toward Reia for conversation he absently touched her fine hair with his fingertips. “I’ve heard that a lot. I wonder if it is actually true, beyond the broad stroke of a brush.” He had changed. A lot. Seen a lot. Done things that he had never thought he would have earlier in life. But each one made sense at the time.”

Reia felt Dagen’s hand on her hair and instinctively leaned towards it.

“I think we’re always changing parts of ourselves but the core of who we are usually stays the same, even if you don’t know what that is I guess. I know that I’ve changed a lot even since I’ve been here.”

Reia wondered how a joined Trill would experience such things before and after joining but didn’t think to ask at that particular moment.

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