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Magnus tapped the sensor location of the anomaly the Genesis was heading towards “If I’d recon a guess I’d say over there.” He leaned back in his chair “Let’s do some general sensor scans to see if we missed anything before starting to make our way back to the rendezvous” He said with a half-smile, this wasn’t really his kind of mission, he wasn’t much suited for sitting in a runabout doing scientific exploring but he always did enjoy a good days work.


Sensors showed there was nothing more to be discovered.


Magnus nodded “Alright, Mr Park. Please set a course for the Genesis, they’ll have to swing around to pick us up but we can shorten the distance. Find ourselves something to do on the way back” He said with a smile.


OOC: I refer you to to show the times the runabout would take to reach the Genesis.

((Soooo… we got a couple hours? <insert mass amounts of sarcasm hehehhee>))

Siobhan nodded. “We can trace the creature’s path and take readings to see how the trail degrades with time and distance from the egg. Anyone hungry?” She headed for the back of the shuttle to start making a bit of something for everyone to eat. It had been a while and her own stomach was growling. “I am equally curious to see where the creature is going. I mean, if it’s like trout in Earth’s environment, they instinctively know where to go to mate before going back to their birthing spots to lay their own eggs. If this is the case in this scenario, then wherever it’s going, there’s likely more of them.” The excitement in her voice at finding such a thing was more than evident. She was practically bouncing with the idea of studying a new species.

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“Aye Sir, but I feel like I should note out that at Warp 4 we’ll get back to the Genny in 36 days.”

Lt. Park

Magnus turned to Park with a wide smile “Well then I guess we better get comfortable” He turned to DeNaris “An Apple and a cup of Coffe, if you’d kindly” then turned back to Park “Just set the course and let’s have Lunch. I’ll send a message to the Genesis that we’re returning home, they’ll pick us up when they’ve finished Trout spotting” He patted the young man on the shoulder and stood up and moved up towards the Dining table.


OOC: So, is Siobhan going to check the sensors for research? ((yes… hunger first lol))


“Aye Sir. Course laid in.” tapping a few buttons on the console to activate the warp drive.

Lt. Ben Park

Siobhan got the apple and coffee for the XO and smiled setting it before him at the table. She got herself some coffee as well as a quick premade sandwich and sat at the end of the table, grasping up a PaDD from the console as she passed it. “So, we have roughly 20 days, give or take depending what the Genny is doing, to figure out how a planet hatched a dragon and why there is no local spawning ground here. Should be a piece of cake.” She laughed and started looking thru the data they had and the Genny had provided on last transmission.

She also started scans to see how the trail was degrading as they followed it. At the last second, she also set a sensor near the birthing spot that held their current data as well. With luck, they could get more information from if they managed back this direction anytime soon. At least, though, if someone else came this way, they would have a better starting place.

She pulled her right heel up on the edge of the seat and set her shin on her knee absently as she glanced at the PaDD. The sandwich and tea already forgotten as she went over what the computer had.

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As they moved along, the sensors attuned to the energy signatures of the creature lit up for a brief moment. They had passed by a point in space where the creature had made its jump. There was residual energy from the creature. Also there was a faint signature of the spatial anomaly that was ahead of the Genesis. It was possible that was where a similar creature moved from subspace to normal space to ‘spawn’.

The readings also gave some data as to the formation of the ‘wormhole’ that the creature had used to ‘jump’. The sensors were only able to detect these readings because the runabout was rather near to the spot where the jump occurred. However, because of its speed, the signatures were too faint to be read as the runabout moved further away from the jump spot.


Magnus sat down and grabbed the apple, rubbing it on his uniform. “Thank you DeNaris. Mr Park, get yourself something to eat” He said to the Tactical Officer. He reached down in his boot and grabbed a small metallic object and flicked it open to reveal a small knife, a short blade he used to cut a piece of the apple and tossed it into his mouth. “Anything interesting come out of those scans?”


“Yes Sir” Ben then engaged autopilot to open his rstion of turkey and swiss sandwich with sliced pears. “Commander, if it’s alright I can take first watch and let you sleep.”


“I’ll be fine son, I’ll take my rest in a few hours” He said with a smile “But I’ll take you up on it then.”


Siobhan had been humming and not heard the initial exchange between the other two. But when a question of readings came up, her ears twitched and she looked up. “Huh? Oh, Well, we were moving to fast to get much but I managed to get a few sensor readings where the creature ‘jumped’ thru a wormhole. I’m guessing the anomaly ahead of the Genesis is a similar hole and probably one that jumps them back and forth into this section of space for laying eggs, so to speak.”

She absently reached for her tea, no longer steaming hot, and took a sip before setting it down. Styffling a yawn she went back to the data. “If we can figure out the out side of the other worm hole, we may be able to track these things down to where they usually are between breeding cycles. We could possibly even log more of the creatures and their familial or herd style behavior. I wonder if they act more like whales and dolphins, or more like bees? I mean, are they family pack oriented or merely a huge pool of… whatever they are.” She laughed and looked at the XO. “I guess we should think of what to call it, huh? I mean, if we are the first to log it, it’s our privilege.” She smiled and looked back down once more.

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