V'Lath's Quarters - Contemplation and Decision (All are welcome)

Posted Nov. 26, 2020, 12:23 p.m. by Ensign V'Lath (Counselor) (David Stiles)

Posted by Ensign V’Lath (Counselor) in V’Lath’s Quarters - Contemplation and Decision (All are welcome)
V’Lath was dressed in the comfortable robe and soft slippers he favored when off duty. It was a comfortably warm temperature in his quarters. He had enjoyed the fireplace in his office so much that he had one replicated and installed in his quarters and it was before it that he now sat and stared at two objects on the small table in front of him as he sipped a mug of strong Vulcan coffee. The small replica of the Kir’Shara obelisk sat to his left and before him was a small holograph of a young Vulcan woman with dark hair and fair features. He contemplated the image before him, remembering times past and emotions he had long ago put aside, or thought he had. “Pri’sai ” he intoned in barely a whisper. “I still have no definite proof, but in my heart of hearts I know that this girl is the one,” he sighed and took a sip of coffee, “And if I find definite proof, what then ? Do I tell her that the father she knew as a child and loved wasn’t actually her father, that her mother once loved another man and she is that man’s daughter ? What do I do, Pri’sai, what do I do ?” V’Lath stroked his beard and ran a hand across his brow, he knew it was completely illogical to speak to a hologram, but it helped him to focus and he felt at times that that the spirit of the woman he once loved spoke to him in his dreams or as he meditated. He hoped she would speak to him now as he had hard decisions to make. He stared into the flickering flames and found no answers.

As V’Lath sat and pondered the many possibilities he faced and the resultant consequences a small chime sounded from his desk, he realized that he had one hour until he needed to be in his office. Rising rom the chair he intoned “Computer, fireplace off, lighting to normal.” The lights came up and the flames in the fireplace immediately died, he entered the small bedroom and laid out a fresh uniform on the bed along with undergarments. He disrobed and stepped into the shower, turning the water to hot. He preferred to bathe with water rather than use the sonic showers most quarters were equipped with, the water was reclaimed and filtered and purified so there was no loss, even the steam produced was reclaimed. Stepping out of the shower he quickly toweled off and began to dress. his thoughts turned to the young woman, T’Lora. He had successfully treated her botched mind meld, but due to her strong shielding instinct had been unable to gain the proof he needed. Perhaps he should invite her to tea in the lounge, he could then take gene material from her tea cup and know once and for all if she was the one he sought. As he headed for his office he tapped his comm-badge, “Computer, what is current location of Ensign T’Lora ?”

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