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Scans showed that there were no more hidden life forms in the system’s bodies. However, sensors showed that there were tetryon particles present where the creature was first located. These were not in high quantities but significant as there was nothing around to produce these subspace subatomic particles.


Ben was getting starting to get anxious just waiting.

Lt. Park

Magnus turned in his chair, partly to cover his widening grin, and started the scan “Park’s here to fly the ship and I’m just here to look pretty” He said as he examined the scan results “Hmm, does this imply that the creature created these particles?” He asked.


“Pity,” Siobhan laughed. “I thought I was the pretty one. Guess that makes me the smart one. Not sure which of us will suffer more for that.” She moved to tap on the console a bit more. “It seems that the particles are possibly a residual affect of its ‘birth’. Is there a way to get readings from this area prior to the loss of the moon? Then we can, perhaps, figure out if the particles were the cause or the affect of the creature coming into being.”

She had the feeling it was the affect. Her hands danced over the keyboard with practiced ease. An absent humming under her breath accompanying the silent motions in a haunting, almost lullaby, lilt.


Magnus simply smiled at the scientist’s joke but refrained from comment right now “Unless we meet someone who scanned the nebula before our arrival” He said turning around in his swivel chair “We can check to see if there are any other similar moons in the area. What I’m really curious about it is how it came to be, how did it the egg” He pointed to the moon “Come to be here or if that analogy works, is the mass an egg or was the creature inserted?”


From the computer and sensor logs from the Genesis, and the data just gotten by the away team, the computer came up came up with the following hypothesis that had a probability of 69%:

Based on the energy extracted by the creature from the pulsar, an egg or something that was the precursor of the creature was placed in the moon of the closest planet of a dwarf that was collapsing and would eventually become the pulsar in the midst of the nebula.Once the pulsar formed, the creature emerged from the moon, which caused the destruction of the moon. It then extracted energy from the pulsar. After extracting a specific amount of energy, the creature left the nebula and headed towards the spatial anomaly.


Turning to Commander Petersson “Uh sir” points to the creature leaving the nebula.

Lt. Park
((the creature already left, ship is chasing it… we came back and learned the info. So it was ‘born and left the nebula’ already… just fyi))

Magnus nodded as he read the results “So it was placed there to be born in the shadow of an exploding star. It’s rather poetic don’t you think, it takes death and brings life. This still doesn’t answer if there’s intelligent thought here or just animal instinct.”


Siobhan smiled to herself when the XO didn’t respond. She looked out at the nebula and smile outwardly as well. “Almost like a phoenix in some ways. Born from death, though not its own.” She shook her head to clear it from the rabbit hole it wanted to chase along that line.

“So, born from a moon, near an exploding start… Let’s see if we can call up any other times an occurrence like this happened. I mean, if this is only one… interesting. But if there are other places where planets have exploded or collapsed with the changing of a nearby body, then we can possible see about predicting the next one.”


There were traces of tetryon particles where they were. The particles were dissipating and deteriorating. However, the computer was able to locate the origin of the tetryon particles. They were from where the ‘egg’ was supposed to be. A check on the sensors showed very faint amounts of tetryon particles present in a few other ‘planets’ and ‘moons’ surrounding the pulsar. Since tetryon particles were not naturally occurring in normal space, their presence was suspicious.


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