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Posted by Lieutenant Dagen Thor (CE) in Robotics lab. pop in if you’d like

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Chan was not in a good mood. Her multiple attempts to get someone down to the robotics lab to check her work and make sure everything was fine, had failed. She had tried the CSO nothing, the CE nothing and even the XO. However she wasn’t going to let that stop her. She would keep trying. Her mood was not improved when a young brand new ensign had not checked the power regulator on one of his projects and blew two computers.

So here she was putting the computers back together. Surrounded by the last few parts. She had growled almost the entire time and her antenna and been waving ten to the nine. Most of her officers had kept away from her knowing it was not good to bother and angry Andorian. Those that had tried had soon shrunk away with just a look from Chan. She wondered how her day to get any worse or if it was going to get any better.

Lieut (j.g) Chan (Sub DH Robotics)

Dagen had been distracted of late and he knew why - this new relationship with Reia had taken not just time but energy from him - none of which was a chore - but it meant that for a short time in this he had been coasting. It was back to the basics and full bore on his getting back into his routines. Mind on task - and he could leave the ‘mind on Reia’ for those times when he was off duty. Well, mostly. He hadn’t seen Chan in a while and felt a twinge of guilt on this. Best touch bases with her and see what she was up to.

Entering the Robotics Lab Dagen felt a tension from the couple of staff there who were busy ‘away’ from the central figure who was sitting surrounded by parts. By a glance at the expression on her face he could sense if not see steam rising from her antennae. “Chan,” he said in greeting. “You rather look like you could apply and be hired for the classic ‘mad scientist’ job.” He said that in a light tone as he approached. There he saw parts .. some intact and some looking more like shrapnel. Kneeling he picked up one. “Can I help? Any parts I can replicate for you?”

Chan looked up at the person who had dared to interrupt her. She was about ready to rip who ever it was a new one when she saw it was Dagen. Her expression softened slightly. Chan shook her head “Not really I’ve nearly finished cleaning up the mess, from the dregs of an officer, who star fleet seem more than happy to send us.” A she Chan spoke a young ensign seemed to shrink smaller and smaller. If that was even possible. “However if you could clear the damaged parts. it would be a big help.” she added her tone more annoyed then angry.

Dagen noticed the ensign and the tightness in Chan’s tone. “Must have been an interesting experiment,” he said, fishing a little, thinking that if it weren’t it wouldn’t have mattered as much to her. Finding a clear spot he knelt. Eyes assessed and looked for the damaged bits and worked on clearing them. He could quickly see why Chan was irked. Most seemed damaged in some way.

“It was supposed to be an easy recharge job, on a drone” Chan said “But apparently that was to much of a job for some people. They blew two computers and could’ve wounded half my staff” she added

Dagen brushed his hands after setting a small pile he had collected onto the nearest desktop. “Anyone can make a mistake. It takes a lot of talent to do what you are describing. That is merit badge material.” He was striving to lighten the situation. “How did it actually happen?” he asked.

Tom had been on the ship for a while but he’d never gone to the robotics lab. Monitored it yes, but never actually entered. He felt it was time to change that.
Having spent several hours reading technical manuals he felt ready to at least be able to converse passably on the subject.

The trip to the lab was the usual. Suspicious glances, wide berths, general avoidance. It came with the Internal Security territory.

Tom entered the lab and noticed that Chan was talking to Dagen. Rather than interrupt them he walked around looking at the gear and parts, references from the manuals instantly popping into his mind.

Chan noticed Tom walk in and start looking around “Hey!” Chan called “Be careful. Most of this stuff is very fragile and has taken weeks to do. So hands in pockets and don’t go any where near that, unless i tell you to” She said indicating to the large object in the corner covered by a large cloth, before turning back to Dagen, while watching Tom with one eye.

“What can i do for you Dagen?” Chan asked

Lieut Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

“I’ve been remiss on some things,” he said, then, blushing some added. “Been .. busy.” Of course everyone in engineering would know of his budding relationship, but still that was no professional excuse. “Came to see what things you’ve been cooking up. A PaDD with a built in mini replicator would be nice.” He said that with only a small amusement; that would be handy to store some patterns of favorite things in it.
- Dagen

Tom arched his eyebrows and put his hands up in a placating gesture before hooking his thumbs in his belt.

  • Tom, IntSec

“That’s one way to describe it i guess” Chan said simply “As for my projects, There is one I’ve been working on and just finished. Something i hope will change the face of exploration.” Chan said as she walked over to the large item that she had told Tom not go near. Once over there she went to one of the computers “Computer activate R.A.T start up sequence”she ordered.

=^= Voice print recognised activating R.A.T=^= the computer replied as the sound of motors winding up and fans began to sound through the lab. While this was going on Chan pulled the cloth off. To reveal her project.

The robot was massive at least seven foot tall and half as long. It had a spider like body attached to which were six fully articulated legs the led to four piece hooked feet. Attached to the body was a human like torso with two fully dexterous arms. on top of all this was a fly like head, the sensor domes of which, looked like the eyes of a fly as they glowed blue. All of which was finished in chrome.

“May I introduce you to the Remote Acquisition Tool or R.A.T for short.” she said half a smile on her face.

“A durasteel and deranium body which houses it’s memory storage, shield generator, saw, grappling hook and power supply. The torso houses test tubes and other sample containers. Attached to the left shoulder is a pulse laser for either blasting through rock or defence. On the right is a laser cutter for more delicate work. The main CPU is housed in its head as well as its sensors and remote control systems. It’s designed for exploration on planets, or in environments that are to hazardous for normal star fleet crews. “Chan said giving a very brief overview.

“So what do you think?” Chan asked.

Lieut Chan (Sub-DH Robotics)

That beast was an all in one unit. Dagen studied it. That would have taken Chan a long time to work on. His engineer side was quite intrigued. “Power utilization? How long can it operate?” Did it have rechargable cells he wondered. “Does it need to be set down or can it enter from orbit? Spatial maneuvering?” he didn’t get up to look closer. The Trill was taking this all in. It looked like a creature of legend mixed with some ancient cultural mixes. “How advanced is it’s AI?” He realized after he had said that that he had not really said what he ‘thought’ … Dagen hoped that his ‘engineer’ questions showed that he was intrigued.
- Dagen
- Dagen

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