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“I....” David said, looking over the data, trying to make sense of it all. “I don’t know.” For those of the crew that knew the CSO well, the tone of his voice, and the simple admission, meant that he was truly puzzled and had no reasonable explanation for what they were witnessing.

-David Michaels, CSO

As he was speaking, the creature disappeared from the sensors and did not appear for about 40 seconds. Then it appeared slightly less than 2 light years from its previous position, still on course to the anomaly. The creature was now about six light years to the anomaly and the Genesis 0.1 light years ahead of the creature. The creature emerged and travelled at 0.9 light speed. The sensors were able to have more readings from the creature.

The creature had a shell of compounds that were made up of mainly of silicon, carbon, oxygen, aluminium and iron. There were other elements but they were extremely small. The shell resembled clay and rock but seemed to be flexible but tough. The internal surface of the shell seemed to be magnetic in nature.

In the interior of the creature, the biggest organ was the size of a human adult. It was transmitting energy through a series of long filaments. The filaments were conducting energy very efficiently but their composition was not easy to determine due to the energy that was being transmitted. The filaments reached the shell as well as other organs.

One of the organs was close to the shell at the anterior part of the creature. That organ seemed to be storing energy expanding as it took in energy. At the moment, it was about a quarter of the size of the biggest organ.

Two organs, that were half the size of the biggest organ seemed to be absorbing the little energy from the surrounding space. It was transmitting more energy to the main organ than receiving energy from the main organ.

Other than that, the interior consisted mainly of helium and argon. The organs and filaments were kind of suspended where they were by the magnetic field generated by the internal surface of the shell.


Reia had set her screen to show readings from the science screen but shook her head in complete confusion at what she was looking at.

  • Reia, CIO

As V’Lath continued to watch and observe, he wondered at his relevance on the bridge. Being a touch empath had it’s advantages, in that you weren’t being constantly bombarded by everyone’s thoughts, but not being able to read thoughts without actually making contact was a disadvantage at times, such as now.
All though he felt the creature was purely instinctual, due the lack of response to certain stimuli, there was no way to actually determine sentience or not. He would continue to offer such ideas and scenarios as his knowledge allowed, hopefully for the Captain and crew to consider in making their decisions. For now he watched and waited.

V’Lath CNS

Tom stepped onto the bridge and took up a position out of the way. There were times when he preferred to watch things in person rather than review internal sensor feeds.

  • Tom, IntSec

“If it was the signal, could we slow the thing down, by having the shuttle send out the same wavelengths from the rear....” Marius didn’t know if the creature was using the wavelengths as a homing signal or a power source… not that there was alot of energy in the signal but it could be like the deuterium the warp drive uses. Deuterium didn’t have any real energy value until you hit it with anti matter… then boom.”


V’Lath noticed the new officer on the bridge, but couldn’t recall ever having met him before. He also noted that this officer was an observer and watcher as was V’Lath, he nodded to the man and made a note on his PADD as well as mentally to find out who he was. V’Lath never forgot anyone he ever met and through his training and study of Vulcan memory techniques and his constant practice and meditation he had developed a powerful memory. While he was a touch empath only, he sensed there was something different and inherently interesting about this officer. V’Lath again nodded and turned to observe the forward viewscreen.

V”Lath CNS

Tom returned the nod and continued to watch events unfold.

-Tom, IntSec

Reia had an idea that might have been better suited for the CSO or CMO but decided to take the initiative herself. She had received data concerning the internal structures of the creature and decided to run a comparison with that of any known biological organisms, space born or planet bound, no matter how far fetched it may seem.

  • Reia, CIO

OOC: I know that the GM is out for a little and I, much like all of you hate those “I’m waiting posts” so lets do almost a sim update from our characters point of view so we stay oriented and the GM when he returns can pick up from where ‘we leave it.”

Marius turned about, “I want a station by station report of your status and what you are doing to solve this problem… Go.”


Ben glanced down at the Tactical console. “Sir we are currently on course and speed to arrive at the anomaly slightly before the creature, and have been adjusting speed to compensate for the creature’s fluctuations. The ship is operating in a Yellow alert status, and offensive weapons are armed and on standby. Shields are operating normally and at 100% currently.” Ben took a deep breath, the Tactical console was a position he rarely manned and he hoped he was up to the task.

Ben SO

“Captain, I will continue to observe and study the situation, but at present I am unable to contribute much in the way of an extrapolation to any previously recorded events, all though there have been instances of beings living in raw space, but Starfleet declared that sector of space “Off Limits” due to an incident of accidental interference and the death of one of the beings. I will be sure to let the crew know if I can come up with anything.” V’Lath turned to his PADD and began to search for anything that might relate to their current situation.

V’Lath CNS

After a protracted time, the sensors and computer were able to come to a 90% certainty that the material that made the filaments were a combination of carbon, hydrogen, silicon and solanogen. The last compound was something that only could exist in subspace, and it made up only 8% of the total composition. Somehow, the magnetic field in the creature was able to keep the solanogen stable within the body.


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