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Posted March 3, 2020, 6:16 p.m. by Lieutenant David Michaels (CSO) (James Harrison)

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Posted by Lieutenant David Michaels (CSO) in CSO Office - Side Sim (Tag CMO)
NE Norris was working a little late in the main labs. Most of the other crew members had cleared out and she was sitting alone at a terminal, reviewing data from one of her latest experiments.

Then she heard a noise coming from the CSO’s office. She hasn’t realized that Lt Michaels was still on duty. None of the science team had seen much of their department head as of late. She had never been one to pry, so she didn’t ask many questions.

But now, hearing what appeared to be the sounds of crying, NE Norris slowly got up from her stool and made her way over to where Lt Michaels’ office was. To either side of the door were window panels. She gingerly made her way closer and peeked through. She could see Lt Michaels seated at his desk. His head was buried in his arms on his desk. The man was sobbing uncontrollably.

NE Norris raised her hand to tap her comm badge and call the Counselor, but then she paused. She had recently read a memo to the crew about the departure of Counselor Dekker. She frowned, not wanting to leave Lt Michaels alone, but not feeling confident enough to go in and console him.

Biting her lip, she hit her comm badge and called the only other person she could think of who might be able to help.

=/\= NE Norris to Doctor Brennan. Could you please come to the Chief Science Officer’s office? There’s a bit of a situation. =/\= her tone did little to hide her uneasiness and worry.

-NE Norris

The com came over her badge just as Sage crossed the threshold of her quarters. She was tired from working a full shift with three emergencies and wanted only to spend the evening with Cal. As she looked at him across the room, she lifted her hand and tapped her badge. =/\=This is Dr Brennan. Has their been an injury?=/\=

—Sage OOC: Just making it seem like she really is tired :)

=/\= No… =/\= Came the drawn out reply. =/\= Lieutenant Michaels just appears distraught. I thought of contacting the Counselor but… =/\= There was another pause and the poor NE sounded positively overwhelmed. =/\= Should I go in and check on him ma’am? =/\=

-NE Norris

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