Back form LOA.

Posted March 29, 2020, 6:20 p.m. by Captain Calvin Marius (Captain) (Luke Hung)

Posted by Lieutenant Dagen Thor (CE) in Back form LOA.

Posted by Lieutenant Chan (Sub-DH Robotics & Cybernetics) in Back form LOA.
Hi all I’m back now. I’m trying to catch up so if any of you need me anywhere specific please let me know.



Hi Nathan. Welcome back. Off the top of my head you could join Reia in the Cargo bay where the Pallasians have been beamed into. There are replicators and cots and chairs and the like set up in there. Medical is attending to an injury, but we’ve been just assuming an engineering squad there doing the set up of things logistically.

speaking of that, we could use some intelligence gathering too.


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