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Posted by Lieutenant Dagen Thor (CE) in Holodeck Ski Trek Dagen and Reia

Posted by Ensign Reia Shandy (CIO) in Holodeck Ski Trek Dagen and Reia
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Reia took in the scenery as she followed Dagen, she could imagine the beauty of the place in summer. Slipping up beside him, she stood silently for a few seconds.

There was something both comforting and natural about standing side by side with Reia. It was hard for him to place; as he admired the scenery he was very aware of her presence. He could stand here and enjoy this view by himself, though seeing it now with her has changed him. It was beautiful. But he desired more and more to share his experiences with her. Already he was seeing the view through her eyes and what she might be seeing.

“I think I would love to walk this trail with you in the summer, see how different it looks, so full of other kinds of life.” she said studying the scenery again.

  • Reia

“Shore leave,” he said at once. There was no hesitation. It had been a while since he had been here. Home yes. But not here. He stamped a pole into the snow and reached out for her hand. “It is lovely. Home.” That would mean staying at home as well and visiting his parents. Unconsciously he smiled and turned to look at Reia. “The smells are amazing of this nature.” So could be the rain and vagaries of nature. A hundred things came to his mind, possibilities, thoughts, hopes and no small excitement.

Reia took Dagen’s hand and smiled.

“Shore leave… Um… Yes. Whenever wherever sounds like fun.”

“There is some coming up,” he said. “You have roots at Earth. Lets say that wherever we are closest to on leave we’ll go there. I’ve not been to a lot of places there” Certainly not Australia, he thought. His tenure on Earth had either been the Academy and environs which was on the North American continent, and some of the R&D areas in the central European area. In both areas he had done skiing but not a lot. Once again, whenever he had been there his focus was on what was before him. Study or, in the latter case, work on the Genesis project. He knew this ship intimately. Looking at Reia again he knew that he wanted to know her in the same way.

Reia thought of Earth, Australia, and her grandparents. Depending on how far in the future that took place it could be a delight or a disaster. Either way, standing in the snow laden holodeck, Reia felt very confident in that moment. She enjoyed being with Dagen, in his world, and would probably go wherever he suggested but, in truth, she was already making plans of her own. Places she had always wanted to go but had never found the right person to go with, until now.

  • Reia

A breeze passed by them now that they were in the open and he could see that the clouds were closer. Idly Dagen realized that his ‘leave’ tended to be mostly work related ventures. This new thing caused a wash of excitement to pass through him - something to anticipate. Previously he had mostly just had them. And not precisely knowing what they would be doing made it more of an adventure. Squeezing Reia’s hand through their gloves he leaned in to kiss her. “It will be fun,” he said. Taking up his ski pole again Dagen adjusted it. “Not much longer now till we get to the cabin.” Indeed Dagen was eager to do so. As wide open this expanse was they were still in a relatively enclosed space of a holodeck module. With close quarters her pheromones were tickling at his senses and whispering and guiding his thoughts that were not wholly skiing related. “You first,” he said.
- Dagen

“Oh I’m sure we’ll find someplace interesting to go. Just not Risa, perfection is over rated and boring which actually makes it omperfect but, perhaps, that’s another debate.”

Dagen turned his nose up at the word Risa. “Too commercial now,” he said. “I want a world with character, not an overblown spa. All it would take is for some kind of downturn in the interest or quadrant and that planet would be unemployed.” He laughed. “You see the holos for advertising? Everyone is moving in slow motion there. What’s with that? I get it that the pace is relaxed, but I move in real time.”

She smiled and returned his kiss before taking up the poles again and setting off towards the Cabin as a casual slow pace.

  • Reia

The Trill followed her. It was an easy pace. It reminded him of when he was younger and doing a ‘family’ ski. Granddad ‘Burle’ usually led the way. He said he set an easy pace for all of them to not get tired. Dagen figured it was the other way around. Later, when he was in his teens and with skill and energy behind him would have a hard time keeping that pace so slow. Now, fast forward these years and Dagen was happy for the relaxed pace. It let him see things better and take in the natural scenery around him. And, he thought, he was better able to admire Reia. She moved fluidly. He could see her motions were not professional and practiced though he could hardly think his own were honed to perfection either. But apart from that she moved with a quiet grace that suggested she exercised in such a way as to have good command of her motions. In short, he liked what he saw.

Reia got to the bottom of the stairs managing not to fall and stepped aside for Dagen to join her.

“Well, I actually made it. I’m shocked. Believe me.”

“And your form was wonderful,” Dagen said. It was true. Just don’t ask him to comment on just how her skiing form was .. however she didn’t fall so that as one up on him.

Glancing up at the sky she smiled at the gathering clouds and the unearthly color.

“Oh and would you look at that. Absolutely beautiful.” she said as she waited.

  • Reia

Dagen squinted. The breeze was coming up more and he could feel that chill on his cheeks. He tried to see this through her eyes, as in seeing something new. Trill had a different tint in the skies and forests and oceans. To Dagen it looked nice - normal. Yes the clouds and sky and the formations were beautiful. “Majestic,” he said in response. When Dagen looked at them he didn’t feel any anxiety that he might on other worlds. As much as he had been off world for half his life now and had seen many other worlds, they simply didn’t ‘look’ right to him. This was right. Not better. Not what other worlds should be. But they gave him that sense of security that nature and the ‘world’ is right in his spirit.

He was about to say how the clouds coming over a small ridgeline can often be shredded and look stunning in a rippled way, but decided against it. This was beautiful in its own way. “It’s funny how one comes to one’s world and seeing all this and it feels … and it feels like an embrace.”
- Dagen

Reia wouldn’t have thought that word fit until Dagen had just used it.

“Yes, actually, that’s rather a fitting word. I’ve been to some very interesting worlds but home is home. It has allt he colors and scents and textures that you’re familiar with. It’s like they’re a part of your DNA somehow. But if I see this particular color scheme now, I will always think of you and I like that very much.” Reia said quietly.

‘And if I were to smell vanilla and some mix that reminds me of your scent ever will I remember you, love,’ Dagen thought. “Earth was actually the first ‘other’ world that I saw besides Trill. I left there to go to the Academy. It was such a change. Jarring. I’d look out the window or be out in PT and it was disorienting. Slight gravity difference. The sounds. Smells.” He turned to look at her. “But you know, the people were so similar. I mean sure a Bolian is blue and humans have such a range of tones but what amazed me was how close we all were in spite of the ‘worlds apart’.” He smiled, his eyes streaming appreciation. “I’ve never been so happy for that in meeting you, Reia,” he said.

And in the quiet, her stomach began to growl, shamelessly, reminding her that she hadn’t eaten all day. She had been too busy preparing to come on this very trip.

  • Reia

Alas, with Dagen’s hat and jacket and and the breeze he missed that sound, but with that statement he was suddenly eager to get to the cabin. It wasn’t that far now and that cabin would open up another world of memories to share with Reia. And perhaps start new memories even though this was just a simulation. Even skiing various slopes of the galaxy from these holodecks Dagen longed for the real worlds, the real locations. “Let’s move on. I’ll lead.” He turned and passed by her but not before bringing his arm around her and pulling her in for a short quick hug and squeeze.
- Dagen

Reia smiled and leaned in for a second.

“Yes, you do that. I like the view.” she said with a laugh.

  • Reia

Dagen was just about to move and stopped in mid turn and did a double take to Reia as a wide grin crossed his features. Giving her an exaggerated wink he let his eyes slide over her before turning in the direction of the trail. At this point it was only a slow circle on the trail to follow before coming to the cabin. There was a gradual rise at this time so Dagen took it slow. The closer that he was to the cabin the more memories that came to him.

His muscles were pleasantly worked. This was a longer run than he normally did, though not as grueling in exercise. His thoughts strayed to the cabin and Reia as each thought mixed with thought. Past and present. Younger idealistic Dagen with older more jaded Dagen. Yet, all were still him and memories mixed and blended. Old desires mixed with the new and others at the back of his mind, shadows lingering and whispering to his subconscious.
- Dagen

Reia let him get a bit ahead of her as she watched the scenery. The lovely snow, the moving cloud formations, and that glorious view just ahead of her. Yes, perhaps it was time to move.

Sighing, she took up her poles again and began to ski after him taking the rise carefully when she got to it.

  • Reia

The upside of being an engineer was that he would know - because Dagen scheduled it! - the holodeck maintenance schedules. This one required its emitters to be realigned as regular PM work and the memory module to be replaced. This was a ‘test’ of its functionality and from that Dagen had this holodeck reserved for a much longer time than one would normally have it. He was glad. This was easily like two regular scheduled reservations back to back - one that he had thought of as the exercise of the trip and Reia seeing a bit of his world, and the other, the relaxing one of just getting to know her better in a place ‘outside’ the ship’s normal environment.

He came to a tall, old, knotted and gnarled tree. It was between them and a drop off and he stopped suddenly and looked at it, lifting his goggles to squint against the cold breeze coming up against them. “That’s odd. I don’t remember this tree as part of the programming. I’d climb that as a child and sit in that crook and look out, but it was hit by lightning and cracked in two when I was ten. I remember that clearly. We were out here and passed it by one day. We heard the lightning strike in the night and found the tree or what remained of it the next day.” He shrugged and looked at Reia. “Must have forgotten about it.”
- Dagen

Reia stopped beside him and lifted her goggles as well. It was an impressive old tree full of history and character.

“Hmm. I wonder how it slipped in? Either way, I’m glad it’s here.” she said with a soft smile.

What he didn’t tell her was that he had .. experimented .. with this program in this PM time. The Trill had loaded a holoprogram of his home yes, but he had also experimented with memory engrams, not unlike that of Dr Daystrom over a century ago. Perhaps there was a ‘mix’ of memory and the actual program. So far it had worked out well and the AI was well within general holodeck protocols.

Reia was enjoying seeing Dagen’s world, where he grew up, parts of his childhood. She was beginning to develop a real sense of comfort and trust with him. Those things were very important to her. Odd for a CIO but necessary for this particular woman.

  • Reia

Slipping the goggles back on Dagen flashed Reia a grin. “Not long now and we’ll be set for a good rest.” This had been a good ski and a relaxed workout. Perhaps a bit more than relaxed but the memories had energized him especially so in sharing them with Reia. The air felt fresher with her, the images more crisp. Even with the wind coming up where he would perhaps normally be bothered or uncomfortable he was instead bearing it as an adventure with her. He rather liked that. Pushing off Dagen took it as easily as he could in this last stretch, both to savor the journey and well, it wasn’t a race. Not today. Other days perhaps. “There!” he called out a short time later as they rounded a small hillock and the cabin was in view no more than a hundred yards away. Seeing it he felt a wave of anticipation flow through him.
- Thor

Reia skied up beside him and looked up at the cabin. It seemed such a simple thing sitting there demurely amongst the snow and trees but Reia knew that sometimes it was the simple things that brought back the strongest memories and made the most lasting ones.

Glancing from the cabin to Dagen, Reia had a sense that strong memories would be made today.

“I don’t know how I thought it would look but, somehow, this fits.”

  • Reia

Sure it wasn’t much to look at. At that distance it was detailed enough and yet far enough away to look like a small cabin in the middle of nowhere. Which it was. Only it wasn’t so ‘small’ when one was closer. As Dagen peered at it he thought it’s real size would show up when there wasn’t snowbanks against it and the roof covered in white to blend and only really show the facing walls just what it might look like. His feet shifted back and forth in the skis restlessly. They ‘destination’ was in sight and so close. A half smile crossed his lips when Reia spoke. “It’s not a mansion but for three or four guys it is room enough.” He glanced over to Reia. “And home enough for you and I for a time.” A pine like tree not far from the cabin was laden with snow. As he watched the wind caught a branch and snow cascaded from it to the ground. He wondered what it would look like now. Had his father sold it? It was just him and mom there now.

He flashed a smile at Reia. “When Rossel and I were young and came here, one year we put up a ‘No gurls allowed’ sign.” He slid closer to her with a kind of side stepping motion. “I’m glad I outgrew that.” Kissing her he smelled the outdoor freshness and a faint mix of some kind of perfume. It totally fit her and made him want to linger. “Are there cabins like this in Australia?” he asked. He made a motion to start and looked at her, both wanting to hear what she had to say and for them to go side by side to the cabin and close that short distance.
- Dagen

Reia skied side bu side with him for a few seconds enjoying the scent of the air and the wonderful company. It made her feel good that Dagen wanted to know about her and where she was from.

“Cabins in the bush yes but, it’s a very arid place. Scrub and desert. I’ve never seen snow like this in Australia.” she said concentrating on her skiing.

  • Reia

Dagen’s geography knowledge could point out the continent but that was more a process of elimination than any kind of intimate knowledge of what Earth looked like. He had spent little time there and even littler time outside of the Academy or the Fleet research centers that he had visited during the construction of the Genesis. “That sounds dry.” Already his mind was running about in thoughts of hiking in that region. “Good hiking?” he asked. He was going on more ‘autopilot’ and thinking of them in that place when the toe of his ski hit a fallen branch. He would have fallen if it weren’t for the fact that it was small and the ski eventually bumped over it. But he did a little dance to keep upright. “That would have been embarrassing. Grandfather would have split his gut laughing if he’d seen that.” Rookie mistake, he thought, but then he was distracted. Pleasantly so.

“I was at a research center testing deuterium flow methods for impulse engines in a place not far from Death Valley on the North American continent. That felt dry.” He shrugged. “For the afternoon I was out.” They’d had a ‘Southwest’ barbeque with the staff of the facility and these visiting ‘engineers’. It was quite tasty but all of it new. Before that time he had no clue what a ‘taco’ was. When someone had mentioned it he had thought it was a variation of stembolt. Boy was he wrong.

Without further incident they pulled up at the cabin. The wind was blowing wisps of snow off the low roof of the cabin now and small drifts were forming. “Looks like we made it just in time,” he said.
- Dagen

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