Ship's Councilor's Office - Ensign Kesh reporting for onboarding

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Posted by Ensign Kesh (Engineer) in Ship’s Councilor’s Office - Ensign Kesh reporting for onboarding
While Kesh would not say that she had an aversion toward Starfleet counselors, or counseling in general, the experiences she endured while under the microscope of Starfleet Medical following the exposure of her augmented state over two decades ago had not endeared herself to the profession all that well. There are those in the field that genuinely care about their patients, and there are those that seem almost to be there to enjoy judging others. More than one encounter made her want to try to shove the entire department into its own exam chairs to consider how badly it needs to reconsider how it treats those that are deemed ‘unacceptable’.

Near as she is presently aware, those prejudices with augmented individuals have since been expunged, replaced instead by the current intolerance toward synthetic lifeforms, but on-edge remained a valid description for her state when arriving at the Counselor’s office.

Follow formalities, expect the best, steel for the worst, and move forward based on the outcome. These are the directions she has given herself in recent years, and it has worked well thus far.

“Ensign Kesh, reporting for examination, rrrnth.” Right to business after the door shuts behind.

V’Lath stood from behind his desk ,”Please come in and make yourself comfortable, can I get you anything ?” V’Lath looked at his PaDD , “You must be Ens. Kesh, welcome aboard, are you getting settled in?” V’Lath noted the slight slurring that was typical of Caitian speech and that there was a hint of nervousness and perhaps just a bit of antipathy being displayed. Counselors as a rule weren’t the most popular members of a crew, often considered a necessary evil thrust on the crew by Starfleet, and a Vulcan counselor was even more odd. V’Lath gestured to the two chairs in front of the fireplace, “Please, sit down.”

V’Lath CNS

A Vulcan. That’s certainly something. No doubt Kesh’s personality profile contains entries regarding her… difficulties with Vulcan crewmates and previously stated ambivalence toward the species as a whole. Entires she has made efforts to have denoted as being no longer valid, with notes regarding her friendships with Vulcans that shows she is not outright prejudiced, even if said Vulcans are half-Vulcans. As it stands, that kind of shallow, speciesist thoughts were behind her, in favor of uneasiness toward professions.

Gosh, Kesh, maybe try to make a good impression rather than let the bitterness flow?

Breath is drawn in deep then exhaled in that slow, practiced, meditative fashion, that ends in a stiff flutter and small gutteral tone. “So far Genesis has proven quite plentiful and welcoming, thank you. Rrrrnth. I wish to not disrupt your schedule as much as possible.” Good start, sloppy follow-through. One ear twangs sharply prior to gaze shifting to the offered seat, where the Caitian’s hind sinks down, flinging that weighty tail aside so it can drape around her legs one sitting down. Once there, jaws parted slightly enough to expose fang-tips, only to shut again. Nope. No apologizing needlessly. Let the counselor direct the conversation.

-> Kesh, Engineering

V’Lath took the seat opposite and sat his ever present coffee mug on the small table. “Ensign are you sure I can’t get you something, I assure you that you are not disrupting any schedule. “V’Lath took a sip of coffee, “Since I am a touch empath I refrain from touching anyone without their express permission, but I am a keen observer of body language and speech tone and inflection, and you seem to be extremely nervous. My job is not to pry or question but to ascertain a crewman’s mental capacity to perform the job to which they’ve been assigned.” V’Lath picked up his PaDD and checked an entry, “I see nothing in your records to give me any reason to doubt your fitness, so if you don’t mind telling me, just why are you so nervous ?”

V’Lath CNS

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