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In sweatpants, there wasn’t really a good place to store the phaser, but just having it on her made Sage feel more secure. She tucked it into the waistband of her pants. “Let’s head to engineering to see what they can do to keep me on the ship.” She’d reached out and taken his hand again as soon as their phasers were tucked away. If someone was going to beam her off the Genny, they were going to get a surprise because Cal would appear at the destination too. “You’d better let Julien know what’s going on.”

Marius watched her tuck the phaser in her waist band and frowned. He went back to the weapons locker and removed a sash that was used belt/velcro holster for phasers… he had seen too many accidents from dropping weapons. “Use this.”

Sage strapped the sash on and tucked the phaser in it. Just having the weapon made her feel a little more comfortable.

“I brought the ship to yellow alert and raised the shields.. they should have reported that to him already…” He paused… of course if they had Julien would have called him by now.

=^=Marius to the Captain… It appears that someone has attempted a covert transport, kidnapping, of our chief medical officer… understandably I’m a little miffed.”

Marius XOe

The two continued to walk toward the nearest turbolift, Sage making sure to maintain contact with her husband.

Once in the lift, she called out “Main Engineering.” Within seconds, they moved up 14 decks. When the doors opened, she stepped out first, still holding Calvin’s hand.


“What the hell is this about Sage.” There was a little anger coming out in his voice. He didn’t have any answers and the frustration of not being able to do anything was getting to him.

“Does this have anything to do with that mission you went on a year ago.” He scowled as he walked. “I never really learned what that was all about.”


She looked startled. “I don’t have any idea what this is about. Cal, you know I’d tell you if I had I had a clue, but there’s nothing I can think of that explains it.” They’d reached engineering and entered the main room. She realized they must look a sight, the XO looking gloriously groomed in his uniform, holding the hand of his much smaller wife who sported sweatpants, a tshirt and flats, with wet hair streaming down her back.

“Is Lt Thor available? Its a bit of an emergency.” Everyone in the area turned to look at the dynamic duo.


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After the ‘looks’, one NE broke off her stare that had the ‘I’d not be caught dead out looking like that’ and mumbled, “I’ll get the chief.” She darted off avoiding their gaze and disappeared around a corner. Less than a minute later Dagen rounded the same corner wiping his hands. He looked at the two of them, noted the XO first, and quickly stuffing the rag away on his belt behind him. “Sir?” He asked, eyes moving back and forth between he and Sage.
- Dagen

Marius just grunted with a barely intelligible, “Lieutenant.”

“Lt, may we speak in private?” Sage’s odd appearance, with the hulking XO at her side, prompted Thor to lead them back to his office. (Hope that’s okay.) As soon as the doors slid shut, she smoothed her hair back out of her eyes and began. “Please excuse my lack of uniform, but I was in a hurry to get out of our quarters and I’d just stepped out of the shower.” She looked over at Calvin, then back at the Trill. “Someone just tried to beam me off the ship and was almost successful. We want to ensure that doesn’t happen again. Do you have some way of blocking a transport and keeping me here?” She’d left out all the other details in order to get the important stuff out first. She wasn’t going to let go of Calvin, relax, or give up her phaser until she was assured she wasn’t going to disappear in a flurry of blue sparkles.


“You can imagine its a priority. I used to use phase disruptors in the old days, but I know those are obsolete for the most part....” Marius did special operation nearly 15 years ago and even then that system was barely effective. Nowadays he suspected it wouldn’t even be a speed bump with modern transporters.

Marius XO

Dagen had entered the office in no small way confused, and then, in the end, was even more confused. He checked his instruments for any outward bound transporter traffic - as in originating from the ship’s transporters. His brows furrowed and as he checked his eyes flickered over to Sage and Marius. “When did this happen? Exactly.” He brought up a graph of energy utilization in the ship, and another for outside ship traffic on short range scanners.

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Special operations. Not an uncommon thing anymore. “Traditionally shields inhibit transporters. I would take it, however, that this is not a ‘normal’ transporter?” Just like with special operations comes special technology. Which is like trying to wage a technical war against unconventional tech with conventional off the shelf tech.

Thor, CE

“Exactly? Umm…about 15 minutes ago. We don’t know where the transporter signal came from.” Sage shook her head. There was more information she could give him. “When I came out of the shower, there was a gift for me on the bed. It was a bracelet that I assumed was from Cal…Cmdr Marius. I was attempting to put it on when my feet got tangled up in a towel on the floor. The transporter signal was activated by the bracelet, but I fell and it flew out of my hands, breaking the connection. Lt…” Had their been a Lt there? (OOC: She is not remembering Jarvis. That is correct, right?) “I called for security and someone came. They have the bracelet now, I think.”

Dagen made a mental note. “I’ll check with security about that bracelet.” It could tell them an awful lot by examining that. He tried to not make a mental picture of the scene. There were a lot of questions that security would ask there. Was there an access event through the door? How did the bracelet get there were only two. He would check on that too. He started a mental list .. internal transports, their own equipment, external power. It seemed evident that the bracelet was an enhancer. Was it genetically linked for when she picked it up?

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Sage looked over at her husband for confirmation. Why was that part of the memory hazy, she wondered.


Marius paused, he tapped his comm badge and listened. There was a brief recording that refreshed both of their memories. He usually only listened at the end of each day to figure out what had happened. “I have a little trick I use with him. Indeed Mr. Jarvis was there. He’s still investigating.”

“You.” He looked at the engineer. “Will do some engineering stuff and be certain that no one gets pulled from this ship. You will do an excellent job and I will be pleased. Are there any questions?”

Marius XO

Well orders didn’t get much clearer. “No, sir.” He shook his head and gazed around the office. “Permission to conduct extended diagnostics of the shields, sir?” That would be a start and buy him time. Time to do a number of other things to confirm or throw out ideas and possibilities.
- Dagen, CE

He shrugged. “You have your orders, if a shield diagnostic is the best way to execute those orders, then you don’t need more permission.” He didn’t know enough about engineering to question the Chief Engineer on how he wanted to do his job.


Sage knew Thor was incredibly intelligent and that if anyone could solve their problem, it was him. But her nerves were still firing on adrenaline. “I’m sorry to seem impatient, Lt, but I don’t want to be forcefully beamed from the Genny. How long will this take and is there any place on the ship that would be safe for me to wait out the process? A place where beaming can’t occur?” She knew Cal had to get back to his duties but she was loathe to let go of his hand as long as she was still in danger.


Dagen looked from one to the other. The diagnostic he was pondering would have the bridge wondering what was going on. However, that was neither here nor there. He had the go. He thought fast. Force fields would do it but they weren’t exactly everywhere but at strategic areas for security and structural purposes. His first thought was the brig, but that wouldn’t precisely be something that Sage would like. However he could work up what they had. Brigs had pattern inhibitors set in the walls to prevent that sort of thing - at least while the force field was activated.

“I can do two things fairly quickly, and a third thing … soon enough.” He glanced a touch nervously at the XO. He was on edge. “The safest place right now to prevent transport is the brig. With the field activated there are pattern inhibitors there so one can’t be beamed out. That’s the most immediate thing to do - apart from the shields. We can do a second work in your quarters, or sick bay, whichever you prefer, to set up similar pattern inhibitors there that would act in much the same way. The third thing that will take a bit more time is a personal inhibitor device to wear - similar to the one that tried to beam you out these would be to set up a field around you so as to not gain a transporter lock.” Just like with the sense of physical security setting up a layered approach to security all of these options would allow for a layered defense against transports.”

He thought more. “When I find out about how the transport was attempted I can better put together a defense, but I want to have this set up to be ongoing.”

Thor, Eng

“You mean if I get in one of the cells and you activate it, no one can beam me anywhere? Not even somewhere else on this ship?” Sage had a basic understanding of most systems of the Genesis, but her field was medicine, not engineering so the finer points weren’t in her knowledge base.

“This is a security protocol that has been built into ships for decades. Security tends to get rather cross when their charges are beamed out from under them. There are different levels of security there. The lowest level will enable transports, but anything more than that won’t. The brig on a high security setting is set to keep anyone in there and for them to stay.” Dagen tried to be reassuring. The truth was that security was only as good as the last attempt to breach it. But they could layer things up enough to make anyone wanting to snatch Sage to be very challenging indeed. “Not from our transporters. They will be shut down.” He took a breath. “I will have to work out a protocol, not so much to keep you from getting beamed out but to allow for the use of the transporter in a time of emergency. I can shut this down real tight but we still need it when we need it.

She walked over to one of the empty cells, pulling Calvin along with her. “What do you think, Babe?” All she wanted was a safe place to wait until Thor came up with an individual inhibitor she could wear. Only then would she feel free to roam the ship and do her job with any safety.


“I’m going to check in with the transporter chief and see where this transporter beam originated,” he said, and looked at Calvin. “If you choose to go by the brig option at the start, sir, you can activate it and set it to ‘lockdown’. That means that the only persons who can de-activate the field will be those you designate at that time. You can limit it only to yourself if you wish, though the Captain can always override this but only in conjunction with a second officer present to co-authorize the deactivation.”
- Dagen, CE

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