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Moving aside so that Reia could herself make calls, Dagen tapped his badge. =^= Thor to the Captain. I seem to have a dilemma and a request. =^=
- Dagen

=^=Marius here, I’m not sure I can help your with with either Lieutenant Commander, but give it a go.=^=

=^= Sir, we just received a transmission from .. my parents. As we are passing not too far from Trill here they thought a surprise visit would be nice. Uh, my mother’s like that sir. Permission to take them aboard for a .. short stay. Their surprise includes them very nearly on approach now. =^= They were not yet assigned to a mission which was a blessing.

Reia smiled at Dagen pleased that Marius had responded so quickly.

=^=I presume they aren’t security risks.=^= He wasn’t familiar with Dagen’s family but he doubted they would bind a symbiote to a person with questionable parentage. =^=If not, the diplomatic quarters aren’t being used.=^=

Dagen laughed at that, a quick chortle that he curbed as quickly. =^= Not as such, sir. We’ll just keep my mother away from electronics and shiny buttons. I’ll see that they get settled. Thank you. =^= That last was a very relieved tone.

Reia nodded at Dagen as he began preparing for the arrival of his parents. She smiled as he moved aside but didn’t need to actually make comms of her own. She merely picked up a PaDD and typed in the following message.

-Mary, RJ.

-My new quarters with the shelves and all the pictures ASAP and don’t forget the candles.

Dagen paused to watch Reia tap out a message. That was certainly another way of doing it. Leaning against the end of the couch he hooked one leg onto the cushion while waiting for the Captain to reply. Given the time he could be eating and the comms AI would have not dubbed this as a priority call. Still, as he watched the punctuated motions of Reia in getting ready he knew that the term priority was relative.

Setting it down, she jumped to her feet and began arranging the quarters. She knew that Dagen had a lot of miscellaneous engineering paperwork and the like. Throwing anything away would probably be a bad idea so she would settle for shifting some things into neater piles and he could be frustrated with her if he chose to be.

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Still waiting Dagen watched his random clutter being piled. In the end it was as assorted and chaotic as before - only in one pile. He wasn’t sure he quite approved of the pile - it was as though it stared at him like a pouting inbox whispering that it needed to be attended to. Any sense of annoyance was a distant sensation that was more than covered over by the immediate nature of his parents arriving and in watching Reia move about the room.

=^= Thor to Shuttle Bay. Perkins, are you there? =^= He tried tack number two.
=^= Bryan here =^= came a female voice, definitely not Perkins. His inner chronometer suggested it must have been around shift change. =^= You’ve got me. How can I help you Chief? =^=
=^= We likely are getting a shuttle in in about the next half hour. =^= He tried to remember the shuttle interior that he saw. =^= Civilian class. Small. =^= A pause. =^= My parents are aboard. I’m just working to clear this with the Captain but wanted you to be aware too to expect them. =^=
The return voice sounded amused. =^= That didn’t take long, Sir. Mother’s intuition? I’ll be ready and will let you know the minute they are on a course for landing. =^=
=^= Thanks Barb =^= Dagen said, letting out a relieved breath. That was one more thing worked out.

As he watched Reia through this conversation he gave her a ‘wink’ when he caught her eye. He felt better in doing something about this; it calmed him some. In a way he was relieved too. Decorating was not his strong suit and he’d be happy to ‘slide’ that over to his mother and Reia to just, well, do.
- Dagen


Reia winked at Dagen as the door chimed.

She showed Mary and RJ in silently and directed them on where to put the shelves. Once they had them set where Reia had suggested, they began moving things off the hover dolly.

“RJ. Those are the wrong candles. I’ll put those in the bedroom. I want the green one’s set and burning. They have a rather alpine smell to them.” Reia explained as RJ went to work.

They reminded Reia of the crisp ski trip with just a hint of the logs burning in the fire where Dagen had proposed the first time.

Mary grabbed the box from Reia’s hands, walked into the bedroom, and set it down. The young woman could see her friend was flustered and wanted to do what she could to help and the less time RJ spent in Reia’s quarters the better.

After RJ finished lighting the candles on the bottom shelf he reached up and set the tall one on the top shelf.

“Pictures Lieutenant?” he asked with a dopey smile.

That smile reminded Reia that she should really reset the atmospheric controllers.

“Computer, reset the atmospheric processors for these quarters to maximum.”

The computer chirped.

“Unable to comply. The atmospheric processors are malfunctioning.” the computer replied.

Reia looked from RJ to Mary to Dagen. Mary looked from RJ to Dagen and back again. She was the only person that knew about her brother’s condition.

Dagen winced. “Uh, that might be me. I was tweaking the filters.” He made a gesture of holding up his hands and mouthed, “I didn’t expect company,” while pointing upward, which was his way of implying his parents. Really, he had figured they’d be alone for a couple of days anyway there for him to work at the filtration system for just such emergencies. Who knew that that would .. happen now. Something about some unlucky guy called Murphy who lived back on earth a long time ago came to mind.

“Ma’am. I think my brother and I should probably go now. Family pictures are so personal and all.” Mary said trying to steer her brother towards the door.

“I’ll help,” Dagen offered. “I, ah, need to make a quick visit to the replicators.” As the two were exiting Dagen turned toward Reia and made a motion at his ring finger to imply that was what was up next. He supposed he could have used the one in their quarters but this was something he felt he needed to do himself.

Reia nodded, smiled, and just let them go. Suddenly there was too much to think about. Maybe arranging the pictures would help.

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Reia was looking quite stressed out at that particular moment and she would be glad to have a few minutes alone.

“Sure… Umm… Yeah. Well if you don’t think you can get the filters fixed on your own, please please PLEASE have someone from engineering give you a hand with it. I never told you the story about my best friend’s wedding but let’s just say I don’t want a repeat.” Reia said as she turned back tot he pictures. It was the other half of why she didn’t usually drink in public. There was still so much that she and Dagen didn’t know about each other. They would have to live very long lives just to scratch the surface. As for rings, she owuld have to make a quick trip to her office before he got back for that.

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Dagen held out a hand. “No problem, love. We’ve got them in the diplomatic quarters. We can visit there and keep them away from here until it is fixed.” At least he hoped it wasn’t a problem. Nothing like a dilemma to keep one on their toes. “The DQ’s have a better eating space that would be big enough for all of us. Mother will want to see everything here. I can tour dad through the ship. He’d like that.” And it would sooth some fears that Reia might have about floating pheromones in the space, at least for now. It would buy them time to do what they needed to do.
- DAgen

Reia sighed with relief and almost dropped the picture she was holding. It was of her in dress uniform receiving her Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry. She had never displayed the picture before and almost left it out this time. But this was her home, why not show it off a bit?

Setting it up with the others she walked quickly across the room and held her husband tightly for several seconds.

“Good. Good. So good. I think things will go very well if you don’t mind the fact that you married a crazy person. I love you, now go. I have a lot to do.”

With that, she kissed him roughly and stepped away.

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