Sickbay - The Headache

Posted March 18, 2021, 12:36 p.m. by Ensign V'Lath (Counselor) (David Stiles)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Sage Brennan (2nd Officer - CMO) in Sickbay - The Headache

Posted by Ensign V’Lath (Counselor) in Sickbay - The Headache
For the last three days V’Lath had been afflicted by a nagging headache. He was loath to take any kind of pain medication and the pain seemed to be right behind his eyes. At first he thought that perhaps the air filtration system in his quarters was malfunctioning, but that was checked and operating efficiently. He finally decided he would see a doctor as the pain was not easing at all and in fact was getting worse. So he now found himself in the outer environs of the sickbay, looking for assistance.

V’Lath CNS

OOC: Leonora and Christopher, come in on this with me so we have a place to play.

Sage was walking through medical when she saw V’Lath enter. “Hello, Counselor. Something I can help you with?” She noted the stress lines around his eyes and the set of his jaw. It was a look she was familiar with—pain. “You don’t look well, why don’t you come have a seat over here.” As she led him to a biobed, she caught sight of T’Lora and gave her a come here with a head gesture.


V’Lath followed the doctor over to the biobed and sat down, ” I have had this pain the last few days, right behind my eyes then down the back of my neck. If I didn’t know that Vulcans don’t get them I would call it a migraine, at least I think that’s the term.” V’Lath massaged his temples and eyes. “It will fade for a while, then come back even worse. Meditation techniques seem to have no effect.” He tilted his head back and rolled it side to side, promptly passing out and collapsing on the biobed.

V’Lath CNS

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