T'Lora's Quarters - Prenuptial Mind-Meld

Posted Nov. 23, 2020, 11:08 p.m. by Ensign T'Lora (Doctor) (Leonora V)

Posted by Ensign Ben Wilkinson (Security Officer) in T’Lora’s Quarters - Prenuptial Mind-Meld

Posted by Ensign T’Lora (Doctor) in T’Lora’s Quarters - Prenuptial Mind-Meld

Posted by Ensign Ben Wilkinson (Security Officer) in T’Lora’s Quarters - Prenuptial Mind-Meld
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Ben started down the passage way, then realized he wasn’t sure where T’Lora’s quarters were. “Maybe you should lead the way.” He let T’Lora guide him as he held her hand and they proceeded. In his mind he was wondering what her quarters would be like, he knew his were pretty spartan. Maybe doctors had larger living spaces than other crew members. He was also anticipating the mind-meld, wondering what it would be like to know someone’s thoughts and dreams. The idea seemed so very intimate, he quickly scanned his thoughts, was there anything he wouldn’t want T’Lora to know, he couldn’t really think of anything. If he was willing to share his life, his mind was also part of the deal.


T’Lora laughed, stopping at her door. They stepped inside and she closed her eyes for a moment. Her quarters, although warmer than the rest of the ship were a standard temperature for Vulcans. There was a picture of herself and her father when she was young. The 10-year-old T’Lora was looking at her father and stifling a laugh, but he was grinning widely and openly. There was also a picture of her parents together, her father laughing while her mother rolled her eyes with a grin.

Ben stepped through the door to T’Lora’s quarters, he immediately noticed the warmer temperature, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. He glanced down at T’Lora, he was enjoying this laughing, smiling side of her. He felt she hadn’t had a lot of laughter in her life. The room was basically the same size as his, an Ensign was an Ensign after all. The only real differences were the decor, the pictures intrigued him, he too had pictures of his family displayed. It was really the only way they both had to help remember those they had lost. Ben pulled T’Lora close, into a hug and looked into her eyes, “I really want to do this, to share my life, my memories, my hopes and dreams, but I just have one question,......... Will it hurt ?”

Ben - Nervous

T’Lora shook her head. “Not in the least. I have heard it described as a magical experience…” She trailed off. “My father once said that it allows two people to transcend from the physical plane.” Her father had also been a poet, so his descriptions were often fanciful.

Ben grinned, “I didn’t really think it would hurt and even if it did I’d still do it”. He still held T’Lora in a close hug, “I’m ready whenever you are, let’s do this.”


T’Lora nodded swiftly, suddenly feeling a lump in her throat. How long had it been since she had melded with someone simply because she wished to? She turned the lights down manually and gestured to the floor. T’Lora took one of the cushions from a pile against the wall and passed it to Ben, then grabbed another and sat down. “It’s been a long time.” She smiled sadly, thinking of the touch of her father’s mind.

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