Side Sim - Ummm... hypothetically speaking, of course...

Posted Nov. 22, 2020, 4:14 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Sage Brennan (2nd Officer - CMO) (D Grisham)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Siobhan DeNaris (Sub-DH Xeno Biology) in Side Sim - Ummm… hypothetically speaking, of course…

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Sage Brennan (2nd Officer - CMO) in Side Sim - Ummm… hypothetically speaking, of course…

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Siobhan DeNaris (Sub-DH Xeno Biology) in Side Sim - Ummm… hypothetically speaking, of course…
She waited as long as she dared. Siobhan had been checking on the CMO’s location off and on for the last hour wondering just how close she should cut it. She wanted to talk to the woman, but wasn’t sure she wanted everyone else around. As the end of the shift drew nearer, she knew it was now or never.

Heading into the corridor, she tried not to break the flimsy PaDD in half that she had in her hands. The way her fingers worried over it, one would think she wanted it broken. She passed everyone with smiles and salutations like nothing was amiss. But when she stepped into medical, she paused. Maybe she shouldn’t. Her heart started racing with the question of privacy versus someone’s career and safety.

She nodded to herself and took the last few steps to the Medical Chief’s office. She came to Sage less because she was the CMO and more because she was the Second Officer. Her thought being that she was asking Command, without pestering the CO or XO. She just hoped she wasn’t doing the wrong thing. Poking her head in, she rapped on the side of the wall. “Ma’am… forgive me. If you are about to leave, I can come back tomorrow.” She bit her lip not realizing she was already second guessing herself.

Lt JG Siobhan DeNaris

Sitting behind the desk, catching up on some of the charting from the last two days, Sage looked up in surprise. She noted the pips on the woman’s collar. “Lt? Is there something I can help you with?”

Usually, visitors to sickbay stopped in the actual bay and stated their needs so they could be directed to a biobed or particular doctor that best suited their treatment. This woman, dressed in the teal and black of medical and science, had bypassed that option to speak directly to her. With her background in counseling and facial recognition of emotions, the CMO knew the Lt had something specific on her mind.


“DeNaris, ma’am. Siobhan. Forgive me. I checked in during the recent chaos and I think my actual checkin was merely checked off by a shift supervisor when all was said and done. New xenobiologist, by the way.” She took a step that placed her just inside the threshold of the office. “But it’s actually because of you being Command staff that brings me here, if you have a moment.” She was once more worrying the PaDD as if about to snap it in two.

“Ummm, hypothetical, of course.” She quickly added it, though the Chief would probably realize the non hypothetical taint behind the qualifier.


Sage was suddenly intrigued—because she was ‘command’? “By all means, Lt DeNarris, come in and have a seat. I was just going over this weeks patient notes, so you aren’t interrupting anything that can’t wait.”

She motioned to the seats across from her desk and waited for the woman to sit. “You said this was because I was in the line of command? Is this something you think I can handle better than the Captain or First Officer?”


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