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=/\= You must understand our position, Captain. We would need to detain the people. I can promise you that we do not treat detainees badly. Whilst they may have their freedom curbed, we will not deprive them of other things like food, water and a clean place to stay until the truth is established.=/\= said Neve.



=^=The Federation does not tread lightly into the internal legal preceding of unaligned worlds. However I would like to emphasize the justice system of a planet is one of the most significant factors considered in Federation membership. Worlds must demonstrate a fair and balanced legal system that places justice and proportional consequences with restorative practices as opposed to straight punishment modalities. I presume this is the justice system we are talking about?=^=

Marius CO

=/\=We believe that our justice system is balanced and fair. There is a balance between restorative and distributive justice. It is a balance we believe works in our society. I cannot assure you that all the people you will bring to us would reach the result that they desire, but I can assure you that we would treat everyone justly. I would invite your Federation to observe our proceedings to decide if we are not being just.=/\=


Dagen listened to the back and forth and backpedaling and assurances. Part of him felt they were starting to step on toes that were more aligned with actual diplomats. This was turning into a boasting match by the sound of it. “Are these refugees from the colony or the homeworld?” he mused quietly.
- Dagen

Marius growled low in his throat as was his norm when unsatisfied or annoyed. =^=That is very transparent and generous of you. I certainly will forward that to the membership committee.=^= He looked at the navigation panel. =^=We should be in orbit shortly and I will prepare to transfer the former prisoners to your care.=^=

Marius CO

Thomas continued to frown.

“Will we be beaming them back, or should we make the Pallasians send shuttles for them, sir?” he asked .


Dagen considered this, “Sir, if I may. If the Pallasians come to collect their own we can see firsthand their treatment of their own who are vulnerable. And see how the refugees react to their homeworld people.”
- Dagen, CE

“I agree,” David said. “This may be beneficial information to include in our report.” He wondered if the Pallasians would simply put on a grandiose show of generosity in order to gain their trust, or if there would be some cracks in their facade.

-Lt David Michaels, CSO

Thomas waited for the Captain’s decision, sparing a glance down at his console to check the position of the Pallasian defenses.


“Hmm,” Marius growled approvingly. “Officer thinking Mr. Dagen.” He nodded. “I agree too, Mr. Michaels.”

Dagen nodded, inwardly pleased.

“Your idea Mr. Dagen, you’re in charge of the execution.” Marius took a step back and then plopped himself in his chair. Nodding towards the communication board. “Well… go ahead.”

Marius CO

Just like that. He gave a nod to Thomas to reopen the channel as he tried to think of something diplomatic to say.

Thomas touched the required button and gave a nod back to Dagen.

When the channel was opened he said. =^= Mr Neve. I am Lt Thor. I believe we were introduced on the tour of your world. I was impressed with your power generation facilities. We have a request that we hope that you can help us with. The citizens aboard have gone through a great deal of trauma and as much as we are giving aid, we are not you. Our shuttles have limited space and we ask if you can meet us in orbit with a shuttle sufficient to accommodate them. We think that being met by their own people will have a calming effect on them. Is this something we can arrange? =^=

That was perhaps laying it on a bit thick, but such was Trill diplomacy. Butter the bread on one side and hope they do the other.


=/\=Thank you Lt. Thor for looking after our people. Yes, we would be able to render aid there. How many people are we talking about?=/\=


Dagen blinked and drew a sudden blank and looked over to Thomas. He would know with some precision and it would be faster than making a call down to the Bay.
OOC: Totally drew a blank on numbers!!

OOC: I think it’s around a 100.

Marius looked at Dagen for a moment and blinked very slowly with a deep exhale.


The transport records show that 97 people were transported from the planet to the Genesis.


“97,” Thomas said quietly, hopefully just loud enough for Dagen to hear but quiet enough not to be picked up by the comm line.


Dagen continued with a small nod of gratitude to Thomas. =^= 97 sir. It was a sizeable group. Our shuttle bay will be able to take in your own vessels for you to return them to your world. Our shuttles are smaller and it would take a number of trips. Given the shock of suddenly meeting us ‘strangers’ it would be much easier on them if you were to come for them. =^=
- Dagen, CE

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