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When Angel was bored she then went to the holodeck to make her holodeck program. She then decided to stay there because she knows no one wants to talk to her at all so she decided to stay in the holodeck.


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IC: As Angel got to the holodeck she then asked the computer to bring up Paris Marseille. She would want to keep herself busy and besides. She would be sitting at the bar getting a drink or two then she would go to the pool table and actually do something. She knew that the holodeck characters hasn’t been created. But, she knew that she could add characters. She then asked the computer to add someone into it that involved in Starfleet. The computer made someone and Angel decided to name the character David. That’s only because the character was a male.

Ensign Angel

Calvin was not a social creature by nature, but he did like showing up where he wasn’t expected. While having an ‘open’ holo program invited guests, he was pretty sure the captain was not the random guest that was expected. He looked about, =^=Computer overlay appropriate garb for setting and gender.=^= The computer both hid and covered his uniform with clothes that fit Paris France, not that would hide the hulking 6 foot 2 Marius. He just stood out.

Seeking out the Ensign, he raised an eyebrow… “Why Paris?”


“Hello my friend. Sorry. Paris was always my favorite place to go while I was at the academy.” She replied. She knew that Paris was something that Marius wasn’t really expecting to see. “You see when I really wanted to get away from the academy Paris was that place for me to go to.” She said again. While she was in there she went to the pool table and started to play pool. She always enjoyed that game and never disliked it. She was someone who was a socialable person and someone who loves to play games.

Ensign Angel

Marius had a half smile on his face. “A don’t remember wanting to travel much when I was young.” It wasn’t widely known but Marius might be one of the highest ranked non-academy officers in star-fleet.

He rubbed his muscular abs for a moment. “Too much butter and cream in French food.” It didn’t occur to him that someone might want to be in Paris for the view or at least that wasn’t something he considered when he visited places.


“I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve always been someone who’d go and travel. I’m someone who didn’t want to just stay there and not do anything.” She said. “Would you like to play pool with me sir.” As she smiled to him. She then walked over to the table grabbed a cue and then hit the white ball and made a blue solid ball in and was able to be happy about it.


“Pool?” Marius cracked his knuckles… “well its been about 15 years, but I think I still remember how to play.” He picked up an number of cue sticks until he found one the right length and weight. He looked down the length of the shaft to determine if it were straight, not a problem on the holodeck but old habits died hard.

He glanced at the table, “We’re playing as it lies?” Okay he thought, it didn’t make a difference to him. But Angel had knocked in a ball so he had to wait until she had missed to take a turn.


“No we’re gonna reset the game so it’ll be easier.” Angel said. “Look I don’t know if you want to start or not but I’m willing to start it myself if that is okay with you.” She also mentioned.

Marius shook his head… “Enjoy.” He leaned against a wall.

She then said “I hit a solid in. That means you’re stripes then my friend.” She then said to him and then noticed that there were drinks as well. The drinks that are on the table she knew that it was best that they should move them off and away.


Marius nodded. “You keep shooting until you miss.” He smirked… “You know you are keeping holographic drinks of a holographic table. We could pour a lake on the pool table and in a word we could make it dry.”


“You win. You’re right sir. It’s all holographic. I’m not used to being on a holodeck. This is the first time I’ve been in one and so I’m still trying to get used to it.” She said to him as she hit the cue ball and made a solid in. “Why would we do that. I’d like to see if anything happens.” She mentioned.

Ensign Angel

“All that time in the Academy and you never got yourself into a holo-room.” Marius chuckled. Technology had come along way since he started his career, now almost any entertainment establishment had some sort of holo tech and most had a holo room. The Academy had dozens of training holo rooms, but that wasn’t the same as this. “Its actually hard to keep that in mind… you keep forgetting that the people aren’t real and the thing you touch aren’t actually there.”

“The fact a person could get so immersed in this universe is why there are so many cases of holo-addiction now.”


“Sir that actually helps. So with the drinks on the table aren’t really here. The characters aren’t really here. Everything’s not here. So this is all a holographic simulation I created?” She asked the captain and then smiled. She then thought that it was the best idea to do what she can not to mess anything up for her program.

Ensign Angel

“You never designed a person that was” He used the air quotes with his fingers. “that was you’re perfect partner in this place yet.” He chuckled, “The first thing they put on this thing was the age censor device so teenagers wouldn’t do things they shouldn’t on this system. I only can imagine what programs have been run on this holodeck.” He shook his head. “Its all under security clearences, but as captain I’m sure I could see what I wanted to, but I just don’t want to know that about my crew.”


“Sir what do you mean. That doesn’t make any sense though. Mind explaining on what you mean by that sir. So when I have my own holodeck thing here I’ll have my own code for it?” She asked confused.

Ensign Angel

“I’m trying to be discrete.” Marius gave a half smile. “Young people have been known to design, girlfriends and boyfriends on the holodeck and then have sexual relations with them.”

“Its a lot easier to have a relationship with a holographic partner you design.”


“Sir. I dont want to have a relationship with a holographic partner. I would rather have one with an actual person. You do realize that right sir.” As she said to the captain as he knew that he was being discrete. She knew that he was trying to help her out.

Ensign Angel

The non descript man sat a couple of tables away drinking a fruit infused water and eating a salad. He remembered when he used to make holo-lovers. Of course he had to stop that as it was becoming too much of a distraction. He began to rely on them too much as they were the only thing he could interact with that had a persistent memory of him.

  • Tom

“I didn’t say you per-se and I’m definitely not saying you should make up a character to date.” He looked about waiting for her to take her next shot. “I was just talking about what some people did when this technology was first created. Interacting with fake, programmed people is a lot easier than dealing with the vagrancies of real personalities.”

“I have an actual running football team that ages with me so I’m never too out of shape.”



“You may be right. But now that there are just us humans around we should be grateful for what we have especially onboard a starship if you get my drift.” Angel said

Ensign Angel

“Dealing with sentient beings are my preference.” Marius looked over at the pool table. Angel seemed to prefer talking than shooting pool, which was fine by him. He twirled his pool cue for a moment. “The randomness of a human interaction can’t be predicted. And no matter how well you program a computer, you can’t give it the random motivations that humans have…”


Tom got up and walked over to the pool table and looked at it for a few moments before pulling up a PaDD and reading it. There were several variations and it didn’t take him long to read the rules of all of them. Then he put the PaDD away and began shooting balls randomly around the table.

  • Tom, IntSec

“Fishing for a game, Lieutenant Commander.” Marius as per his habit tapped his comm badge twice when he recognized that Jarvis was in his presence. “I have been known to hustle a few of my fellow marines back in the day.” Although the day was about ten years ago.


Tom simply shook his head.

“No sir, I don’t think I should play competitively. It’s a game of ballistic angles and deflections, something that happens to be a reflexive calculation for me.” Tom said.

He firmly rolled the ball across the table and set his hand in a catch position. The ball rebounded five times in a in a squared figure eight to roll perfectly into his waiting hand.

“It’s natural to me. You won’t find a phaser qualification for me but you’ll see all kinds of sharpshooter certificates for solid projectile and muscle powered missile weapons if you could even get a hold of my records. Besides,” Tom looked towards Lyndzie, “you already have company.”

  • Tom, IntSec

“A lot of people can do the math,” Marius countered. “But tables aren’t often perfect reflections of angles. There where you hit the ball, back spin, draw, run, spin.” Marius reached out with his stick and drew the cue ball close to him. Angling his stick at about 60% to the table he struck the side of the cue ball causing it to spin down the length of the table curving around a ball, like a curve of a bowler, to strike a second pushing it into a hole. He looked at Tom. “Although perfect mathematical calculations is definitely helpful.”


It was a rare moment when Tom laughed.

“I think you misunderstand…”, Tom grabbed the cue ball, took a brief glance at his surroundings, then back to Marius, “I said it was instinctive.”, and threw it sideways.

The ball bounced off of a wooden post, off the head of a holo patron, onto the table striking two balls.

“What the… ”

“Side pockets.” Tom said, never looking back at the table as the two balls rolled into the respective pockets.


“And yet I can’t hit the side of a shuttle with a phaser at ten meters. I’m not a good hand to hand fighter, possibly less than mediocre, but give me a blade…”

Tom stopped, looking slightly uncomfortable for a split second.

“Perhaps I’ve revealed too much.”

  • Tom, IntSec

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“That’s some BS.” He looked at the table. “Add that to the object permanence thing and you could make a fortune in bar bets.”


“And scramble surveillance systems so when people start saying they were robbed, because they can’t remember loosing their creds to me, tracking me will be very difficult, if not impossible.”

Tom leaned back against the table.

“Some things I do well, a lot of things I’m not good at, then there’s a few things I do that, as I understand it,” Tom patted the side of the pool table, “should be impossible.”

  • Tom

“See that’s the problem, you’re talking making huge bets, a couple credits here, a hundred there and people will chalk it up to a bad night. You start taking them for thousands of credits and they will look for answers.”

Marius tilted his head… “My mother always said, ‘pigs get fat… hogs get slaughtered.’ ”

Marius CO

“Did I just miss something here?” Angel looking at them super confused. Wondering what is going on but then decided to not say anything at all after that.

Ensign Angel

“I’m not sure,” Tom said to Angel, “What do you think you missed?”

Tom looked sideways at Marius.

“You’ve never seen the aftermath of someone not remembering loosing a ten cred chit in a bet they don’t remember making.” Tom said with a slight shrug. “Amounts usually don’t matter when someone thinks they’ve had their pocket picked, even for a paltry sum.”

  • Tom

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