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After he had left the DH and XO, somewhat abruptly he realized, Ben headed for Sickbay to inform T’Lora and to see if she wished to be with him when he contacted the Captain, also he just wanted to be with T’Lora. He realized that their romance had moved swiftly, but was never more sure of anything in his life.

Ben - Nervously expectant

T’Lora had just finished her shift and was heading out of sickbay when she ran into Ben, quite literally. “My apologies.” She stopped and looked up. “Ben!” She laughed. “Coming to see me?”

“Always”, Ben smiled and gave T’Lora a hug. It was good to see her laugh, he felt she hadn’t had a lot of laughter in her life ‘til lately. “I was just coming to tell you that I told the XO and Cdr. McGregor about the wedding and wanted to see if you wanted to be with me when I see the Captain ?”


T’Lora nodded, then bit her lip slightly. “There is something we ought to do first… It would certainly silence most concerns.” There was a slight blush rising in her cheeks.

Ben grabbed T’Lora’s hands and pulled her close. “What is it? Some sort of secret Vulcan marriage ritual we need to perform.” Ben held her close, just reveling in being near this beautiful woman. “I’m willing to do whatever I have to do to make us one.”


T’Lora laughed, almost giggling. “Nothing of the sort.” She sighed happily. “A mind-meld.” She had never thought she’d be able to offer one to anyone.

Ben thought a moment. “A mind-meld with you, sure, that’s not a problem. When and where do you want to do this?” Ben realized that a mind-meld with T’Lora would be a bonding of sorts. To share memories, emotions, hopes and dreams in a way much more intimate than most couples ever knew. “I’m ready whenever you are.”


T’Lora nodded decisively. “Either of our quarters is acceptable.” The last meld she had actively participated in had been with her father back when she was only five.

Ben thought a second. “Let’s go to your quarters, mine are kind of martial-artsy, with weapons and armor and stuff, I’m sure yours’ would be much more comfortable.” He thought: “As long as T’Lora was there I could be comfortable in a storage closet”.

OOC: I don’t mean to but in, but isn’t T’Lora going to tell Sage about the nuptuals?


OOC :You’re not butting in and thanks for the reminder.

Ben took T’Lora’s hand and started towards her quarters, when a thought occurred to him. “Have you told Dr. Brennan about the wedding yet ? She is married to the Captain and might be the one to approach about the ceremony.”


OOC: Yep! She sure is!
T’Lora ducked her head. “I haven’t.” She hadn’t even tried actually. “What if she’s concerned? Or if she doesn’t approve?” She needed to, of course, Doctor Brennan would find out sooner or later, but she wanted some sort of confirmation first. “It was very fast for humans.” Not for Vulcans. But for humans… “My parents were engaged three hours from their first meeting. Humans usually take months.”

Ben took both of T’Lora’s hands. “It’s ok to be nervous, but she needs to know. As for the fast part, I knew from the moment I first saw you that you were it for me. C’mon I’ll go with you and we’ll tell her together.” Ben reversed direction and headed back toward Sickbay.


T’Lora nodded, laughing silently. “And I’m meant to be the one with total control,” she murmured. “Let’s go.” She took a deep breath as the two walked into the sickbay she had just left. Squeezing Ben’s hand for a moment, T’Lora stepped up to her DH. “Doctor Brennan? May we speak with you?”

Sage was just finishing up a turn around the bay, checking on the three patients present. She gave a nod to the shift nurse, turning over responsibility and then smiled at T’Lora and her friend. “Sure, let’s just head into the office where we can have some privacy, okay?” She led the two inside, gestured to the chairs in front of her desk and then sat down. “What can I do for you?”


“We’re getting married.” T’Lora spoke so quickly she wasn’t even sure Doctor Brennan could understand her. “Or, we want to get married anyway.” She knew what her family would say, what her father would say, even what other Vulcans would say, but Doctor Brennan was a complete mystery.

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