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Posted Jan. 10, 2021, 6:14 p.m. by Ensign V'Lath (Counselor) (David Stiles)

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“First off all, earl grey tea. Where I was born was at Starfleet medical. Parents died in an attack against the borg when I was younger and I have no siblings counselor.” As she started to tell V’Lath about her little background.

Ensign Lyndzie Angel

V’Lath got up went to the replicator and returned with the tea. “There you are, careful it’s very hot.” V’Lath made sure his own mug was safely by his side. “So what about your time at the Academy ? Did you always want to be a doctor, or was it a recommendation from your instructors ?” V’Lath wondered about the parents demise and considered if perhaps there were underlying issues there. He continued to make notes on his PADD as he listened to the story unfold.

V’Lath CNS

“Well V’Lath, I’ve always wanted to be a doctor but also a recommendation from my instructors. I’ve always been that kind of person that would do anything that it’ll take to be a doctor.” As she explained herself why she wanted to be a doctor to begin with. Her instructors recommended her mostly but she was slightly thinking of being a doctor for a while.

Ensign Lyndzie Angel

V’Lath sighed. “Ensign Angel, I don’t mean in any way to sound harsh, but we are currently in a patient/counselor relationship, so kindly refer to me as Counselor. Off duty, out in a passageway, in the lounge, feel free to address me by my name, but we are currently in a duty status. I would not come to medical seeking treatment and ask for Lyndzie.” V’Lath took a sip of coffee. “That being said, how did you feel after your parents were killed by the Borg ?”

V’Lath CNS

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