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After about another 12 hours, the Genesis was 6.2 light years and about 10 minutes short of 36 hours from the anomaly. The creature who was about 0.7 light years behind the Genesis after its jump, had now trailed to about 2.8 light years from the Genesis. There was the usual build up of energy in the creature, the graviton build up outside the creature and the magneton pulse nanoseconds before the creature disappeared from sight and appeared one light year from its previous position about one minute later. The creature was now about 1.8 light years away from them.


“Has the rate of the creatures jumps been consistent?” Marius did a little math in his head and found that that they were about 3 minutes ahead of the creature, that probably wouldn’t be enough time on station long enough to figure out what was going on.

“We have a maximum time of 12 hours at warp 9.2. We are going to need every second that we can buy to make an analysis.” He could wait to use it at the end of the trip, or now. If he used it now, he would have another 12 hours to regenerate his power reserves. =^=Engineering we need warp 9.2 for as long as you can hold it.=^=


Ben checked the readouts on the Tactical console and made the necessary inputs to raise their speed to warp 9.2, when Engineering gave the OK. He knew that speed was at or near max for the Genesis, but trusted the Captain’s experience and wisdom.

Ben SO

=^= We can do twelve, sir. And push it longer if we nurse it =^= Dagen replied. It was not like it was 9.5. That .3 made a lot of difference. They weren’t damaged so the stressors and factors were less. But, hopefully, not too many more hours.

V’Lath had been observing and evaluating, but so far had been quiet. “Captain, have you considered that the creature may be far more intelligent than we first thought, and is either playing a game with us, or testing our abilities ? This is merely a supposition, I have no factual data.”

V’Lath CNS

Marius pursed his lips… “Counselor, perhaps you just earned your pay for the week.”

“Open hailing frequency, standard communication protocols… Lets see if Baby answers any of our signals.”


Reia had been wondering for quite some time if the creature had been herding them somewhere but hadn’t gathered enough data herself to voice such a suggestion to the Captain. The Counselors statement had definitely caught her interest though.

  • Reia, CIO

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=^= Hoy, that is quick, =^= Dagen responded. =^= And 10 meters? =^= How could they focus a graviton beam that close without damaging the ship. Would it be farther if it was a larger vessel like theirs? =^= Wow. What do you make of it? The forces on the creature must be incredible. =^=

“It’s possible that it’s sentient and has some level of intelligence,” David said. He activated the comms and sent out the standard greeting in every known form of communication in the database. Maybe the creature would respond in some fashion?

-David Michaels, CSO

As V’Lath continued to observe the interplay of the various officers and departments he smiled at the thought of Dr. Brennan and the Captain being married, and how that would affect certain behavior. He had not missed the good Dr.’s whispered comment back to her husband about the chair/man. Vulcan hearing was very good. He thought back many years ago to a time when there was someone who would have made similar comments to him.

V’Lath CNS

From the sensor data, the computer came up with the following hypothesis: the creature had moved to a steady constant velocity before building up energy without affecting the velocity. It had then produced the graviton field that was ahead of itself. This means that the particles of gravitons was also travelling at the same velocity as the creature. When it released the magneton pulse, or more accurately the subspace magneton pulse, The effect was that it was able to create a wormhole small enough for it to go through. As the wormhole was created at a specific point in space, the creature, which was moving, went into it almost immediately and emerged a light year away from where it disappeared.


Once again sitting in the XO’s chair, Sage formed a posit. “We know the creature is organic, but could it possibly also be a transport? I read a book once that took place on a planet other than Earth, where a very large worm creature, lined with gill-like slits, was used to travel around the planet. Will baby’s atomic nature allow a scan for other beings inside of it?”


Marius shrugged and the looked over to the science station. “Anything else on the creature or the anomaly that we are heading towards?”

“Nothing on the hails either?”


As the ship was moving closer to the anomaly, the sensors were able to gather more information about it. Tetryon particles were found in significant quantities within 200 kilometres of the anomaly, indicating that it might be connected to subspace.


“No response yet to any of the standard greetings,” David announced. “Sensors share picking up high levels of tetryon particles within a radius of about 200 kilometers of the anomaly. That could mean that the anomaly is connected to subspace.”
-David Michaels, CSO

As V’Lath continued to observe, he noted the Captain, now that he was on the bridge. The Captain had a faint blue aura surrounding him, which V’Lath had learned meant he showed very little emotion. He also noted that the Captain would give an order when necessary, but he preferred to have the crew give him information first and then would make a decision based on that information. He seemed an able and competent commander. V’lath heard LCdr Brennan’s comment about the book she had read, “Ah, Cdr. would that be the Dune series of books ? Quite an interesting postulation.”

V’Lath CNS

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As they were underway a thought niggled at him. They were travelling too fast, unless they wanted to get to the anomaly well ahead of the time. =^= Thor to Bridge. Question related to the creature and the anomaly. Are you looking to arrive much earlier there or about the same time as the creature? =^=
- Thor

=^=Ahead Mr. Thor, I want to be able to find out what’s going to happen before it too late to make a difference. Just in case its something I don’t want to happent.”


After the jump, the creature slowed down to 0.8 times light speed, and maintained that speed.


As V’Lath sat there listening to all that was going on, he remembered something he had heard back at the Academy. “Captain, I’m no scientist, but I remember something I heard at the Academy about using inverse tachyon pulses to scan subspace. Might that be a useful tool in this situation ?”

“That’s a science question.” Marius looked at Michaels who tended to take his time before answering any questions.

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=^= Right. Okay. At it’s current pace it averages our warp 7.25, sir. Recommend then we push the engines to assessed speed at 9.2 and scale back to warp 9 and, barring any increase of pace on the creature we’ll be there well ahead of it. =^=

Dagen added after a pause =^= Anything engineering should be prepared for on arrival, sir? =^=
- Thor, CE


V’Lath was trying to remember exactly what it was he had heard about the use of inverse tachyon pulses and subspace. He seemed to remember a ship had used a burst of inverse tachyon pulses from their navigation emitter array to scan subspace. He moved to stand beside the CSO. “Mr. Michaels I believe another ship used the inverse tachyon pulses to scan subspace. I offer this as possibly a way track the creature should it enter subspace, I’m not sure how we would do it, but that is your as they say,…bailiwick.”

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As the Genesis moved closer to the anomaly, the sensors began to detect subspace signals of a specific frequency range coming from the anomaly.

OOC: Just some stats.
The distance between the anomaly and the nebula is about 10 light years.
The creature will take about 5 days at its current way of travel to cover the distance. It is 1 day since the creature started to move.
The Genesis takes 2.5 days at Warp 9 to cover the distance at Warp 9. At this point of time the Genesis has covered about 3.8 light years It would take another 36 hours at Warp 9 to reach the anomaly. It would be 22 hours between the runabout and the Genesis at Warp 9.
The runabout will take than a month (app. 36 days) to cover the 10 light years if it were to travel at its maximum sustainable warp (Warp 4) .


David looked over at the new counselor dryly. He hadn’t had much interaction with the man, mostly due to the very nature of there being another counselor on board that wasn’t Riley. It remained a very painful subject for David. It didn’t take a telepath to detect the Chief Science Officer’s disdain.

“It is possible,” He said flatly. Turning his gaze towards the Captain, he continued, “I’m detecting a subspace frequency coming from the anomaly. I believe that I can modify our comms array to match this frequency and see if we can establish a communications with this signal.”

“I would not recommend using any kind of tachyon pulses, as we do not know what kinds of effects it will have on the creature sir,” He was still addressing the Captain, but gave the Counselor a sideways glance.

-David Michaels, CSO

V’Lath studied the CSO for a moment, and realized from inflection, body language, and facial expression that this man had a feeling of antipathy toward him. They had never met before, but V’Lath had read the crews’ medical charts and knew this man had recently lost someone dear to him, and this was the possible cause. “Mr. Michaels, as I previously stated, I’m no scientist but my job is to watch and observe and to put forth possible options for a specific instance. That is all I am doing here. I hope we can work together to explore this anomaly and the creature it spawned.” V’Lath moved back to stand near the Security console. He would liked to have suggested that the man come and see him in his office at a later date but felt that the suggestion would not be well received at this time, and the situation was wrong.

V’Lath CNS

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