Dagen's Quarters Part 2

Posted Nov. 26, 2020, 9:41 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Dagen Thor (CE) (Gene Gibbs)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Reia Shandy (CIO) in Dagen’s Quarters Part 2

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dagen Thor (CE) in Dagen’s Quarters Part 2

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Reia Shandy (CIO) in Dagen’s Quarters Part 2
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After Dagen left, Reia just stood in the empty space for a few precious, silent, seconds. Her life had been going at about warp 8 for quite some time and now it had just kicked into warp 9, or beyond. She had plans of taking Dagen home to meet her grandparents someday but never dreamed that his parents would be popping up for a random visit. Perhaps she should have waited and just asked the Captain to marry them at the Christmas party. But would it make a difference if Dagen’s parents met his new wife, or his fiance?

Glancing aorund she busied herself with a few needless chores, a new blanket for the couch, a large bouquet of flowers for the table, etcetera, before dashing out the door in order to take care of her last project.

In truth, Reia had not idea if Dagen would even wear a wedding ring.

  • Reia

They had time. Dagen was sure of it, or at least hoped for it. This he thought as he ran along the corridor at an easy jog. He’d have gone faster though he had nearly taken out two crewmen as he had charged out of the turbolift. He was thankful in this moment that this was not a Mythology class ship or he’d be doing a lot more running; the Genesis was a good deal smaller and compact. His engineer sense occasionally itched at being on one of those new classes, though his own sense of pride in the Genesis in being a part of her construction kept his feet on solid decking.

Somewhat flushed he rounded the bend and came to his, no theirs, quarters and came to a halt. Skiing good. Jogging not so good, he thought, tripping the sensor as he approached. Entering he could smell the flowers, the vanilla from the candles, the latent traces of Reia, the subtle changes that she had done. They were small, though they ever amazed Dagen that they could make so much of a difference. There was no sound but the faint air recyclers and the latent ‘white noise’ of ship operations. Quickly checking the small bedroom and lav he confirmed that Reia wasn’t there. How had he missed her? Had she gone down to the bay? Had he missed an instruction? He checked his PaDD for a note. nothing, but then, he didn’t expect one necessarily. She would be back. He had … a few minutes before needing to run down to the Bay. The Trill cast a nervous glance out of the window to space as though expecting to see the dot of their craft approaching. In his palm he still had the ring. Her ring, which he hoped she liked. Unconsciously, Dagen paced.
- Dagen

Reia was still uncertain as to whether Dagen would actually wear a ring but she had taken quite some time in researching symbolism, stones, metals, etcetera before constructing one.

After having the computer inform her that her husband had returned to their quarters, she slipped on her newly replicated shoes and ran to be with him before his parents arrived.

Stepping into their quarters she paused, a bit out of breath, having almost twisted her ankle in the new shoes and startling three Ensigns along the way.

“I’m glad you’re here and I hope they’re late. Computer, coffee, extra strong, salted caramel creamer.” she commanded as she walked across the small living quarters.

She smiled at Dagen but the look in her eyes was plain. It said ‘I love you more than the stars but don’t get between me and my coffee right now.’.

  • Reia

“Far be it from getting between my lady and her coffee,” Dagen said, eyeing both her shoes and her gait and, admittedly her wiggle as she passed by. He checked the chrono again but that didn’t say anything.

He tapped his badge while eyeing Reia. =^= Thor to Shuttle Bay. Barb. What’s our ETA? =^=
=^= Hi Chief. I guess there was a little trouble. Shuttle slipped off approach and is on approach again. Something about someone hitting a thruster panel. =^=
Dagen looked at Reia. ‘Mom’ he mouthed to her, making a ‘face’.
=^= Thanks. I’ll be down shortly. =^=
=^= You’ve got a good ten minutes =^=

That meant seven before he had to run again. Waiting until the replicator formed the drink and Reia had taken her ‘fortifying’ sip he closed the distance with her. Sliding a hand through her silken hair to her nape he pulled her to his lips for a lingering soft kiss. “You look beautiful and we’ve got this.” Taking a step back he fished into his pocket and fished out the ring. “Does this mean we’re legit now?” he asked with a crooked smile, waiting for her to change hands with the steaming mug. The fragrance of it was enticing, but then, so was she.
- DAgen

Reia returned Dagen’s kiss and smiled as she stepped away slightly to set the half drank coffee down.

There was a lingering taste of that caramel on her lips, though that was still not nearly as sweet as her pheromones. He relaxed knowing they had time now - if only a short bit of time. He couldn’t help but think that this was not unlike a normal Starship operation - a great deal of routine operations punctuated by an utter scramble in the situation that came up. Why was it that it was in these situations that he simply wanted Reia all the more?

“Legit? Oh dear. What a twenty first century Human slang term. Good on you love. I think we were legit ever since you found one of these in the cabin.” she said producing a red bandanna with his ring artfully tied inside of it.

“Shall I go first?”

  • Reia

“Too long on Terra apparently,” he said accompanied by a wink. “Things rub off.” And rub on, he thought, knowing that Reia had been raised there. Seeing the raised bandana he tipped his head to one side, intrigued. How could raising such a simple thing raise such possibilities in his mind? “Please do,” he replied. Shifting over a step he half sat/half leaned on the edge of the sofa. Her ring was tucked into his closed palm.
- Dagen

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