Holodeck 2002 hours

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Posted by Lieutenant Sage Brennan (CMO) in Holodeck 2002 hours

Posted by Captain Calvin Marius (Captain) in Holodeck 2002 hours
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Marius entered the holo-deck. Outside of his dress uniform, he didn’t have too many truly formal clothes. He presumed semi-formal would do, cause he wasn’t about to replicate a dinner jacket or tux. Conversely with his very unusual build, there was no such thing as off the rack. It took him some time but after a little replication wizardry he’s was able to put together a grayish/blue jacket and well… electric red shirt.

He looked about when the doors opened. No Sage… hmm he thought to himself. She wasn’t in their quarter’s getting dress, because that was where he was. He held a bottle in his hand. ‘^=Computer, put the bottle in a ice bucket with sufficient cooling to drop the liquid inside to 2 degrees Celsius. That was just above freezing but the alcohol within would keep it from freezing.


A man in a white waist coat and black slacks appeared at Calvins’ side and took the bottle. He gave the Captain a slight bow, just a nod, really, and left to put it on ice as he’d been instructed. The interior of the holodeck resembled an old fashioned, but very expensive bar/supper club. A band was playing, there was a dance floor and the place had been filled with holographic patrons all done up in their finest. As Marius stood between the long, mahogany bar and some private tables, Sage turned a corner about twenty feet away, smiled and began walking towards him. The gown she wore was made of silver and bits of nothing.

The words “Oh my,” came unbidden to his lips.

Approaching Cal slowly, Sage took her time looking him over appreciatively. “Babe, you are everything a woman could ever want…”


“Thank you.” He did an immodest spin. “Sometimes I feel like I’m on a holo-novel of a major motion picture.” He took her hand and brought it to his lips, before using it to pull her close in for a full body hug. “Somehow, I’m married to a Doctor, Model… very odd…”

He looked about, “Now what evil do you have planned tonight.”


His words made her blush just the tiniest bit. One thing Calvin was especially good at was making her feel like a very desirable woman. She returned his hug, soaking in the feel of him as their bodies pressed against each other. “Evil? Just because I want you to myself in an atmosphere where I can ply you with alcohol, and I’m wearing a dress you can see through to play to your baser needs…you think I have something evil in mind?” She chuckled as she leaned in for a kiss. “Captain Marius, I’ll have you know I’m as innocent as the day I was born.”


Marius leaned downward for the kiss. He was over six feet tall and frequently seemed shorter due to his broad shoulders and back, and taller for the same reason. “I doubt anyone one would define you as innocent.” Marius retrieved the bottle. Holographic liquor didn’t cause intoxication once the people left the holodeck… unless one specified in advance to replicate the alcohol as oppose to create holographic images of it. Marius avoided that whole issue by getting one of his bottles in advance, Vodka, her preferred drink. He was more a whiskey drinker… in fact almost to exclusion of other ‘hard’ alcohols, but he made an exception for her.

“Well, I intend to ply you with alcohol, and brought some to that effect, so I beat you to that… and if you wore that dress without something diabolical in mind, perhaps you are innocent… then that is something I intend to rob you of.” He reached down and squeezed her buttocks firmly molding her body to his for a moment.

Marius CO

Sage looked at him through thick lashes. “I don’t have anything particular in mind other than seducing my husband and keeping him all to myself for an entire evening.” She stepped back and did a slow twirl. “I thought the dress would help hold your attention.”

“No dress probably would have worked too.” Marius responded flatly.

She’d noted the bottle in his large hands when he’d arrived. “It was a good call to bring real alcohol with you. In my last minute planning for a special night, that detail slipped my mind.”

Slipping a hand into his, Sage led him to the bar and climbed onto a stool there. “Why don’t we have a drink and you can tell me about your day?”


Marius’ expression darkened quickly. He growled as he pulled the bottle from the cooler. He spun the bottle top off using his thumb and a quick firm drag against the side. The top spun rapidly untwisting from the top of the bottle and it literally jumped off when if finished its last revolution landing neatly on the bar still revolving with light scratching sounds for a few more moments. Marius didn’t bring ice with him and that would mean that no matter what he put in the glasses they were drinking straight vodka.

He pour two generous… very generous measures in the glasses dropped holographic ice in his.. looked at her for a moment… she frequently juiced her alcohol which was something he almost never did.

She reached across the bar for ice and lime, plopped it into her glass and smiled, ready for the evening to begin.

“For the life of me… I just want to shoot something. It is so much easier being the aggressive subordinate that the Captain had to hold back, than the Captain not letting others do something, you really would love to do.”


The sentiment didn’t surprise Sage, but that he was feeling it at that moment, did. “Bad day? What happened?” He stood next to the bar stool she sat on. Close. Very close, so Sage reached for his hand and rested it on her thigh where she could hold it while they talked. “I know you’d rather be on the away missions than stuck on the bridge, Babe, but that’s part of the job.”


“MMMmmm.” Calvin growled his, ‘I don’t like that part of the job,’ growl. He took a heavy sip from his glass of vodka, “These damn Pallasans are up to something, I feel it in my gut. I just can’t prove it.” His hand absently stroked her thigh as he thought. “And how did the pirates successfully capture that moon.”

Maybe he was wrong, there were many borderline civilizations who were faking good to get into the Federation. That wasn’t the worst thing he supposed, most races did very well upon entering… technology, trade, medical advancements, defense were just a few of the good things that Federation membership brought.


Sage shook her head. “I have no idea, but why don’t you put all thoughts of the Pallasians in the back of your mind for a little while? Maybe an answer will work itself out if you stop thinking about it actively.” She pulled him even closer and nuzzled his neck, planting light, feathery kisses along his jawline. “Besides, I want all your attention tonight. Let’s pretend its just you and me for the next several hours, that there’s no one else—no ship or crew, no other responsibilities…just us.” Sage nodded at the bartender and a certain kind of music began to play through the sound system (The Weeknd’s “Earned It”). There was enough of an intro that it allowed her to step down off the stool and pull Cal onto the dance floor where she pressed her body to his and began to move sensually to the rhythm.


He had tried that, but she did ask about his day.... “Yes… forget the Pallasians… the other F-word.” He chuckled as he allowed his wife to kiss his face and draw him to the dance floor. “Mmm… body pressing… I liked that.” Marius a master of the deep conversation.

“And how did you manage to get the high demand holo-deck time right after Alpha shift?” The wait-list for this particular hour was long. Everyone coming off the primary duty shift, who also happened to have the most holo-credits, always wanted this time to unwind. Sage was a real dancer… Marius was ‘self taught’ and slow dancing wasn’t his’ strongest form… but he was an excellent upbeat dancer belying his immense muscular form and his rhythm was more than enough to compensate for his lack of specialization and he moved better than 90% of the men on the ship. Not to mention, his interest in dancing with his lady. After closing his eye for a moment to enjoy the feel of his wife’s body, he leaned back at his chest so he could look into her eyes.

He always wanted to see into her ‘soul’… “I love you so much.”


It was just what she’d wanted to hear. “I love you too.” Closing the embrace again, they danced without further conversation until the song ended. As they left the dance floor, Sage answered his earlier question. “As to how I got the holodeck? I called in a few favors. It seems people who I’ve treated for serious injuries are very grateful for my knowledge. They had no problem trading me a couple of time slots for this one.” Back to the bar and their drinks, Sage picked hers up and drained the glass. “Mmmm, you do have good taste in liquor, Babe.”

“Barter or bribe…” Marius thought aloud. “Vodka… ironically is best when it’s flavorless. You pay to taste nothing.” Or at least that’s what he thought. Marius’ strength in liquor was the fact that he was almost never without some.

The bartender made her another without being asked and topped off Calvin’s. Sage reached out and took her husband’s hand in hers, holding it with the easy familiarity of a long time partner. “I know this will sound odd, but I miss you. I miss us having time together like this, where we focus on each other and not on work.”


“Well between missions… you going missing… memory loss… that stranger half stalking you, my marine reunion, our marriage, that vampire crewman trying to suck you, we’ve been pretty busy over the last year.” Marius was certain that he forgot half the things that might have happened to the two of them.

“But for the record, I could spend the better part of my life spending time with you.”

Marius CO

Sage smiled. “That’s the plan, Cal. You and me together for the rest of our lives.” She didn’t include the possibility of children in the equation, even though her desire to be a mother was strong. The two of them just couldn’t agree about life after kids. If it were up to her, they would continue in Star Fleet, their children on the ship with them, but Calvin was of a different mind. He insisted they would need to give up their careers and learn to live in the civilian world. Sage thought neither one of them would be happy then, but he disagreed and that is where the conversation always ended—with a stalemate.

Shrugging those thoughts aside, not wanting to spoil the evening with an argument, Sage reached up and cupped his cheek with one hand, looking deeply into his dark, brown eyes. “I can’t imagine my life without you now. When I think back to how we started…who knew we’d end up here—an old, married couple?” It certainly hadn’t been her intention back then. All she’d wanted from the man in front of her was a ‘good time’ when either one of them felt the urge.

“Old?” Calvin questioned. He flexed his muscles and given his size whenever he did this he could puff out like the like named fish. Depending on what a person felt was attractive this could be attractive or equal amount amusing. “Speak for yourself, I’m in my prime.” He leaned back and looked at her… “You seem pretty prime as well.”

Emerald eyes looked down at the ring on her left hand. She felt the full impact of what it represented and it was so completely satisfying, so life affirming, that her eyes grew a little glossy. They’d been through so much together. So many things that had seemed insurmountable at the time, yet here they were, still married and still very much in love. She was silently grateful as she leaned forward to pull him in for a lengthy kiss.


MMmm, Calvin leaned into the kiss for a few moments and then leaned out. “We have the holo-deck for an hour at least… ” Unless Sage had found a way to barter for more. “you wouldn’t want to end it too soon.”


She gave a throaty laugh. “Things ending too soon isn’t one of our problems, Babe.” The double entendre was on purpose. She gave him a wink and drank more vodka. “We’ve actually only got 47 minutes left here. It was as much time as I could get. But I’m sure when the time comes, we can move to our quarters for a more ‘personal’ ending to our evening out.”

There was a comfortable silence between them while music played and holo people moved around them. The usual noises of a social crowd gathered for drinks surrounded them and Sage found something very calming about it all. The thought shot through her mind that if they had kids and settled on a planet, this evening might be one of their norms—a date night, so the romance didn’t die between them while they attended to life and jobs.

Leaning back in her chair, but not enough to separate the physical connection between them, she tucked her index and middle fingers inside Cal’s shirt through the opening between button holes to make contact with some skin. “You know, I think we should be planning something for the future. Something we both can look forward to and discuss. What do you think?”


Marius looked at her confused “Planning, for what…” he tried to decipher where she was going with this. He thought about buying a vacation home, but having one was more limiting that not. If you had a vacation home you were obligated to go to it when on vacation. If you didn’t have one you could go any were that you fancied. “A vacation. Planning for retirement?” They were decades away from the latter. He always could carve out time for the former if he wanted to, although if two of them left at the same time that could be a critical loss of command staff at the same time.


Sage heard his voice take on a familiar sound. She didn’t mean to confuse him or make him uneasy, but it happened sometimes. “I don’t know what, I just feel…like I’m marking time. Like there’s nothing to look forward to.” As she took another drink, she saw a flash of something in his dark eyes. “Oh, Babe, you know I’m not talking about us. I love every moment I get to spend with you and never think I get enough of them. I’m talking about accomplishments and experiences—children maybe…like I said, I don’t know. I just want something to look forward to—something to work toward.”


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